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28 kun oldin

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Running Windows on a Chromebook has always been hard. But a partnership between Google and Parallels has made things easier - for the enterprise, at least.
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

Marc Testarossa
Marc Testarossa 13 soat oldin
caps lock is just so useless nowadays. it's the first thing I deactivated on my Logi MX Keys and I am sooo happy that it's gone. You only hit it by accident anyway...
rainbow Sagittarius
rainbow Sagittarius 17 soat oldin
Don't use Nicehash. It is a sweet tool for hackers to attack crypto network. You use Nicehash you're contributing to crypto attack and it has high fucking fee ( as 51% attack )
Prashant Chaudhary
Prashant Chaudhary Kun oldin
chromebooks were always weird for me, get a windows or linux laptop already and install the god damn chrome if you're so much in love with it.
lusteraliaszero Kun oldin
why not just mine your own bitcoin.. what?
Lestibournes Kun oldin
Can't you just install Linux applications if web apps aren't enough for you?
Nannan 2 kun oldin
its an i7. But it runs on ChromeOS... why?! WHY!? *internal screaming intensifies*
Mars Mox
Mars Mox 3 kun oldin
Google Never Beats Windows .
Snoop Dogg The Certified G
Snoop Dogg The Certified G 3 kun oldin
Bare _ Gamer
Bare _ Gamer 4 kun oldin
Honestly, the conclusion doesn't sound so great, especially considering google is already dominating the mobile os space. If they go through with that, they will truly be the next Microsoft. But even worse, because not only will they control your worldview and your devices, but also mine your data. And no one will even TRY to NOT use google stuff, considering how people just don't give a shit about privacy.
Kerstkrans Ya-Mian
Kerstkrans Ya-Mian 5 kun oldin
8:21 So you're telling me that when the year of the GNU/Linux desktop comes, not only will the name GNU have fallen into relative obscurity compared to the software itself, but the name Linux as well?
Lexy Starwatcher
Lexy Starwatcher 5 kun oldin
I just installed Linux on my laptop and called it a day.
danwithjesus 5 kun oldin
LOL "Are you awake?" at 8:56...the theme of the world these days
Texas Roast
Texas Roast 5 kun oldin
This isn't a Chromebook, it has real hardware.
Flufflebut 6 kun oldin
If we want a chromebook we buy a chromebook. If we want windows we buy a normal laptop. What's the point of buying a windows chromebook when you can buy a normal, better performing, windows laptop? For those that don't get it, a lot of the chromebook popularity in the education markets lies in its narrow use + cheap price for relatively good build quality. Teachers want something cheap, sturdy, and that kiddos can browse the internet on and do homework, that's it. It is a detriment in their eyes if kids can install random malware and games on it. An inherently restrictive system is a good thing in teachers eyes. Even if it doesn't stop all of the mischief, it helps, they reason.
Victor Stancioiu
Victor Stancioiu 6 kun oldin
If you buy a Chromebook then use Parallels cause you need to run Windows apps, you might better just buy a Windows laptop, right? It's a very weird move Google has made here tbh
Rei Ayanami
Rei Ayanami 7 kun oldin
“Military grade” is really the cheapest and lowest you can get. The scale goes all the way up to “10year old kids proof”. Something with that would survive a nuclear blast
Ezra Nixon
Ezra Nixon 7 kun oldin
10 years of apple experience taught me that I shouldn't buy hipster pre-built computers with signsture OS from anyone.
Steel Veteran
Steel Veteran 8 kun oldin
Now i see this miner shit in linus channel (world is changing) 🤣🤣
Revi Bennett
Revi Bennett 8 kun oldin
From my nephews experience, chromebooks are not the future.
Dillon Mir
Dillon Mir 9 kun oldin
That chassis looks really similar to the old Samsung series 5 notebook (np530u3c).
Matt Darilay
Matt Darilay 9 kun oldin
i really like the new intos now :D
zaryan rehman
zaryan rehman 10 kun oldin
why don't you try latitude 7410
Neil Roy
Neil Roy 11 kun oldin
WHY? Seriously, WHY? If I want Windows 10, I'll buy a Windows 10 laptop. I just don't see any reason at all to do this and if you're kn business, I doubt cost is a factor, you'll spend the money for a dedicated Windows laptop and stop wasting CPU time on virtualization.
Blarin Dragon
Blarin Dragon 11 kun oldin
Ok trash the chrome OS and replace it with any Linux distro u want. And I’d be sold
Nick Sparrow Studios
Nick Sparrow Studios 12 kun oldin
Second time I actually use a sponsor... Opera GX and Nicehash. Made 50 bucks in a month with a 1660 ti when only running when I am not using it. Rip laptop, nah it is fine. Still waiting for my 5950x and 6900xt damn Alternate
pigtailsboy 13 kun oldin
mmm... nice hash, what if you rented someone's machine to mine Doge Coin?
Mike Litoris
Mike Litoris 13 kun oldin
I don't know about the conspiracy theory because I'm a millennial that grew up with the Lenovo Thinkpads in school and I definitely don't use those for work 😂
IntoTheMindlessAbyss 13 kun oldin
Fucking junk!
Cambi 13 kun oldin
I mined cyrpto with Nicehash and all my bit coins were stolen. I lost $3000
Roland Rudolf
Roland Rudolf 13 kun oldin
Thumbs down for that sponsor... are you mocking us, seriously?
Speedbird 13 kun oldin
Why buy a Chromebook then?
pavy415 13 kun oldin
You can install windows in a couple of chrome book for years now you know
TheFriendlyHacker 14 kun oldin
So what I don't get: if enterprise users require Windows 10 in order to do their work...why not just go with a Windows 10 laptop? Why choose a ChromeBook and then run Windows on top of it? I get the use for schools that use CrhomeBooks - it gives them the ability to run Windows-exclusive software. But why would any enterprise environment that needs Windows choose to go with ChromeBooks-that-run-Windows instead of a Windows laptop?
UnchartedCHARTz 14 kun oldin
Chromebook: **Is worse than both Windows and Mac laptops** Schools: I'll take your entire stock!
Jacob Climent
Jacob Climent 13 soat oldin
and this is how chrome os has 11% of laptops
Evan Weeks
Evan Weeks 12 kun oldin
They're perfectly fine for their intended purpose.
Noah Roth
Noah Roth 15 kun oldin
I have PTSD from school Chromebooks, nearly guaranteeing I will never use one for a job unless forced to.
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 15 kun oldin
he really missed the opportunity to have an ARMs race there at the end
Th3Build3r 15 kun oldin
i wash windows for a few companies, this one company in particular was running these mini chrome desktop pcs, not laptops, desktop pcs, it still blows my mind
Abdelkrim 15 kun oldin
I hope Google will fail in this.
Faithisinsidious 16 kun oldin
I would like it if windows got overtaken by a competitor. But google is the worst possible option. Between the privacy issues and the anti-trust both these companies are awful and should not be the ones people use. Even still I would choose windows because although they aren’t great. I don’t like a company that turns my mic and video on without my consent.
Executive Cheese
Executive Cheese 16 kun oldin
How could this happen he loves Chromebooks.
^_^ Hello
^_^ Hello 17 kun oldin
Why not just run Windows on a PC?
Paya Chinglish
Paya Chinglish 17 kun oldin
Chromebook video.... sponsored by buttcoins shams. Truly cancerous.
MochaFur 18 kun oldin
chromebook sucks, end of question
Chip Ray
Chip Ray 18 kun oldin
With hashcrap you will never make enough money renting out your equipment to crypto miners to make up for the electricity your equipment will use the ware on your equipment and the cost you will have to pay to upgrade turbo-tax just to be able to do your taxes come tax time.
Shelby Shum
Shelby Shum 18 kun oldin
Chrome books only are good for call centres. Lowers the attack surface for potential compromises
Paul Tarnowski
Paul Tarnowski 18 kun oldin
Hey, didn't OS/2 Warp do something like this?
Zoot C
Zoot C 18 kun oldin
One word. Why?
Blake ang
Blake ang 19 kun oldin
I love this guy man
Nikola Sthyr
Nikola Sthyr 19 kun oldin
As someone who has had to use a chromebook for the last two years for school and finally just started using my own M1 MacBook Pro instead, I ain’t fuckin touching a chromebook again (let alone buying one myself) Wank OS, shitty keyboard, shitty screen, 2km wide bezels, jank touchpad and poor build quality is just some of the problems.
Dan 213
Dan 213 19 kun oldin
this chromebook screen dimensions feels so strange, remembers me of the classic 4:3 lol
Retro Amateur
Retro Amateur 19 kun oldin
is nice hash legit?
African Warlord
African Warlord 19 kun oldin
i dont know shit about computer
sergios audiolog
sergios audiolog 20 kun oldin
just buy a windows laptop!
Auzurial citric
Auzurial citric 20 kun oldin
I thought at the end he was going to say "Are you woke" instead of awake. God I need sleep.
Dave Hartnell
Dave Hartnell 20 kun oldin
why would any enterprise use Chromebooks to run windows? The cost of the device itself is the least expensive part of computers in Enterprise and a decent Chromebook is nearly as expensive as a decent laptop and this is more complicated to support and likely more expensive as you still need a Windows license and a parallels one as well.
The Gentleman Show
The Gentleman Show 20 kun oldin
ValFactis 20 kun oldin
i watch this video on a chromebook :eyes:
mariaalime 20 kun oldin
or you could just install ubuntu
Thecatkingdom 9
Thecatkingdom 9 20 kun oldin
My schools had hp laptops with Chrombook now we have have Chrombooks
lopwidth 20 kun oldin
Google has the means to make a real alternative to windows and mac if they actually want. They are basically just playing the slow game, waiting for all this arm and open source tools to be more mainstream, then deploy real arm competition to mac, and be the new "windows" laptops people buy in electronic stores when shopping for home computers to do stuff with and not virtue signaling iApple consoomers
ItzMichaelPhillips 20 kun oldin
There's a Chrome OS version of Parallels Desktop now? That sounds awesome!
walale12 20 kun oldin
What's the point? If you need Windows compatibility, why not just get a Windows machine, without having to deal with the overhead of running it in a VM on Chrome OS.
Barney Jones
Barney Jones 21 kun oldin
Just realised I got a very similar chrome book with enterprise 😂
Wide Silly
Wide Silly 21 kun oldin
Pretty sure linus trovalds likes chromebooks
Bill 21 kun oldin
You don't get it. I have five Windows machines and 12 Linux machines, many of which run on a [very small] VMWare server farm. I also have a Chomebook and love it.
rainbow dash 7647
rainbow dash 7647 21 kun oldin
finally i can play Minecraft on a Chromebook
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp 21 kun oldin
Chromebooks are basically what we used to call a netbook...
Gunnar Man
Gunnar Man 21 kun oldin
I hate chromebooks. They are trash. I hope that Windows will keep being the upper class OS.
Altair4611 21 kun oldin
Kid: Can we get Windows? Mom: We have Windows at home. The Windows at home:
Martijn Vrencken
Martijn Vrencken 21 kun oldin
Nicehash doesn't seem that legit to be honest as a sponsor since it got detected as a virus?
numberoneappgames 21 kun oldin
Rock, Paper, Scissors. Respond with an answer first then look at what I chose. . . . . . . Rock!
The Windows Master
The Windows Master 21 kun oldin
Just remove the SSD, plug in a Windows Installation Media, turn on the Chromebook and put the SSD back in. Boom!
Ayden Russomanno
Ayden Russomanno 21 kun oldin
Chrome os is trash and new things they add don't work I have to use one for school as they get to see what I do on a Chromebook and that work on youtube .1% of the time that's it there new Linux kernel they "made" only has the option be used on a Chromebook with an operating system after the 1.5 gig update on every Chromebook
Geo 21 kun oldin
I have used chrome books the majority of my life but I will jump off a cliff before I use this sad excuse of a laptop.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 21 kun oldin
Death to cryptominers, who now even start buying up laptops.
FuzzyTriangles 22 kun oldin
Linus appears to either be on drugs or have a mouth sore in this video. Too much saliva. He's high, or uncomfortable. Confirmation when?
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 22 kun oldin
In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:
Victor Segovia Palacios
Victor Segovia Palacios 22 kun oldin
Better then, just buy a Windows Laptop, just saying.
damien clarke
damien clarke 22 kun oldin
Thank you. will keep buying chrome books and skip windows.
Mornington Crescent
Mornington Crescent 22 kun oldin
My low end atom chromebook runs Linux perfectly!
super minecraft 31 super minecraft 31
super minecraft 31 super minecraft 31 22 kun oldin
being the only computer nerd in mu class i open my school chormebook i rage because it has an atom insted of atholon and my classmates are just puzzled
Sammydepresso 22 kun oldin
Ah yes the guy who bonks people on the head for using gpu's for crypto mining is sponsored by crypto mining
Ethan Greer
Ethan Greer 22 kun oldin
Microsoft has been looking to and stating their intent to move Windows core into Linux for years as a means to diversify... Just wait a few more years and see.
Garrett Akre
Garrett Akre 22 kun oldin
reminds me when ij installed linux along side chromeos... then flashed custom firmware and then installed ubuntu... before installing manjaro... before finally installing arch
Evan Weeks
Evan Weeks 12 kun oldin
hahaha hahaha
hahaha hahaha 22 kun oldin
what about windows 10x?
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 22 kun oldin
Wait.. so much hate for 'military grade'. Makes me wanna know more about it!
papageorge 22 kun oldin
If you install Windows 10 on a Chromebook, that means that you are using a Windows 10 machine with extra steps.
Stoyan Stoykov
Stoyan Stoykov 22 kun oldin
Linus waiting to the end of a review to complain about the shortcomings is a huge improvement in pacing. Loved the video.
AngryBirdsFanboy06 22 kun oldin
Windows 10X exists
xgf122 22 kun oldin
Chrome OS for what, just install win 10 on it directly and you have it...
BlakeKevin Gaming
BlakeKevin Gaming 22 kun oldin
Fuck crypo miners they are stealing our GPUs, If we raided even one of their stupid farms we would have a good amount of GPUs floating around in the world where people could use them for what they were actually intended for
WillThePotato 22 kun oldin
no way lol nicehash
Admiral Nemo
Admiral Nemo 22 kun oldin
But why...
Jhonjhon 17
Jhonjhon 17 23 kun oldin
LOL watching on a Chromebook with windows installed
Ben Wells
Ben Wells 23 kun oldin
you probably won’t respond to this due to the sheer amount of comments you get but i saw those vinyls on the wall which made me think to ask what kind of music do you listen to and what is your favorite song?
zohanrock 23 kun oldin
ChromeOS: Get em while they're young and they will use chromebooks when they become adults. WindowsOS: Anakin? We've got a job for you.
Algis-kun 23 kun oldin
If you dont want to deal with the whole crud of windows.... you can get a chromebook with windows support, so you can deal with all the crud of Windows ON TOP of all the limitations/crud of a chromebook and a performance hit over using plain windows..... and you will be phoning ALL your data now TO BOTH Microsoft and Google simultaneously! If i really wanted to deal with a laptop with humongous asterisks in usability, it makes it even more appealing to ditch out the extra dough for a Macbook, otherwise just format it and put linux in it.
GreasyBehemoth 23 kun oldin
opinions on nicehash?
Peter Barratt
Peter Barratt 23 kun oldin
A 9:44 minute ad, no doubt.
Zip Ties
Zip Ties 23 kun oldin
Why do it in a vm? Just install a custom BIOS and install windows independently
I can't believe how much I paid for this...
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