THIS is a Graphics Card..??

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The folks over at ASRock RACK have created a graphics card that fits in an M.2 socket - it’s a lot smaller than an Nvidia RTX 3080 - but can it run games?
Check out that ASRock Rack M2_VGA Module at
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

ben corner
ben corner 5 soat oldin
its VGA not your card
Lescha Elli
Lescha Elli 13 soat oldin
We need necessary to take cooler to the Ram memory mico mico 15 soat oldin
Why the heck somone build it on M.2?
meowingduck Kun oldin
me using pc with no gpu : fu
asm1 Kun oldin
Certain types of pictures.... mmm.
john domaleczny
john domaleczny Kun oldin
High powered emulator device? Maybe?
KindBudKilla4200 Kun oldin
Linus..... can I buy a graphics card? The world doesn’t want me to have anything stronger then a 2gb Msi 240. It’s brings shame upon my family
chasmc001 Kun oldin
This is great for bios adjustment on a MoBo that has no monitor port soldered to the board. :)
Opinionated Dyslexic
Opinionated Dyslexic Kun oldin
"Just like I'd die if I didn't tell you about our sponsor" Why was that so funny?
SleepNobody 2 kun oldin
Ok, now put it in the Latte Panda.
Insensibility 2 kun oldin
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 2 kun oldin
As far as I'm concerned it's a better GPU than the nvidia 30 series... because it exists
Алексей Прасол
Алексей Прасол 2 kun oldin
lol it runs cities skylines better the n my pc
Elemkay 2 kun oldin
Bet it could get 60fps in Undertale
Jacques Taljaard
Jacques Taljaard 2 kun oldin
the color spectrum is set to limited instead of full . almost all hdmi inputs do this by default . vga is stuck to limited no matter what . that's why black looks like dog crap
Martin Dufour
Martin Dufour 2 kun oldin
Try it on a rasberry pi
drstaphylococcus 2 kun oldin
Put it in a 5900x and we shall see it runin Crysis
Sonova Vondruke
Sonova Vondruke 2 kun oldin
9:33 Linus's Beanie.. (or toque to the Canadians) changed to pink...
MJEND 3 kun oldin
yo you could used that card with a raspberry pi
Wrong Send
Wrong Send 3 kun oldin
There’s no sense to build a PC if people can’t buy a single graphics card in honest retail price. If this continues this will be obsolete. 😔
Mangeli 3 kun oldin
This youtube channel is just amazing, you have a lot of fun at the same time we all learn how to...
Myrmeko Me
Myrmeko Me 3 kun oldin
You don't need one of these to run stuff through WARP, only if you don't want to occupy a PCI slot. If you wanna play around with WARP, you can just download DirectX Control Panel "DXCPL" and enable WARP in whatever game you want.
PL Ryan
PL Ryan 4 kun oldin
Nobody: School Computers after opening literally anything
BlackWing88 Cyper
BlackWing88 Cyper 4 kun oldin
that gaming experience in city skylines/rocket league is basically the human body and evolution saying "it's good enough" horrible experience but playable at 420p and 2fps but instead of a gameplay experience it's the experience of being in the human body
BlackWing88 Cyper
BlackWing88 Cyper 4 kun oldin
this would be the worlds most powerful graphics computer chip and board system if it was 1975 XD :)
Pigs Travels
Pigs Travels 4 kun oldin
Will it run warzone
Tibor Ajanic
Tibor Ajanic 4 kun oldin
Welcome back to what the Fuck Teck
Cara Delaney
Cara Delaney 4 kun oldin
Has anyone notice Boris’s comment have more comments than the video stay cheeki breeki
Whocares About
Whocares About 5 kun oldin
Что этот козел несет? Когда то он разбирался в железе...
Eric Holsey
Eric Holsey 5 kun oldin
Not a very lucky guy but i’m in need of my first pc 🥰🥰🙈
J Willis
J Willis 5 kun oldin
Can you mine cryptocurrency on it?
歸虛 5 kun oldin
if AMD VEGA 3~11 can be put in there.....
阿宅Sama 5 kun oldin
Good enough to run cyberpunk 2077 in 4K psycho ray tracing
Chepepon Carlos
Chepepon Carlos 5 kun oldin
"Gaming Machine" Linus has obviously never heard about all those millions of bootleg arcade machines around... well everywhere besides the 1st world.
mam_REAL 5 kun oldin
m hearring a 16mb vram actually renders My 2Gb vram on my gpu: well i guess i quit
Noah Kortus
Noah Kortus 5 kun oldin
would it run better with more m.2 GPUs lol
Rock&Roll 6 kun oldin
They can make that size but they want to sell u with all the fancy fans
Sam H
Sam H 6 kun oldin
'The more you hit it the likelier it is to work' Linus is much more of a boomer than I thought...
Ninja Aqua
Ninja Aqua 6 kun oldin
My monitor! XD
Knaeckebrotsaege 6 kun oldin
This is essentially one of those USB 3.0 VGA adapters turned into a M.2 card. All it's meant to do is give you a video output. Nothing more. Really good for diagnosing problems or to have a headless machine that would otherwise complain about no GPU being present or something, but not much else really. I'm guessing this is meant to be the spiritual successor to the ATI Rage embedded 8MB GPUs found on server mobos of old, or the even weirder XGI Volari Z7 16MB embedded GPUs found on slightly newer server boards (about the 1st to 4th core i series generations or thereabouts, or rather their Xeon equivalents)
JoeAceJR 6 kun oldin
Imagine if that was a Zen 3, ddr4 or HBM2 GPU that drew 1 watt. Probably 10x the performance.
Vanya Kostyanovsky
Vanya Kostyanovsky 6 kun oldin
You sell water at
Rick Hellman
Rick Hellman 6 kun oldin
1 by... is that how Canadians say by 1?
Slobberydog707 6 kun oldin
A magic beanie?
Km Yambao
Km Yambao 6 kun oldin
I never realized you got braces man
Ryan Sather
Ryan Sather 6 kun oldin
could you try this thing out on a 64X core cpu? I am curious
bo sun
bo sun 6 kun oldin
老莱你好 (我要白嫖一台主机)
Raccoonov 6 kun oldin
The question is: CAN IT MINE ETH?
Grogu 6 kun oldin
funny thing about war thunder my dad bought a gaming pc with a 2080 super and a ryzen 9 3900x just for one game... War thunder
Chill Guy
Chill Guy 7 kun oldin
cities skylines run on everything, even on my low end laptop lol
Fergus McIntyre
Fergus McIntyre 7 kun oldin
How is he running rocket league on a m.2 gpu and I can’t run it on a gt 710
ShaftyGamer 7 kun oldin
If you call a toaster 970
Riches man Alive
Riches man Alive 7 kun oldin
Linus can you build me a getto but usable Vr ready laptop on a budget???
Josh Montgomery
Josh Montgomery 7 kun oldin
In the 90's, before everything was so high tech, hitting stuff worked.
CNIfreefalls 7 kun oldin
my birthday was yesterday and I was hoping to get a pc or at the very least one of the water bottles in the ltt story but sadly I got neither. instead i got food
Brody Miles
Brody Miles 7 kun oldin
0:01 is me playing any game on my pc
TheRenPaiN 7 kun oldin
One does not simply change the cap and expect no one to notice. - At least, not without a quick hint to "Grab enough colored caps so you can change 'em like directions"
RansomWolf 101
RansomWolf 101 7 kun oldin
You are so lucky you got very good graphic cards since i play on a gtx 650 with 8gb ram and i5 cpu
TheWonderingApe 7 kun oldin
my pc is as fast as that fr
Jayson Wills
Jayson Wills 7 kun oldin
When you're CPU could software render faster then the GPU.
AKSHAY RAJVIR 7 kun oldin
9:23 darn near the fps of cp2077 on ps4😏 - not bad, not bad at all
bami2 7 kun oldin
9:43 WARP is just a continuation of D3D HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) software/reference rasterizer. That would run all your D3D games at atrocious framerates straight on the CPU in the times before 3D accelerators like a voodoo, Rage3D or Riva 128 were common enough to be included in every system.
dolce_gabana_st 7 kun oldin
An new unit: SPF - seconds per frame
Builder 04
Builder 04 8 kun oldin
1:38 To compare: My 20 years old laptop has 32 mb vram...
Commander Drang
Commander Drang 8 kun oldin
He doesn't have a 3080 he has a 30
taj may-stubbles
taj may-stubbles 8 kun oldin
Linus: " just like I'll die if I didn't tell you about my sponsor" Sponser: (>'-')P
Archar Gelod
Archar Gelod 8 kun oldin
POV: Linus roasts your budget setup
logical soft
logical soft 8 kun oldin
can it run crisis
John Kelly
John Kelly 8 kun oldin
You ended up using WARP (the windows virtual graphics processor for devices without an actual GPU) instead 😆😆😆
R3tr0hax Media Group
R3tr0hax Media Group 8 kun oldin
My on board gpu Amd fx 9590 is better lol
Villads Skjoldager
Villads Skjoldager 8 kun oldin
Linus. What should i go for if i want to build an all Corsair build, but i am afraid that the ram modules will be too tall for my aio. I am looking at the vengeance pro. All of the cases with nice rgb seen too small. Hope someone can help!
Raman Noodles
Raman Noodles 8 kun oldin
This runs better than my pc
Smooothie 101
Smooothie 101 8 kun oldin
BRO THE CPU IS PROBABLY DOING THE MOST XD but that gpu is fucking tiny compare it to the 3090 founders
amr magdy
amr magdy 8 kun oldin
لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين 😂
Sepehr8585 Hosseini
Sepehr8585 Hosseini 8 kun oldin
Really nice
Sepehr8585 Hosseini
Sepehr8585 Hosseini 8 kun oldin
twentytwentyhoe 8 kun oldin
This makes my Intel HD 2000 feel like an RTX 3090.
Robert Witt Jr
Robert Witt Jr 8 kun oldin
no is this exception.
IcedElEctriced 8 kun oldin
Damn the screen tearing is insane would recommend 10/10! Great for gaining fear and nausea at the same time!
Jimmy 8 kun oldin
Press "2" on your keyboard You can thank me later
olivetho 8 kun oldin
man's sponsored by fucking war thunder lmao
Anubhav Das
Anubhav Das 9 kun oldin
Linus looks like he's one joint away from saying DUDE
bdbgh 9 kun oldin
I was actually looking for something like this to put into my home server
AeonGaming X
AeonGaming X 9 kun oldin
Ok, let's be honest here how many of you actually noticed that Linus changed his cap for the different shots?
Ramiro Yaben
Ramiro Yaben 9 kun oldin
It's been a long time since laughing this much with a Linus' video, thanks a lot. Seconds per frame xD
Blood ASti
Blood ASti 9 kun oldin
Please, try to watercool it!
kia kam
kia kam 9 kun oldin
so if this gpu can't play a video maybe can handle doom eternal.....
Marko 10 kun oldin
"Hey bro, just built a sick rig with an RTX 3080. Getting around 200FPS in COD. What are you playing at?" Yeah bro I'm getting around 5000SPF with my rig
theR1ckest 10 kun oldin
doesn't youtube sometimes default to 480p to reduce load ever since coronavirus lockdowns?
Turtlez clapz
Turtlez clapz 10 kun oldin
Alright I got a new pc but its not the fastest I checked the ram and its 2gb!!! But they are ddr2 so I can't get like a 32gb ram ,also there is a pentium D processor, so should I just get a new motherboard, gpu, and ram?
Manny Rivera
Manny Rivera 10 kun oldin
Now I can play Oregon Trail on my Apple II at 4k. Yes!!!!!
Angrius Windstorm
Angrius Windstorm 10 kun oldin
Justin Hamlet
Justin Hamlet 10 kun oldin
But can it run crysis?
سيد ديار
سيد ديار 10 kun oldin
I think it costs $2.99, $2 for the box and $0.99 for the m.2 eliminator
SmoggyLamb Gaming
SmoggyLamb Gaming 10 kun oldin
_Dude! Everything's gone 8-bit! What happened to the colors?_
Abc L
Abc L 10 kun oldin
his shirt is like a cpu chip
Etheaary 10 kun oldin
no, its an m.2 ssd. get your components correct
Валсо Дар
Валсо Дар 11 kun oldin
There's a game that this card would run smoothly - Carmageddon 2. And MAYBE NFS Underground 2, though the latter requires 64 VRAM.
YoItz Just Nightbot
YoItz Just Nightbot 11 kun oldin
This is better than my old pc :(
Zak Figueroa
Zak Figueroa 11 kun oldin
Imagine one of these with an AMD Radeon Vega 8/RDNA 12
This MONSTER Video Card has 4 GPUs... and it's from 2004!
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