Your Memory is Getting its OWN CPU?? - WAN Show February 19, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of AD)
Topics: 0:06
Intro: 1:57
Sponsors: 2:20
Samsung calming 1st high bandwidth memory and AI processing: 2:30
Nvidia slows the mining performance of up coming 3060: 13:37
New floatplane video (Buying counterfeit LTT Merch): 19:35
Sponsors: 24:35
Reacting to xQc’s reaction to Linus’s reaction of xQc building his PC : 28:56
Linus drawing: 49:05
Linus confession: 1:09:38
Linus talks about his “bone-head move”: 1:11:08
Linus “overall response” to the reaction: 1:13:28
Linus talk about Twitch streaming and streamers: 1:14:17
Return to other topics :
Facebook: 1:16:31
Xbox series x got an update: 1:21:56
SuperChats: 1:26:04
Outro: 1:28:46

Austin Blackburn
Austin Blackburn Soat oldin
Pro tip when you you are doing a reaction pause it when you talk especially at 41:00 my ears felt like my eyes do when I watch a subbed anime with multiple fast talking characters talking all at once.
Gustavo Machado Rangel da Silva
Gustavo Machado Rangel da Silva 6 soat oldin
李開元 11 soat oldin
Linus watch xQc watch Linus watch xQc build video
patriotbarrow Kun oldin
Comparing xkcd to xQc is like comparing apples to literal garbage.
ORO Kun oldin
woah this got added to the playlist I wish they all did
Chris McConnell
Chris McConnell 2 kun oldin
Now I'm waiting for the geothermal server cooling video. xD
AP ANNIHILATOR 2 kun oldin
I would have simply said, when you pour water into a hose and your holding the ends of the hose at equal heights, water will travel up the other side of the hose to equalize the water on the poured side...…It is the gravity pulling the water down that also pushes up on the other side.... That's not even a closed loop however these effects are maximized in a closed loop. Because water will equal out pressure evenly on both sides, this balance will be disturbed if one end is higher than the other. Also, hire someone to remember people for you as simple as it sounds. Image is important and being informed if part of being professional. :)
Raevn One
Raevn One 2 kun oldin
Man, UZpost must make streaming so difficult lol. Like a twice-shot duck mucking up the landing.
Sebastian Langkah
Sebastian Langkah 2 kun oldin
intel are ruined
Chrisson Acaylar
Chrisson Acaylar 2 kun oldin
talking about "you're basically a boomer if you don't know xQc", man, whenever I hear xQc, the first thing that comes to mind is "chess. 6 moves."
Gurture 3 kun oldin
While the gravity explanation had good intent, it was so wrong lol.
Kobe Garcia
Kobe Garcia 3 kun oldin
It is true, technology is developing rapidly and computers even have computers in them if that makes sense. Just to think that memory may be getting its cpu will change everything. It will allow computer speeds to go up a huge percentage.
Zachery Santa
Zachery Santa 3 kun oldin
krigar_b 4 kun oldin
So the ad was just a fake?
byurBUDdy 4 kun oldin
Several members of the company I am employed with are unable to tie a trash bag, and refuse to discard empty boxes, clean their respective areas, or practice attentiveness to expiration dates. People may think that some professions can be done by simple minded, and introverted people, but when a guy hangs a basket of frozen chicken nuggets over a deep fryer, hits a timer and expects it to cook without being in the oil, and elegantly recreates the concept of air frying, one must ask the most important question of all: How intelligent are the people cooking our food? I just want to thank UZpost, Twitch, and all social media platforms that are available, and provide opportunities to those kinds of people mentioned above, and give me ease of mind that at least they are not cooking my food, driving a bus, or expected to build or maintain any public service, or private residence, showing us all that video games can and have saved lives.
GCAT01 Living
GCAT01 Living 4 kun oldin
You know it's serious when MS Paint comes out.
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi 4 kun oldin
I just realized that Linus doesn't know fluid dynamic. Yeah u are right but there is a reason we lunch space rockets to the east and not towards the west. Free energy and delta v is just free fuel
Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner 4 kun oldin
I will buy my first LTT store shirt if that diagram comes out. Lol.
Horius Häyhä
Horius Häyhä 4 kun oldin
Ok I am stuck in a little thinkception... I 'd like to have some insight of a few things that I already half-answered but EITHER my knowledge doesn't go far enough to know for SURE or I just haven't connected the dots yet... So - after some re-writing - here are some genuine questions: "Fans CAN go on any side of the radiator you want" but is the inside of a pc case enough of a closed-airflow-system that the fans can perform an equal or at least a SIMILAR amount of circulation with "pulling" air than it does with "pushing" air? Cause in an open-airflow-system, obviously the real performance of a fan comes from pushing air around and not by dragging air behind it. Wouldn't that make it more effective to let the fans push the air THROUGH the radiator to increase the airflow and thus hopefully the heat dissipation as well or does the rate of the airflow have to be matched to the performance of the radiator IF you want that to matter? And what about the dirtying of the pc parts? Whatever you do, if you're not living in a sterile environment then you WILL get dirt on your parts (pun intended) but does this matter in the first place...?
Nick Richter
Nick Richter 4 kun oldin
5:01 there is a VERY CLEAR bong sound LOOL
yesify 5 kun oldin
the fact that this even happened is just crazy
Paper Tiger
Paper Tiger 5 kun oldin
fix your audio..lmao at the amateur video, this garbage reaffirms my unsub from long ago. sucks then and sucks horribly now.
camo branch
camo branch 5 kun oldin
day 24 of asking you to make a back yard PC
GuizmoDude 5 kun oldin
new channel: LinusPumpTips
Knack Media
Knack Media 5 kun oldin
1:08:10 I am one of those people. I have "met" Linus a dozen times and he still says "Nice to meet you" every time I see him. Josh from Fractal does the same thing too.
Sandra Viknander
Sandra Viknander 5 kun oldin
The power consumption reduction is per instruction most likely. PIM is such a cool technology. it’s not even a new concept and it’s so strange that it is just now taking of becoming a commercial technology.
Tomáš Janeček
Tomáš Janeček 5 kun oldin
And now he's going to react on reaction on reaction on reaction on his stream. This never ends
Gary Hookem
Gary Hookem 5 kun oldin
i heard xqc got a job offer from the Verge XD
Abdullah Bhutta
Abdullah Bhutta 5 kun oldin
Why there is no WAN Show on this Friday??? 26th Feb ???
jiao chew
jiao chew 6 kun oldin
I study computer architecture, and it feels like memory is the main bottleneck for GPU, CPU, FPGA and everything at this point. There has been discussion on restruturing the relationship between memory, GPU, CPU etc. One way is to move for SoC, like apple's solution. Another solution is to do global memory that CPU, GPU, acceleration cards can access the same thing at the same time. The biggest concern at this point is security tho.
Austin Gentry
Austin Gentry 6 kun oldin
Lol that audio issue was really funny.
DuckofFail 6 kun oldin
49:10 just sum it up as "There's no free lunch in physics"
DuckofFail 6 kun oldin
41:00 Linus, please stop interrupting... Linus is speaking!
SimonM_89 Simon Morgan’s
SimonM_89 Simon Morgan’s 6 kun oldin
Timestamp for the case sticker book??
Rhellor 6 kun oldin
Streamception... 😂😂😂
c182SkylaneRG 6 kun oldin
Sooo... not a Boomer, my parents are, but I've never heard of whoever this guy is, and I love XKCD. :P I'm technically just at the start of the "Millenial" generation, who are much older, overall, than it seems from the memes... (I think Linus is a year or two older than me).
c182SkylaneRG 6 kun oldin
Linus is SO CLOSE to having the hydraulic description correct. He's got one minor issue with his explanation: it's correct if you do NOT have the reservoir. :) The point of a reservoir is to allow for fluid level fluctuations and air capture, which means if you turn off the pump, gravity can (and will) drain the lines into the reservoir. Without the reservoir, the lines stay primed, and any motion imparted on any one segment of fluid imparts motion to the entire loop due to the incompressibility of water. (Before any DIYers take this as "reservoirs are bad", they're a clean and easy way of bleeding the system, which is essential for proper function. Not having a reservoir only works on factory-assembled-and-sealed cooling loops).
MrDrago1954 6 kun oldin
oh, I want my Computer AI to play my Video Games for me so I dont have to. I mean who likes to Grind and Adventure about....that is so last Generation.
Rogther 6 kun oldin
I hope xQc watched the MSpaint explanation
Benjamin Fisher
Benjamin Fisher 6 kun oldin
Just a quick thought, I've not seen the details, but the RAM also stores all the program instructions which the CPU has to fetch. It could be possible that when the CPU fetches some code pages, the RAM starts working on processing the next code page and instead of sending back the next set of instructions some may be replaced with the preprocessed results.
System Developer
System Developer 6 kun oldin
1:21:00 I don't understand.. Facebook is proactivly taking steps against Facebook?
System Developer
System Developer 6 kun oldin
Which WAN was it that Linus ?? (Linus talks about his “bone-head move”: 1:11:08)
The King
The King 6 kun oldin
that explanation of dual channel was horrible
Sean Brisson
Sean Brisson 6 kun oldin
1:23:23 YOO i recently replayed the Far Cry 1 on my Shit tier Ryzen 1300x and gtx 1070 strix at like 900(+1)FPS | Its the Best Game Period | Its Hard, Its great story telling, Iconic voice actors for both French AND English ... AND MID GAME IT JUST BOOM Becomes a Horror Game. i Straight remember beeing a kid and i Just DIDN'T wanted to press W . That Sunrising Mission starting on the beach with the monsters . Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sean Brisson
Sean Brisson 6 kun oldin
F Diablo 1 Remaster and Blizzard in the whole .... Overwatch 2 as potential i guess.. Altho "Diablo 2 Median XL"(Base game 700mb-2gb | Median XL 4gb | Total 6-8GB ) The mod is litteraly Bigger then the base game. Thats how you know it had alot of stuff. But it is a GODSENT to play i really liked it
Sebastian 6 kun oldin
Luke sounds really echoey and blown out, Linus get him a proper microphone please we've suffered long enough
The King
The King 6 kun oldin
it knows because of neural networks like humans learn not to touch hot stuff
csorrows 6 kun oldin
Wow, what a train wreck once they started trying to watch the stream. Also, the whole "closed loop" water cooling thing? The falling water is not pushing the water back up the hill as it's just flowing freely into the res. But, the falling water is PULLING the water up the hill because that side of the loop is closed. The word is VACUUM not PRESSURE. What a total train wreck all around.
Sean Brisson
Sean Brisson 6 kun oldin
1:08:01 oh. well yea that sucks. Taking your time is so great i wouldn't ever do that
Sean Brisson
Sean Brisson 6 kun oldin
1:03:05 yea i'm the only one realy skipper 3-5 beats an ad cause i simply already know and love about.
M. Faiz Salman
M. Faiz Salman 6 kun oldin
Luke (shouts): linus there are some people who listen to tbe wan show on spotify. Have some mercy on then Seriously it becomes so confusing to listen to on spotify. Linus was reacting to someone reacting to his reaction of someone's pc build (its a shit ton of info to process I know). On the podcast it just becomes a shitshow. Given i was listening in 2x speed. But when the overlapping voices started somewhere after 40:00 I lost it
Francisco M Neto
Francisco M Neto 6 kun oldin
For the record they ARE remastering Diablo I, and releasing it as part of Diablo II Resurrected
Roman Yudin
Roman Yudin 7 kun oldin
8:50 Then you need to update CPU in your memory to newer Ryzen-Memory-560X LULW BTW, Siri just feels lonely, wants to talk to you. All this high tech talk makes her feel outdated.
AIÐEN SALŦS 7 kun oldin
Can't wait to pay $200.00 for 16gb memory
Thanny 7 kun oldin
55:00 There are limits to how high a pump can push a liquid. Pumps basically aren't actually responsible for pushing water. Atmospheric pressure is. Pumps just shove water out of the way so that atmospheric pressure pushes on the source supply to fill the void. Above a bit more than 10m, atmospheric pressure can no longer push the liquid. Flinging water away with a pump after that height has been reached causes a partial vacuum to form, and the liquid just falls back into the pump. To pump higher, you need extra steps, such as a reservoir that's filled by the primary pump, and emptied by a secondary pump, at less than 10m above the root source.
avalons343 7 kun oldin
Siri heard the word Samsung and had an impulsive reaction.
Ligh7 Foo7
Ligh7 Foo7 7 kun oldin
Did anyone else think that the Sky crane on Mars looked like a Flying Skynet robot
Ammon Roberts
Ammon Roberts 7 kun oldin
21:00 Luke trying to give Linus a remote kiss
Robert Ivan
Robert Ivan 7 kun oldin
That streamer "dude" is so confusing. He's mumbling and speaking really fast. I had this video on in the background and he was so annoying 😂
Jiminy H. Criquet
Jiminy H. Criquet 7 kun oldin
one minute in and linus is already doing a death grips cover. i guess they go pretty hard in these livestreams.
Corey Michaud
Corey Michaud 7 kun oldin
what is the twitch link for this?
Lars Johansen
Lars Johansen 7 kun oldin
Wasn’t expecting a fluid mechanics lecture
raky76 7 kun oldin
The PCU and Pompe :P
Jamilson Padiernos
Jamilson Padiernos 7 kun oldin
xkcd > xqc
D Hawthorne
D Hawthorne 7 kun oldin
CPU's all the way down.
Виталий Бакулев
Виталий Бакулев 7 kun oldin
Spectre and Meltdown: hello there, another prediction mechanism.
Bio Emiliano
Bio Emiliano 7 kun oldin
I nerd a SSD Doom port
Akuno 8 kun oldin
42:00 pleas kill me!
Ukyo82 8 kun oldin
I love Luke thinking
Izzy Ace Speedruns
Izzy Ace Speedruns 8 kun oldin
Reading the title I first thought our human memories were getting cpus. HOW WOULD THAT EVEN WORK
Iivari Mokelainen
Iivari Mokelainen 8 kun oldin
caphenning 8 kun oldin
The term is "siphon", that is the effect that balances gravity in a closed loop of liquid. Convection though will alter the flow rate with regards to input on bottom or top.
KidZanarkand 8 kun oldin
Lol 42:08 talkception!!!
Lil Martinez
Lil Martinez 8 kun oldin
Linus build me a pc
Stewart Carberry
Stewart Carberry 8 kun oldin
WO WO WO.... Head pressure does not matter in this system! AT ALL EVER! The only thing gravity or 'head' in this system would do is exceed the pressure rating of the lines (and or fittings) but that would have to be a significant 'height' of head. The ONLY resistance this system sees is incurred through friction and turbulence caused by the lines and hardware!!! Please... this is a video in its own right and please retract this. The principles of fluid dynamics deserve to be clearly and simply explained as they are simple and beautiful.
Rob Richard
Rob Richard 8 kun oldin
I like Luke's haircut
Stewart Carberry
Stewart Carberry 8 kun oldin
TickingFeather 8 kun oldin
Can't wait to see tinkerers run Doom on an SSD or memory stick
About the pump thing regarding xqc. In all fairness, he didn’t say the water would never be able to go back up due to gravity. He was just under the impression that gravity could assist the pump. Also, he had an aio which doesn’t have a separate pump and res.
Dan Davis
Dan Davis 8 kun oldin
Nothing better than watching a video of Linus watching a video of xQc watching a video of Linus. Worst WAN Show ever.
Jcewazhere 8 kun oldin
Vaush Paint Stream starts at 49:15 :P
Shadowtrot / CAU
Shadowtrot / CAU 8 kun oldin
That paint drawing... that hurt. Not just because it was a paint drawing, mad respect for mspaint diagrams, that explanation was *awful*. That house pipe metaphor or whatever was less awful, but linus... linus never do me like that again.
Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO
Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO 8 kun oldin
Funniest WAN show ever
C Medlin
C Medlin 8 kun oldin
The crazy audio problem was hilarious. I
ReivecS 8 kun oldin
"A shooting game that I had never heard of before" -- Blackthorn was amazing. It was more in the vein of "flashback" or "out of this world". I doubt you would play it today and think "omg great game!" But I spend many hours on that game and have a scar on my hand to this day where I died in the game and swung my fist and accidently hit my media stand and tore up my hand.
Daniel Tober
Daniel Tober 8 kun oldin
in german there’s a chicken game like that called moorhuhn
marcdiblasi 8 kun oldin
How long until someone plays Doom on this new RAM?
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle 8 kun oldin
Linus, MS Paint isn't your strong suit, next time use Visio!
TRON D 8 kun oldin
Watching Linus move his eyebrows while Luke reads about the RTX3060
Vladiboy 8 kun oldin
1:24:50 Do you mean Moorhuhn??? Its not made by Blizzard but it really fits your description
zwerko 8 kun oldin
01:03:25 I guess I might be a boomer then... Oh, well...
KeVCiPXD 8 kun oldin
Isnt the Water getting sucked up and not pushed up? Because in a closed system, the gravity would cause a "vacuum" and suck the water after it towards the gravity-affected water to cancel out the vacuum.
OttOctavius 8 kun oldin
1:24:00 what he is talking about sounds extremely like "Moorhuhn" I don't know the English name and I'm not sure if blizzard actually published it but it was kinda popular among boomers in Germany around 20 years or so ago
Jon Hughes
Jon Hughes 8 kun oldin
Luke with the spiffing Brit plug near the end there, I love it
Wutipong Wongsakuldej
Wutipong Wongsakuldej 8 kun oldin
If it's von-nuemann machine then it's already a computer don't you think??
Michplay 8 kun oldin
56:21 yeah but the whole reason this debate was created on GN’s youtube was because the lifespan would decrease because air bubbles would get in the pump if you didn’t orientate the radiator, it was not because of the gravity
kyppodk 8 kun oldin
I knew XKCD but not xQc... I am officially a boomer :(
Regoly 8 kun oldin
Pretty bad to listen to this as a podcast. Please don't upload these things to podcast. Regular news is much easier to follow
Michplay 8 kun oldin
31:40 well one sponsor is happy to have 2 sponsor spots for the price of one 😁😂 Also we need a reaction video of this wan show one
2shar 2
2shar 2 8 kun oldin
BTTV not enabled DansGame
Юрий Трунов
Юрий Трунов 9 kun oldin
I have a splendid idea! Madison now knows how to build a PC, right? Hook her up with xqc. This will be juicers!
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