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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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Alex126Playz 2 soat oldin
I have an intel i5 7400k and a gtx 1650
M1 4 soat oldin
Mostly everyone watching this video including me wish we even had a pc to game on 😪😭
NFSHeld 6 soat oldin
I'd like to point out that in statistics we say "the average does not exist": 1) Take a large group of samples. 2) Make several (8+) measurements for different metrics on each individual piece. 3) Calculate the average per metric. 4) Try to find any item that matches the calculated average for each metric. There tends to be none. It's astonishing but it has been tested and proven several times. So in general, your build of the "average" gaming PC will most likely be the single most special gaming PC to exist, because there's most like no other PC with those specs for each metric.
Daniel Drechsler
Daniel Drechsler 9 soat oldin
still playing on a Gtx660 xD
HenryIsCool 9 soat oldin
Me with my i5, 750ti and 10gb ram: ........
gak 10 soat oldin
average on the USA, not on mexico.
Mxsty_ 11 soat oldin
Vicente Cunha
Vicente Cunha 12 soat oldin
id only like to upgrade my i5 7400 but im happy with my 1050 ti
cookie0329 12 soat oldin
TF2 stays on top
Noobmaster69 13 soat oldin
I have 1030ti 4gb and i5 4th gen and i played all of those games exept cyber punk so yeah
Andreas Viken
Andreas Viken 13 soat oldin
I'm ready for a huge upgrade from my 1060 based laptop but NVIDIA won't let me.
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma 14 soat oldin
i have intel core i3-5005u🤣
Diego Cisneros
Diego Cisneros 14 soat oldin
when everything is double the price and no one mentions it
Kipras 15 soat oldin
who even plays cs on high????? 4:3 stretched gang
Butterfly 15 soat oldin
Not gonna lie, this is literally my PC but instead I have a ryzen 2600
ShadowFox Gaming
ShadowFox Gaming 16 soat oldin
Don’t know if you ever thought about this Linus but in the last year and leading to know many are jumping to pc gaming. I was wondering if you ever would consider selling your mean lean steam machines that you built like these that are highly customizable for future parts and selling on your front page. Reason I ask is I have many friends who want to jump ship and I always recommend them your channel to get started but what better way then just purchasing a simple machine that can get them going like this.
Zeze Ba
Zeze Ba 16 soat oldin
Linus calling this PC average My Pentium: * nervous sweating *
Marc Leduc
Marc Leduc 18 soat oldin
Am I the only one who gets their subtitles automatically activated by LTT videos?
finnish boy
finnish boy 19 soat oldin
I find it hard to believe that 100% of steam users have a mic
Charis Paparounis
Charis Paparounis 20 soat oldin
th2 fps go brrr
Buan Pamei
Buan Pamei 21 soat oldin
Smearing vaseline for free Anti-aliasing? What have i missed?
Camden Ilic
Camden Ilic 21 soat oldin
Me: Oh sick imma start buying parts My bank account: I see, but with what money
Irbz 21 soat oldin
when do i upgrade my fx 8350 and r9 280x?
Anurag ghadi
Anurag ghadi 22 soat oldin
i am happy with my integrated gpu
Jaime7188 22 soat oldin
And here I am with a 9900k, and a RTX 3090
Palmtree 23 soat oldin
The thumbnail is literally what my pc looks like D:
Felonist Arson
Felonist Arson 23 soat oldin
10:10 his team would be shouting on him
Terence 23 soat oldin
5:50 lol the desktop background
rareslit Kun oldin
intel for life
Turtle Kun oldin
Azi ra
Azi ra Kun oldin
good to see u finally reached puberty 😁
Nathan Purss
Nathan Purss Kun oldin
That case is as empty as my wallet after buying a 30 series card -___________-
Last Strand
Last Strand Kun oldin
"That's right we've got one" 😂😂
John Smith
John Smith Kun oldin
shit, this is exactly my computer
Joyson Wildhart
Joyson Wildhart Kun oldin
oh shit. yall got linus tech tips underwear. if only it wasnt 50 american dollars
Collin Specht
Collin Specht Kun oldin
Ayyy my card came in 10th place! AMD Rx 580! :)'m not using dual. Single stick of 16Gb... Sorry, it's all I could afford at the time
Lukmanul Hakim
Lukmanul Hakim Kun oldin
Well, i used to play games at around 30fps. So even this pc is much much better than mine.
Chris Duffy
Chris Duffy Kun oldin
New Video Request : Building a starter / intermediate Gaming PC for CANADIANS. We get hosed with shopping options 😔
gubbygames Kun oldin
lol i get so confused with these things, like what is dual channel mode? i have a dell laptop, and im working towards a good pc, what are these things, i expect they are important?
khmuis Kun oldin
Tazburrfoot Kun oldin
Last year I gave my kid the 4790 but upgraded the GTX 770 to a 1660 TI. Him playing Fortnite got me through quarantine.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Kun oldin
For someone looking to build my first pc, this makes me feel a lot better about what I can get out of my tiny budget.
nothing but something
nothing but something Kun oldin
Me: With a below average I5 3rd gen and gtx 730
John Price
John Price Kun oldin
1:37 i understood that reference
Taskade Kun oldin
Love this! :)
Laggyboi Kun oldin
Damn this "average" computer is better than mine.
Abram Schilling
Abram Schilling Kun oldin
I run a 4c 8t xeon clocked at 3.3 ghz paired with a good old rx470 4gb. Love the system to death and although it struggles on some titles I've found most games can 60fps + and the games I most often play run at 144 fps + which is awesome for when I want to try to play competitive or I want to crank up the graphics and sacrifice some frames I can do that too. All around an awesome system (: you asked what we were running so here it is
Seimi Ferry
Seimi Ferry Kun oldin
Running a 1050ti, Asus H110m-plus, core i5 6500- 3.20 ghz, 16g dd4 hyperx fury, 2tb hhd and 1tb ssd
Elijah Margolis
Elijah Margolis Kun oldin
Love the twist on the Bliss wallpaper
Pulse Wave
Pulse Wave Kun oldin
No Crysis test... psssshh
Biro Karoly
Biro Karoly Kun oldin
"and the 3080 maintains a slim 0.6% market share " ... well we all know why, by now ... at MSRP price was 650€ in Austria, sold out in minutes.. was looking for months for getting back in stock, if you manage to find now, it costs above 850-900 €, i gonna stick to my 2080Super (which was more when i bought, than the 3080 at launch) till actually will give a f*ck about "casual" people
Chuck Reed
Chuck Reed Kun oldin
I still want to optical drive bay - I use mine for hot swap bays
A_Bug Kun oldin
I would love to have an "average" Gaming PC
Sternpunkterdung Kun oldin
I am still using an i7 3770K @4.5GHz.
Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley Kun oldin
Why is this pc better than mine?
theChramoX Kun oldin
Dual channel? nope........... . i Run at Quad channel.
Theyoshiboss Kun oldin
Nathan Kun oldin
I just upgraded my 4th gen i7 systems to 9th gen i5 systems. Had a GTX970 and went to an RTX2070. I don't need the latest and greatest, because just a few generations behind does more than I need and cost me so much less. I really only decided to do the upgrade because I got my hands on two 8th/9th gen motherboards for free and figured it's time and the 4th gens were finally starting to show their age. But I still sold those two complete systems for probably about what I paid for the components I didn't yet have to build my two new systems.
FNaF SB Kun oldin
"Are any of you guys still running these components?" Me with quad core Q6600: well no I'm not running any of these components...
Bird 8 soat oldin
Hell yeah. I've got a Core 2 Quad Q9550s, still rockin' it.
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy Kun oldin
i am surviving with amd athlon 4200+ 2.5 gigs of ddr2 ram and geforce 8500 in 2021.
Panchal Hardik
Panchal Hardik Kun oldin
My pc i3 3220 . 2gb ddr 3 +4gb ddr 3 ,500 gb Seagate hdd. Intel HD graphics. But I just installed my old GPU. Nvidia 8400gs 512 mb GPU. 720p 60hz monitor...
Sundea Kun oldin
1:37 this is giving The Verge vibe
Chris's RC construction
Chris's RC construction Kun oldin
You literally built my computer 😳 except the gpu (gtx 2060 super)
Moe Kun oldin
Running a 1050Ti and I am looking forward for a RTX 3070Ti because I want to play VR with my friends on a good and smooth framerate. And you slowly notice how games that were smooth 2 years ago now run a bit slower due to graphics upgrades and stuff. But some run smoother becasue they try to optimize it for the average player. Trying to get my hand on a nice rtx and then having some vr fun :D
Slayer Ming
Slayer Ming Kun oldin
I dont own that one tho My pc cant even run 60fps at GTA San Andreas
LazyQ8i 2 kun oldin
intro! ads..... outro! ads mid content ads.... surprise merch up every minute rly nice videos ur making linus
Markskelebone 2 kun oldin
yknow that pcis better than my pc and its a pc i would consider a *beast*
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 2 kun oldin
I don't know L dawg. I always thought i was a pc elitist... even if i literally don't have a GPU. #PCMasterRaceEggSuckers
Collin Specht
Collin Specht Kun oldin
Actually, Yahtzee has changed yalls name. As of his Kingdom Come: Deliverance video yall are _ahem_ PC Dick Slurp All-Stars for yalls elitism. Go look it up on his channel. I nearly fell out of my chair when he said that 😂😂😂😂😂
MAS 1346
MAS 1346 2 kun oldin
me being a console player and watching this video........
MELLONIGHT 2 kun oldin
Anyone else get the “that’s right we got one” joke
Byron Armstrong
Byron Armstrong 2 kun oldin
Aaaaand Linus just built my Gaming Rig. Except the 1TB SSD! My 1TB is HDD! C'mon Linus! You know full well, people with 4th Gen i7s and GTX 1060s aren't running 1TB SSDs! :-p
Benzi 2 kun oldin
This makes me laugh, bc that is basically my current pc: AMD 4-core phenom ii black at 3.7 ghz, 16gb ddr3 ram, gtx 1050 ti.... lol.
Courtney Daniels
Courtney Daniels 2 kun oldin
Lol literally my case
Bojan K
Bojan K 2 kun oldin
I just did some upgrades on my 2013 build lol. Went from i5 to i7 3770k and ram 8 to 16gb, 1866. 1070 Ti still running strong.
Mr. Gummy Bear
Mr. Gummy Bear 2 kun oldin
You really wanna benchmark? *Try minecraft.*
AvP 2 kun oldin
should i upgrade to a 3060ti?
AvP 2 kun oldin
i have an i5 9400f + gtx 1060 6gb + 16 gb of ram why in the fuck is warzone running at 70 - 100 with everything on the lowest possible how tf
Noob Nation
Noob Nation 2 kun oldin
i have the 1060 6gb Gpu good card was going to upgrade , but when i looked at the price which are absurd at the moment put my hopes on hold . you are right though i could only dream of building a 2000 euro machine at the moment due to family commitments budget is tight would love to see more ideas. that are cost effective. was looking at the budget builds in the last few videos that 500 USD would now cost me about 1k due to the current market fluxuations
Trimaqs 2 kun oldin
Watching Linus game makes me feel pain.
Strawbear 2 kun oldin
8:56 does that actually work?
Boppo 2 kun oldin
Tell me why I got an ad for them on their own video wtf
Sparky 2 kun oldin
So if "just shy of 20% of you" have hyperthreading... Doesn't that mean that 80% don't? So... Somebody help me with how to average that math
Sparky 2 kun oldin
Linus needs a scriptwriter to tell him 3 days in advance what he thinks about gaming performance. What do you do when your tech channel had grown to the point that the guy who built and named is just a shell of a host who doesn't have time or motivation to form an opinion? Sell the channel to Disney, probably. Or stop pretending and hire a Ryan Secrest type to host while you build out your own video hosting platform. Because why even bother when Google's keeping 80% of your ad revenue?
Joshua Toms
Joshua Toms 2 kun oldin
My 1050 Ti is the only thing I need to upgrade... not shelling out crazy $ for a GPU though, so I guess that will never happen
K0E 2 kun oldin
9:48 750-1300$ with parts from ebay? :o One year ago I build a brand new system with a 5700xt and a 3600x for 850 bucks. Edit: 850 Euros. And I just realized that even though Euro and Dollar were almost the same one year ago (0.94) the Dollar has plummeted so hard that 850€ are now 1025$ Edit2: And 850€ are 1300 in Canadian Dollar
Velimir BG
Velimir BG 2 kun oldin
the most avarage gaming pc in my country intel core i5-9400F nvidia geforce gtx 770 8gb ram . wonder why? because most of these parts are very cheap here
TurbogamerXD3 2 kun oldin
Actually, this machine and my are compareable. I got the RX 580 8G, which, as far as I know, is as fast as GTX 1060 6G. On top of that there is a Ryzen 7 2700X with an X470 Gaiming Pro Carbon, 2x 16GB 3000 (2933) MHz in Dual Channel, an 500GB M.2 NVMe, a 1TB and a 250GB HDD. All this is powered by a Straight Power 11 650 Watt PSU. And a WIFI-card coz it's 10-15 times faster than powerline.
mizufy 2 kun oldin
Wanna know what's scary, it's my exact same specs but i have a coolermaster case
Ollie 2 kun oldin
Bruh I have the exact spec except a 4590
Agentpiepkuiken Agent
Agentpiepkuiken Agent 2 kun oldin
9:39 bump.
tavi plays
tavi plays 2 kun oldin
Me with a 1050 ti . 3080 master racer dude flexing. Me: I still get 60-100 fps in non AAAgames
The Milk Man
The Milk Man 2 kun oldin
My current pc, some old random intel cpu, gtx 1050ti, 2x 8gb ddr3 ram, Kingston 1 tb ssd, some random 2 tb hardrive
The Milk Man
The Milk Man 2 kun oldin
Quick, write that down!
TheVadnay 2 kun oldin
Actually I have the same shit. (except the card is a 1080) I do not feel the reason to upgrade. I have overkill cooling, PSU and stuff. i7 4770 is a solid little boi.
farmerstan 25
farmerstan 25 2 kun oldin
Imagine killing Linus in warzone and then shortly hearing him record a video in the game chat. 🤣
Kaboom 4224
Kaboom 4224 2 kun oldin
1:36 linus has got a cpu
Mugen Sharp
Mugen Sharp 2 kun oldin
one of my older systems is pretty similar to this. the only difference is i use amd for my cpu needs and i like the way they run some of my programs better.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 kun oldin
"You are running in dual channel mode, right?" Laughs in quad-channel
Jimmy McGill
Jimmy McGill 2 kun oldin
6:40 Bruh TF2's changed so much since the last time I played
shazia saeed
shazia saeed 2 kun oldin
Alas he thought about his fans other than competing with other youtubers
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 kun oldin
i have a 1060 and this build is slightly better then mine i think its time to upgrade as i already have 144hz screen like a dickhead
Chaseshot 3 kun oldin
i have the same build, if i decided to upgrade what should i go for?
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