What a TRAIN WRECK! - xQc PC Build Stream Reaction

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Linus Tech Tips

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In our first ever reaction video, Linus reacts to Twitch streamer xQc's gaming PC build log.
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Leonidesu Soat oldin
sorry linus, i can only watch this video halfway. my brain hurts watching him building that $hit.
jeremy hale
jeremy hale 5 soat oldin
is he allergic to the instructions?
Aaron Clapper
Aaron Clapper 10 soat oldin
Nobody: Linus: I’m gonna make another beginner video
xLussierx xLussierx
xLussierx xLussierx 11 soat oldin
4:12 has me jajajajaing
Iron Gamer
Iron Gamer 12 soat oldin
Xqc uses the word juicer for everything
Dreams 13 soat oldin
14 and know more about pc's then him
RXT vTwix
RXT vTwix 13 soat oldin
when he said "donate it" I thought he said "don't eat it" lol
Nove Gaming
Nove Gaming 15 soat oldin
LMFAO this was perfect
Andy Jin
Andy Jin 19 soat oldin
COPIUM he has to just be pretending
Muhamad Ikhmal Hijaz Bin Zulkefli
Muhamad Ikhmal Hijaz Bin Zulkefli Kun oldin
i'm really wait for the beginner assembly video from u linus that show step by step to properly install a pc with all the detail
MajorGaming 6703
MajorGaming 6703 Kun oldin
It concerns me how much knowledge xqc has and yet he's still struggling. I have no idea what half the stuff is and still am planning to build my own pc (once I can afford the parts)
Phantom Coasters
Phantom Coasters Kun oldin
“If they’re on this side then they blow, if they’re on this side then they suck” -Linus
Harsh Parmar
Harsh Parmar Kun oldin
I would like to participate for the new builder thing. I haven’t build a PC. I am currently saving for the PC.
McDiddlyee Kun oldin
The one thing I can’t stand is streamer’s lack of care towards expensive and limited products. god damned rude and childish. But hey I guess I would too because you gave me all of your money.
McDiddlyee Kun oldin
Pro gamer and streamer doesn’t know how to build a computer the video. Pro builder and UZpostr doesn’t know how to build xQc’s split personalities the video. Next video, Pro Psychologist diagnoses xQc the video
Grape Kun
Grape Kun Kun oldin
I always buy prebuilt or get it done by a professional because I have the brain of a Gibbon to build on my own
Jes D
Jes D Kun oldin
bolts and juicers what in the actual &#@$ omg speak english! switching words for others is not intelligent it just makes you sound just the opposite
Sem schellekens
Sem schellekens Kun oldin
wish i had the luck for some one to gift me a PC XD - im playing on a gtx 750ti and a i5 3570k
incaseofire Kun oldin
I see that felix reacted to your reaction, to which I say, you should react to his reaction of your reaction.
royaloreca Kun oldin
At least he didn't claim to know how to build a PC, or try to use Tweezers
Matthew Prince
Matthew Prince Kun oldin
Dude, F-ing Dude. Dude What f-ing dude. Dude. dude. dude. D.U.D.E. f-ing dude. Dude. dude. it's a f-ing dude, dude. DUDE!!!!
Derethevil Kun oldin
And people ask me why i always say: "Some people just don't deserve all the money they have."
Wesley Sosebee
Wesley Sosebee Kun oldin
10:28 PLEEAASE LINUS i build first computer soon i need help PLEASE
Medic Kun oldin
Who else is here after Linus reacted to xqc reacting to linus reacting to xqc’s build?
B A Kun oldin
Well, I think his action is very real for a beginner. I build my first PC a year ago, so I should know. Where should your fans blow toward is commonly discussed. Any beginner with a search engine won't have problems there. Those things considered too small and obvious, however, are rarely talked about and can be find very troubling. Take me for example, I didn't know those plates in the case's rear can be take off by force. Imagine how frustrated I was to find out my GPU couldn't fit in the case and every video I found just took it for granted! Another important yet often ignored thing is hard drive cages are detachable from the case. God knows how hard I screwed the hard drive from the front and rear, outside the case. BTW, when installing the motherboard backplate, should you bend those metal thingy so it won't get inside USB ports or is it where they are supposed to be? I still don't know.
John YDG
John YDG Kun oldin
what a waste of money...lol and you're right, he's lazy, and spoiled. streamer life, too conceited. 12 screws> bruh....and he overpaid, yup, official idiot. how would he make it in the real world? 12 screws must be "hard work"
TheSigma1993 Kun oldin
IQ just about 0... watch a ltt tutorial before even touching that damn thing!
Justin Dadswell
Justin Dadswell Kun oldin
"This is how people must feel", No sorry. Some of us know how to handle computer parts. Ground theyself with a cable. Stupid as it sounds, hold an old computer psu cable with your hand and put your hands near the outlets. Simple as that. About 1/10th of an inch away. Now you wont feel how most people feel. Love the "OK Boomer" part. Put 2 and 2, then if you can 2 and 2. One thing most don't understand is binary. Push 16 means almost nothing. And for the 30 ish year olds (which I am), I could say allocate ####; most of you still would not understand a push ASM control. Nor is this something many would understand today. While you might understand push and pop. This would be "old school" stack ops. IE., more control with less CPU time.
metta117 Kun oldin
Me: "Is it in yet" My computer girlfriend: 🖥
epicmetalness 2 kun oldin
still better than the Verge
exanimalus 2 kun oldin
still better than verge tho
BOX 2 kun oldin
XQC talks to fast its a bit annoying.
Stickbug 2 kun oldin
This is a trainwreck. This is what behind the scenes of the verge build was. Just chaos and pc parts and screws everywhere
Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum 2 kun oldin
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Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum 2 kun oldin
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Doctor.Giacomo 2 kun oldin
this guy is so funny! I'd love to see his videos...what is his name on twich or wherever he uploads his videos?
Dirt Rocket
Dirt Rocket 2 kun oldin
Super-Saiyan Kase
Super-Saiyan Kase 2 kun oldin
Felix is ADHD personified.
NeroKoso 2 kun oldin
That guys is driving me nuts.. He is all over the place and just puts stupid character on. Like a clown.. Except clowns are funny.
brian leach
brian leach 2 kun oldin
ay they didnt edit one of the "F*cks" 15:01
SciVerse 2 kun oldin
I just assumed all Gamers on Twitch were pro PC Builders.....Bad assumption Edit: At least it's not like The Verge 🤭
Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Vest 2 kun oldin
Omg this is so cringey I was so frustrated watching this lol wow
Yellow Mellow
Yellow Mellow 2 kun oldin
This video is going to go crazy
Campsite Cook
Campsite Cook 2 kun oldin
Hey Linus. I am a fellow UZpostr with a whopping 492 subscribers. Let me do you a favour. I will tell ALL of my subscribers that you are a wicked cool dude if you send me some free stuff. Maybe a rack mount server or something. Preferably liquid cooled and not coated in layers of dust. LOL keep up the good work guys.
Campsite Cook
Campsite Cook 2 kun oldin
Oh and don't forget the RGB
Travis 2 kun oldin
I don't want to think about how much extra he willingly paid for all those parts....
MrJenkips 2 kun oldin
Vee eye eye eye
KeyZ 2 kun oldin
XQC's stream hurts every organ in my body
Simon Söderroos
Simon Söderroos 2 kun oldin
The best part is that he isn't faking it.
Moritz Sieber
Moritz Sieber 2 kun oldin
Linus looks like he wants to end himself. Linus get help you don´t look good after this vid.
Adrián 3 kun oldin
Has he never learned about roman numerals? lol He's not just insufferable but stupid as hell too.
Maciek S.
Maciek S. 3 kun oldin
The way he speaks ... what a degenerate.
Viper RTG
Viper RTG 3 kun oldin
Eric Wood
Eric Wood 3 kun oldin
I'm most offended by his paying a scalper to get a part. Shame on him. SHAME!
Eric Wood
Eric Wood 2 kun oldin
@piyush Same here. I'm fine with my Ryzen 3600 until the 5000 series is widely available, for instance. If I needed something now, I'd get something used but decent while waiting for the new stuff to be in stock.
piyush 2 kun oldin
@Eric Wood i dont, thats why i will wait until it comes in stock
Eric Wood
Eric Wood 2 kun oldin
@piyush It encourages the scalpers and worsens the problem for everyone, of course. Do you want CPUs and GPUs to be needlessly expensive?
piyush 3 kun oldin
Whats wrong with paying a scalper?
Kirk Lazarus
Kirk Lazarus 3 kun oldin
2:20 someone in his chat said “bend the pins for more fps” lol.
Morgan Pike
Morgan Pike 3 kun oldin
I don't really get the point of this video. So Linus is just making videos to make fun of people now? A bit of a jackass move. I think the guy was pretty clear that he doesn't really know what he's doing, going so far as to ask people in the background if he's doing it right. This video is a real step down for you Linus. Stick with making fun of corporations, they're pretty faceless. When you start making fun of individuals it just comes across as jackassery.
Toti 3 kun oldin
no the dude is actually stupid
Elvirth24 3 kun oldin
That was a fucking nightmare and I'm amazed Linus didn't freak out more.
Shehzad Azeem Khan Official
Shehzad Azeem Khan Official 3 kun oldin
Its feels like calculus again. 😁😜
Dreazy 3 kun oldin
When I heard him say “ROG” I felt that.
мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ
мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ 3 kun oldin
I cant deal with XQC
Ken Shipman
Ken Shipman 3 kun oldin
When you read the email that your wrote to him, you pretty much indicate that you are too busy to help unless he can wait, so you can understand why he decided to forge ahead knowing it would make a good video regardless of the outcome.
Maximum Carter
Maximum Carter 3 kun oldin
Look up a girl called BritneeKayy on Twitch and check latest videos. She tried to install a new motherboard and it went horribly wrong. She bent the pins on her cpu and then tried to bend them back with tweezers.
Groove Gamer
Groove Gamer 3 kun oldin
carpet with socks on too, I static up easily with that combo
Techonomics 101
Techonomics 101 3 kun oldin
you know wats really funny😂blowing and sucking are essentially the same thing;)
funkyribs 3 kun oldin
i never built a pc so if you guys make a show like that i would love to come
Andre Moreno
Andre Moreno 3 kun oldin
I am proud to say I have heard Linus say "monke brain"
DarrshRaptor 3 kun oldin
This was very painful to watch
Hidde Boogaard
Hidde Boogaard 3 kun oldin
i volunteer as tribute to ask dumb beginner questions!
Ola Larsen
Ola Larsen 3 kun oldin
His globe does not have New Zealand
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez 3 kun oldin
The verge pc now got some competition.
gn0015 3 kun oldin
"RAWG Crosshair Vee Eye Eye dude!"
speedfreakpsycho 3 kun oldin
That guy is "popular"!??!...what did this world came to.
Callme Coomer
Callme Coomer 17 soat oldin
He doesn’t deserve to be popular because he didn’t build a pc right ?
Recruit Man
Recruit Man 3 kun oldin
Linus hasn't seen xqcs pc when it was just a pile of parts on the floor with no case...
Luis Cely
Luis Cely 3 kun oldin
Omg... Smh
DeadManTM 3 kun oldin
hehe i am famouse i saw my comment lol
James Flumma
James Flumma 3 kun oldin
Trainwreck? Are you talking about xqc or his pc haha
YaBoiBeJoshin 3 kun oldin
I have never considered suicide more than after watching this video
Rannon 3 kun oldin
10:10 Looks/sounds to me like he's read up on building computers but doesn't really have much real experience building one (and apparently didn't read the specific manuals). 11:45 In other words, more optimal isn't always feasible! :D 12:18 Hey, that's what I did with my build! :D But in my case it was because I changed the brackets(?) on the CPU cold-plate to the AMD one and the plastic cover only fit well with the Intel bracket so it fell off at the worst possible time and smeared all over. I'm really happy I'd already bought a tube of thermal case as a precaution. 13:59 Reminds me of an acquaintance who doesn't know what's important so he reads out everything (when I help him with PC stuff), better than the opposite but it can get tiring. 15:08 Yes, very, very frustrating!
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 3 kun oldin
I built all my PCs but i replace it like every 5-6 years so i barely remember much. So even though i built all my PC's i am hardly anywhere close to being experienced. I don't have trouble like this guy though. Why? Not because am better than him at getting everything but because i don't play Linus. I buy a good comfy case instead of fashionable one. I don't care about RGB and glass panels. Instead of looking at the insides i put a panel with sound proofing foam. This means i avoid troubling my self connecting RGB lights, i get a more silent PC and i avoid troubles with things barely fitting etc since the case is not too weird shape fashion thing. I also i buy a good air cooler put it on and end of story. Effective, simple and fine. No weird water-cooling figuring out were to put fans on the radiator and fit it in the case, no pipes to arrange and no maintenance of cooling fluid or whatever. Last thing i never do is buy huge graphics cards. Small, low powered with decent performance. As long as i can play my games i am fine. I don't need 4k with over 100 fps or a 140hz screen, Two fan card at the most with short PCB.
Baybladekidd 3 kun oldin
Almost as bad as the verge
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 3 kun oldin
Here is the best built-up advice for beginners and everyone. DON'T WATERCOOL!!!! Is wasted money, extra hassle to install, hassle to maintain and you don't even need it. A good air cooler will do the same job. End of story. Just because this UZpostrs made it a fashion it doesn't mean is the thing to do or is worth it. It is the freaking RGB lights usefullness of cooling only less pretty and more pain in the ass.
Jätski.fi 4 kun oldin
i hear 128MB of ram
Billy Williams
Billy Williams 4 kun oldin
Jordan T. Hurt
Jordan T. Hurt 4 kun oldin
As a loyal viewer for several years now, I do have to say that a "How to Build/ Put Together A PC for Beginners" video would be MOST welcome. I just built my first PC 2 years ago, and even with watching many videos of you building PCs, I was still lost at some parts of my build when actually installing it. I learned WHAT to purchase from watching you, but I still feel a bit lost on HOW to install them.
Steven42 productions
Steven42 productions 4 kun oldin
im 13 and could build a pc better than this dude
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 4 kun oldin
It’s cringy to watch, but damn props to him to try something he hasn’t done before in front of a shit ton of ppl. Def seems like a beginner but enthusiastic 👍🏽
Marc Groen
Marc Groen 4 kun oldin
So basically: Man handle that stuff ^^ good said Linus :P
Marc Groen
Marc Groen 4 kun oldin
I always dremt of making tutorials to make it as clear as day too build a pc, a fool proof sort of say method to do it. hope 1 day it will be on the internet, with or without me. because pc building is really easy
SlaminyourAce 4 kun oldin
xQc: VIII 8: am i a joke to you
Luis Galvan
Luis Galvan 4 kun oldin
The risk of damaging your components with electrostatic discharge is low but never zero
music entity
music entity 4 kun oldin
Felix: hey linus whould you help me bouild a pc Linus: well you could just ask your chat for a pc when you are that famus Felix: *bans Linus off discord* Felix: few days later:
music entity
music entity 4 kun oldin
how in the f word can I mistake Felix for F-nix out of generation zero lol
xzbit9069 Davidson
xzbit9069 Davidson 4 kun oldin
I’d give anything to build a PC with Linus and you have this guy here just clueless 🤦🏻
Qimodis 3 kun oldin
how is he clueless lol, linus himself says otherwise
xzbit9069 Davidson
xzbit9069 Davidson 4 kun oldin
Omg 😱 is this guys serious! Way to mess up which could be sweet 🤦🏻dummy
Antonio Gomez
Antonio Gomez 4 kun oldin
So this is how my mom felt when she was teaching me to drive
SM16 4 kun oldin
He could've called me lmao
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 4 kun oldin
Pretty sad that there are people that will waste their time following a Twitch stream like that... LTT will never be wasteful of time.... that appeared to be a really annoying stream from this video.
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 4 kun oldin
@Drakonus Definitely! Considering the time difference of a 3 hr stream and a 10 second comment.
Drakonus 4 kun oldin
Pretty sad that there are actual people who will waste their time complaining about things that don't even matter.
Draconia Drawing
Draconia Drawing 4 kun oldin
I like how half the comments are verge comments two years later
hchilazi2 4 kun oldin
bruh i fucking love linus vids like bruh this is funny XD
AP 4 kun oldin
Lmao someone said let him fuck it up chat in his twitch chat
Coughdrop! 4 kun oldin
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