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My wife's computer won't wake from sleep properly. I've narrowed the issue down to ASUS' implementation of Thunderbolt 3 on their motherboards...but actually addressing the issue turned out to be a lot of work!
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
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Rock&Roll 9 soat oldin
This guy spends more time building than using the actual computer. Bad way to build it who else had an extra 2k motherboard laying around. That motherboard have a death button sad it’s build into it like ohh touch here it will died.
lern2swim Kun oldin
Jfc. Killing a $2k board and it wasn't even the kids' (which are universally horrid) fault.
Tim Colville
Tim Colville Kun oldin
I have that coffee mug
Muddy Tourigny
Muddy Tourigny Kun oldin
y'all in the comments upset Linus called his kid "boy"- you understand it's because he doesn't want his kids' names all over the internet right? (this is not to the people making jokes, just the ones who are actually whining about it)
mntnrder 2 kun oldin
hyper retentive micro manager has his own kid, see the hypocrisy of his standards and what he would do if one of his employees wanted to do a video featuring his average kid=broken computer
WalayatFamily 2 kun oldin
Time to upgrade your wife
Artyom Fomin
Artyom Fomin 2 kun oldin
ironic how the asus mobo was replaced with a mobo by an ex-asus spin-off
chris jackson
chris jackson 3 kun oldin
“The funnel is fine” *spills all over*
All Random
All Random 4 kun oldin
can I apply as your 2nd wife?
AMG 4 kun oldin
what is the monitor in 00:10 of the video? thanks in advance.
serge star
serge star 4 kun oldin
It's fascinating since linus himself is childlike must be superfun to be his kids and he still looks like he's still in the youth camp 😉 good for u Buuuu--uu--ddyy--yy #PaulyShore 😂
audiowashere 4 kun oldin
live laugh liao lmao
Rannon 5 kun oldin
Oh look, a motherboard that costs more than my PC (with an MSRP not that much cheaper than my lil' brothers PC)! :D
shroom boi
shroom boi 5 kun oldin
oh my god, get your wife a decent computer FFS!
Jess 6 kun oldin
Bigger funnel is exactly right. Small hands on a tall, opaque, wide mouth canister into a tiny funnel while still developing/honing coordination, and fine motor control.
user540000 6 kun oldin
He could just VESA mount a NUC on the back of her monitor and be done with it but if he builds her a top of the line PC in a server case in a different room thats good for 3-4 videos of content.
r0buddy 6 kun oldin
sad gigabyte noises
Milan Avramovic
Milan Avramovic 6 kun oldin
Linus' Robinson Crusoe cosplay is really coming together nicely.
Fish Boi 2000
Fish Boi 2000 7 kun oldin
PC request: make a vodka powered cooling PC with the next gen top of the line pc parts and core.
kingcarcas1349 8 kun oldin
I doubt that's the first time he's had trouble with Asus, overrated trash. And to a lesser extent the same with AMD GPUs
Isaac Pettis
Isaac Pettis 8 kun oldin
Did you take off the plastic on the thermal pads?
Alkhemist 95
Alkhemist 95 8 kun oldin
Wife: I too want and upgrade workstation. Doesnt help in building the PC.
Alkhemist 95
Alkhemist 95 8 kun oldin
The apple didnt fall far from the three.
Maddy Muhat
Maddy Muhat 8 kun oldin
Abir Ahmed
Abir Ahmed 9 kun oldin
Why are you closing your eyes while talking
RDAtomica 11 kun oldin
Sooooo... What I'm getting from this... The only reason you up graded your wife's pc... Is because the screen didn't turn on when she pressed the keyboard... 🤣
pigtailsboy 13 kun oldin
Small... funnel...
Brewst 13 kun oldin
could just adjust the settings so the screen doesnt go to sleep..... free fix?
Christopher Hadsell
Christopher Hadsell 13 kun oldin
'Twas ASRock that saved my butt last week!
Ghoul 13 kun oldin
When linus sees someone playing on mobile Linus credit card: OH HECK NAW GET ME OUTTA HERE
Brenda G.P.
Brenda G.P. 14 kun oldin
That motherboard cost more than my 3 computers put together. I think the most I've ever spent on a computer was the $1000USD I spent on an iMac when I was in college.
Ludvig af Klercker
Ludvig af Klercker 14 kun oldin
Wow didn't realize the sleep/wake up issue was common for ASUS boards. Now I know - time to switch.
Rahul Ravishankar
Rahul Ravishankar 14 kun oldin
You're not Kratos, Linus. Stop calling your kid "boi".
Teodoro Zeni
Teodoro Zeni 15 kun oldin
Does anyone know the keyboard brand (the one with the purple keys ) ?
Blazin Draging
Blazin Draging 15 kun oldin
i have had my amd FX 3850 8 core for over 10 year and it might be slow then new stuff but its work great was going make a new one but its still work and price for a AMD Ryzen 7 the newer 8 core so much money ill just keep us this pc for a long time to it dead or can not be fix would love to up date my hhd to ssd but that still high price looking to find some xms3 corsair 8 gb 2000 mhz to add i have 16 gb but like to make it 32 but will see love this video can see what out there just can not afford them lol great video
ramsey144 15 kun oldin
Linus you infact didnt peal off the thermal pad seals lmao... 4:03
- CRYPTiCEXiLE - 16 kun oldin
I have the same Logitech 920 webcam lol on my screen above eh for my Mac mini m1 :)
- CRYPTiCEXiLE - 16 kun oldin
dude us seem depressed ?
- CRYPTiCEXiLE - 16 kun oldin
you have a wife Linus lol with all the pink shit u wear I thought u were gay .... just kidding I know u are married and have kids, but still what's with the pink shit dude like really dude its not cool dude
Agust _d2
Agust _d2 16 kun oldin
Breaking a $2000 dollar motherboard with linus hell yeah!
MDeters Channel
MDeters Channel 16 kun oldin
He has a problem with sponsorships.
yes sir
yes sir 17 kun oldin
That's not how u say boy linus. U need to be deep it's Boyyyyyyyy
Evan 17 kun oldin
Heads up linus, corruption in the video at 2:06 - 2:07 !
godthisisannoying 17 kun oldin
The last word on the title will subtly make its way to the front when linus gets divorced
Shahrul Helmi
Shahrul Helmi 18 kun oldin
damage expensive motherboard just to make sure the pc can wake after sleep. hahaha
WyvernVJ 18 kun oldin
Any one know what keycaps are they using in that keyboard?
Caleb DedicatedMC
Caleb DedicatedMC 18 kun oldin
I have to admit, there is something extra special watching him film himself without a crew.
Ivan Guedea
Ivan Guedea 18 kun oldin
8:50 Linus’s son is based
Lemuel Penazola Waterman
Lemuel Penazola Waterman 18 kun oldin
Why’s the kid staring into my souls
Iron Man
Iron Man 18 kun oldin
Did he just broke a 2000$ motherboard
Thunderturbine88 19 kun oldin
6:55-6:58 lol 😂
Chris IQ
Chris IQ 19 kun oldin
gigglesseven 19 kun oldin
some things you can't throw money at...... apparently you can.. who knew
Luffy 19 kun oldin
Get the wife an iMac and call it a day.
Raul Santander Tirado
Raul Santander Tirado 19 kun oldin
That's cool parenting
Ayush Bishnoi
Ayush Bishnoi 19 kun oldin
holy shit when he said no film crew I went back and watched the video again, the pans and the shots looked like camera work either its the higher resolution camera, or the goldy editors, or Linus has just gotten better :o
Nick Worrell
Nick Worrell 19 kun oldin
"the wife" seriously the most egotistical thing a man can say. She has a name, jeezus. Objectifying her in a "flex" manner is ridiculously insecure.
Supernug 64
Supernug 64 19 kun oldin
Anyone else notice his AirPod is in
Mugilan R
Mugilan R 19 kun oldin
Just Linus wrecking a $2k Mobo.
iadtag 19 kun oldin
OH WHAT?! 2K down the drain?
iadtag 19 kun oldin
Do Linus let his children have a low spec PC so that they don't get blinded by the fact that not all PC users have the same capability of having the top-tier rig that their parents can have?
iadtag 19 kun oldin
Massive call out to Asus WTH LMAO!
Михаил Ы
Михаил Ы 20 kun oldin
Asus... They gotta fix all software related stuff. So good hardware and so bad firmware everywhere
Demelicos Helsaint
Demelicos Helsaint 20 kun oldin
Asrock taichi has thunderbolt 3 If you get an adapter too, it is less expensive (Even with the add on), and you do not need to water cool it by default :3 Edit, the taichi + thunderbolt 3 adapter is still cheaper than the asrock aqua :P
Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter 20 kun oldin
Ltt uses child labor now
Mathias Vofrey
Mathias Vofrey 20 kun oldin
hello? anybody still reading here? ok, if it hasn't been mentioned before, the board very likely isn't broken. it just has a rather overbearing leak detection integrated. that waterblock is connected with 2 plugs, find the pinout in the instruction manual and remove the connector from the plug / cut the pertaining wire for the leak detection and you're good to go...(that did help me...)
Allen Lark
Allen Lark 20 kun oldin
"Good enough for a wifey pc" one of the shittiest and cringiest phrases you've said. What attitude are you approaching projects for your wife with? I want to give you the benefit of the doubt but she was expressing that she felt left out of the upgrades???
Solaiman Hossain
Solaiman Hossain 20 kun oldin
I trade 10 chips fully autоmaticаlly! I wrоte a guide for such a system Check it оut RIGHT N0W
Kake 20 kun oldin
u sH0uLd uSE hDmi
Knight 20 kun oldin
Nobody - Literally Nobody - Linus : Changing Motherboard And Processor Of A PC Just Because It Was Going To Sleep
jukt nicht
jukt nicht 21 kun oldin
your children are so adorable :)
Nichollas al rumhein
Nichollas al rumhein 21 kun oldin
1. cool shiz !! 2. Were you by any chance forced into this marriage
Vosility 21 kun oldin
Linus just buy a fucking thunderbolt adapter wtf
Everytime Linus said BOY i felt that
Curious Crandall
Curious Crandall 21 kun oldin
Can I ask the obvious question? You spend many dollars on getting Thunderbolt to work, as the PC is so far from the display. Why not spend much less and simply build a neat little quiet one that goes right next to it?
TheMightyKinkle 21 kun oldin
Could you not have just extended the sleep timer?
GOD 21 kun oldin
You should just have a central server with remote profiles for all your other devices. Let your wife log in to her profile from any PC in the house...
namelessone 21 kun oldin
ccc asrock ccc
pranav poojari
pranav poojari 21 kun oldin
why does linus call his son boy?
DrGrove 21 kun oldin
Could say the same about your name.
T1ny T1m
T1ny T1m 21 kun oldin
2000$ mobo and you let your kids fill the reservoir, stop flexing on us poor ppl linus.
T1ny T1m
T1ny T1m 21 kun oldin
have the same problem with asus :/
Kaleb Beer
Kaleb Beer 21 kun oldin
i can just imagine "Linus!!! I'm the wife of the biggest tech youtuber on the plannet why do i have to deal with this shit" But in a different way you know =P
Shadow/Ben Shorebatten
Shadow/Ben Shorebatten 21 kun oldin
His son is now his wife lmao
Murtaza Sohail
Murtaza Sohail 21 kun oldin
he keeps saying "boy" like Kratos
Mick Locknstock
Mick Locknstock 22 kun oldin
Bro your segues always fuckin get me. I honestly think they're my favorite part.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 22 kun oldin
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Dominic Tan
Dominic Tan 22 kun oldin
The anxious tongue spindly shelter because server ontogenically kneel like a bite-sized millisecond. teeny, valuable lily
tiestofalljays 22 kun oldin
I just noticed Linus’ eyelashes
DrGrove 21 kun oldin
It was free for you to not say that. Yet you did
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp 22 kun oldin
I declared water-cooled PCs as evil decades ago, and, after having seen the desk build and this, Ihold firmly to that declaration...
Mohamed EL-SED Year 10
Mohamed EL-SED Year 10 22 kun oldin
Linus Ohh Linus does your wife game? I don't think she does so why on earth does she have an RTX 2080 TI with a motherboard that costs my houses rent for 1 month you could pop in a GTX 1660 ti and a core i-7 10700k and she'll be good and ready for work or whatever she does I don't think she needs all of this
JazzNazz 22 kun oldin
i had my problem with my asus board it wakes up but takes ages and my os is sata ssd at least it should be faster
Enginex99 22 kun oldin
The termal pats has a plastic ._____.
Dan-The-Man 22 kun oldin
What does his wife do for a living!?!
Val_Wee 22 kun oldin
TechGATE 22 kun oldin
I have an addiction to the assembly of computer hardware and only Linus's videos helps me somehow cope with it. My dream is to take part in some crazy challenge like building a data processing center for example, but this damn quarantine... Gimme some hardware and i will build anything!
Tom Nicklin
Tom Nicklin 22 kun oldin
Is there not a setting in windows to tell the computer to never sleep or anything like that?
Richie 22 kun oldin
Asus is trash, i have a Rampage Omega and the board is excellent, the software/drivers however is so bad I would swap it for a lower spec board in an instant.
Tadiwa Moyo
Tadiwa Moyo 23 kun oldin
Is it just me or did I just spend the whole video thinking about what is playing through Linus’ airpods...
Daniel Good
Daniel Good 23 kun oldin
Off topic... but you should probably build a PC in this weird Chinese Tank case : a.aliexpress.com/_mt9BLOB
Whisk3y 23 kun oldin
Linus out here like he's Kratos calling the Linus Jr *Boy* and sh*t
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