The GOD-TIER Computer Chair

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This ergonomic desk lets you stand, sit, or recline however you want! But is it worth the huge price tag if you DON'T have an ergonomic issue like an RSI? What about gaming?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

JasperisCasper 9 soat oldin
As a disabled gamer, this would be absolutely fucking amazing for me. I constantly have to keep a leg propped to avoid issues... however... I would NEVER be able to afford it. lol. It's roughly what I make in a year on SSI.
Kenneth Dariagan
Kenneth Dariagan 19 soat oldin
where can you buy that predator gaming set up?
Objectified Cross
Objectified Cross 22 soat oldin
I'm sorry but that wobblyness imo is unacceptable.
BenjiKinda Kun oldin
thanks linus i am now interested in buying this!!!1!!!!1!
Squirrelses Kun oldin
Trackball mouse
Pyrolight Kun oldin
I wonder if this would work with a 22 inch widescreen CRT?
Daraygona Kun oldin
Anyone know the song at 10:20 ? Can't find it in the description.
rough ACCOUNT Kun oldin
Its a 'god tier' chair and he wears sandals on the thumbnail.
moshiko ssaass
moshiko ssaass Kun oldin
just get a good sofa lol
AJ Blue ninja
AJ Blue ninja 2 kun oldin
Do you get legal hacks with this?
Tyler Lee
Tyler Lee 2 kun oldin
Genuinely looks like a dentist chair
Ronnie 2 kun oldin
They charged $3,000 for wheels
VHS Email
VHS Email 2 kun oldin
The grubby gruesome corn actually rot because tenor basally protect of a descriptive arithmetic. loutish, glib edge
Gino 2 kun oldin
1. Limit the positions of the chair. Doesn't need to recline the way it does. 2. Stabilize the monitor, keyboard and have the chair swivel.
Kratatch 2 kun oldin
The Emperor chair looks way cooler than this.
teh_er1k 2 kun oldin
Hm... yeah nah, I'm still waiting until someone engineers out the Duc Tape LAN meme idea for half the price.
Michael Crider
Michael Crider 3 kun oldin
So, in other words what Linus is saying , is he is now strong arming companies in order to be able to lay down at work and play Doom.
lonelyPorterCH 3 kun oldin
I think I will just keep using my noblechair^^
systemmax2000 3 kun oldin
Lyric. S
Lyric. S 3 kun oldin
Tim Van Laere
Tim Van Laere 3 kun oldin
It is just me or is this just a modified dentist chair ? When seeing their website, I would associate this more with special needs people and not so much as a "productivity station" or an "active lifestyle" type of thing. There is always something about going to work, be in this context and not in a hybrid half way. (lazy on your back)
Pixelhack normany
Pixelhack normany 3 kun oldin
With 40 usd and a trip to my nearest home depot I could build myself one.
Stickman Anish gaming
Stickman Anish gaming 3 kun oldin
What if monitor falls 😂
Piceous 3 kun oldin
"someone internally will use this" Ah, its me again, wishing I lived in Canada and had the connections to work for this company
Gordon Stevens
Gordon Stevens 3 kun oldin
yo that smooth transition into FreshBooks, ... you're doing well!
Lucasbim 3 kun oldin
The wobbly monitor is a deal breaker for me. "/
Ashish Anand
Ashish Anand 3 kun oldin
The bruce wayne chair.
GKS Midwest
GKS Midwest 4 kun oldin
RIP South Park guy
Nathan Smyth
Nathan Smyth 4 kun oldin
Frosty 4 kun oldin
“I have a lil bit wider booty” Linus Thic Tips
Beleth 4 kun oldin
The razer prototype looks more crazy than this
Brian 4 kun oldin
My monitor also wobbles when I type, and I just have a normal Ikea desk lol
Sup Jay
Sup Jay 4 kun oldin
Its something I get for my sims when I have the simoleons money cheat
Daniel Ahmadu
Daniel Ahmadu 4 kun oldin
Definitely whining
Anandharaj karthikeyan
Anandharaj karthikeyan 4 kun oldin
Ig linus shldnt really have expected having a USB port or anyth or a place to charge phone as 7 years ago that wasn't exactly necessary.
Che Gayvara
Che Gayvara 5 kun oldin
i drink coffee laying down on my couch. Just need to lick the drips quickly
Maximilian Lebkuchenmann
Maximilian Lebkuchenmann 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks, that the altwork logo looks very similar with the Giants Software logo
Big Butter
Big Butter 5 kun oldin
Buy a cheap used dentist chair and do some modifications 😏
n 5 kun oldin
I know it is a luxury item and all but I still don't understand how a chair can be so expensive without gold or something similar in it.
Siddhant Kamble
Siddhant Kamble 5 kun oldin
11:16 Me to my GF
Shashank Gaming
Shashank Gaming 6 kun oldin
Its looks more like something which dentist would use especially if we remove the monitor and add a focus torch 😆
StoneyBruhMan 6 kun oldin
Now you are the best gamer
Imad K
Imad K 6 kun oldin
Діма Франчук
Діма Франчук 6 kun oldin
imagine such thing made by apple
Shubham 6 kun oldin
3:07 that's who he used to bully other kids back then
Kazi Istiaque Ahsan
Kazi Istiaque Ahsan 6 kun oldin
This is for people who earn a lot from their set up or already have a buttload of cash and got paralyzed .
Trash viewer
Trash viewer 6 kun oldin
Amount of wobble from typing etc can be lowered significantly by having a separate hand for monitor. Also. I believe mouse and tablet aren't meant to be used while laying down. You shouul've tested it with trackbalss or touchpads for cursor positioning. Although one can move mouse with hand and \\or finger in laying position, it's still required a base to put you elbow one. Which this thing is missing. They Could've added a little optional hanrest on the right side for this purpose, it wouldn't be terrible expensive to make. So yeah. Not a very versatile device for it's price point.
Micah Luthi
Micah Luthi 7 kun oldin
Wait, so we already know that a "deskchair" is NOT a desk + chair. But now there's also a desk + chair that is commonly just called a "chair"? Umm can I get a refund on my primary language?
Micah Luthi
Micah Luthi 7 kun oldin
Ah yes I feel now it beginning work. Yes me no no more bad englee. Me find nice cave havegood rock-chair now. Not chair that rock. Just chair chair for sit sit made out rock. *Grunts happily off into simpler times*
joefrog1996 7 kun oldin
You should have used a wired gaming headset to test if the wire gets pulled or stuck by the chair
phonk 7 kun oldin
spends 7k on a gaming chair lol
486DX266 7 kun oldin
Just buy a used dental chair and attach a monitor to it
Azir emperor of the sands
Azir emperor of the sands 7 kun oldin
1:06 mother fu... i thought i had a dead pixel in the middle of my screen. that shit scared the soul out of me.
Goddess Hylia
Goddess Hylia 7 kun oldin
Who needs a computer desk? This chair is the future!
Goddess Hylia
Goddess Hylia 7 kun oldin
Wow just wow!
Connor Chatterton
Connor Chatterton 7 kun oldin
I kinda miss the color science of the red cameras, if this is even shot on the 12k camera and I’m not just making stuff up.
Fass 7 kun oldin
wow this is like, really cool. just it costs 3 times more than my car.
Broken Syntax
Broken Syntax 7 kun oldin
Looks good for Elite:Dangerous :D
Lifted Seven
Lifted Seven 7 kun oldin
Wouldn't pay 500 for it. Look how wobbly it is.
mSa 7 kun oldin
Sorry, but if I can't slam my desk without worrying of breaking something, I ain't gonna buy this. (Pretending I have the money for it)
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard 7 kun oldin
9:49, They're copying Tucker gott
Ryan Freeman
Ryan Freeman 7 kun oldin
6:10 personally, I would be terrified with a 32 lb monitor above my head
Daniel's Game Vault
Daniel's Game Vault 7 kun oldin
There's no way they can expect anyone to do any sort of "work" in that - you'd fall asleep in a matter of minutes ! :)))
Unispekt 7 kun oldin
Please make this from a dentist chair :)
Me 7 kun oldin
Bet bill gates has 5 of those
Ryan Andry
Ryan Andry 7 kun oldin
This is for those lazy bastards that never stood up once when playing games
ToXicityUser 8 kun oldin
It better come with a pc
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen 8 kun oldin
Why wasn't the table designed to stay flat?
LucKie 8 kun oldin
Dave Poirier
Dave Poirier 8 kun oldin
I've been using my Altwork since Jan 2020; it's ok but I would wish for a cup holder and slightly softer cushions.
Dave Poirier
Dave Poirier 8 kun oldin
Look at that.. they have a mini-self-leveling cup holder now.. Thanks for the video Linus!
Jeffery Stroud
Jeffery Stroud 8 kun oldin
I live in a tiny 61.5 sqft home. This one chair would kick me out of the house basically...
Frank Henchy
Frank Henchy 8 kun oldin
If I sits, I fits.
Luko_Landino 8 kun oldin
8:54 holy shit those are some expensive wheels
Shaun Andrews
Shaun Andrews 8 kun oldin
Theres a bankrupt startup up companies abandoned building filled with these somewhere in SF
Luke! 8 kun oldin
This just proves that walle predicted future soon these will float around too
Ōkami 8 kun oldin
RIP WoW guy, died from covid complications last month :(
Jason Caauwe
Jason Caauwe 8 kun oldin
And I’m just over here trying to get my damn dual monitors mounted right....
Ed 8 kun oldin
They should make the chair just on it's own and add some adjustable arm rests, would probably buy that then because that already looks pretty comfortable apart from the lack of arm rests.
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 8 kun oldin
No mouses were harmed during the making of this video
crayon 8 kun oldin
its all fun and games until the monitor falls off
mediacoregroupph 8 kun oldin
I want this in my survellance/server office
Radar exe
Radar exe 9 kun oldin
linus got a DUMP Y
j3y 9 kun oldin
I think using a trackball, track pad or other mouse alternatives would be better than a mouse here. Using a mouse looks pretty bad considering the lack of space and the wobbly nature.
Jordon De Annon
Jordon De Annon 9 kun oldin
It doesn't even have armrests..
paul 9 kun oldin
What a BS product.
whiteandnerdytuba 9 kun oldin
Not really a risk sending any product to y’all for a review
Kevin 9 kun oldin
Isn't that the chair from Grandma's Boy?
Quique 9 kun oldin
nobody has a use for the laying down position while watching something on a monitor... ahah yea youre right...
SL1200MK 9 kun oldin
Dentist chair with a monitor?
e41c 9 kun oldin
i dont think they expected you to use, the largest montior known to man lollll
Caterina Denice
Caterina Denice 9 kun oldin
It took me 10 sec in the video to realize that' it's worth 500$ max.
Dry Ice
Dry Ice 9 kun oldin
it looks nice but it also looks like a medieval tourter device
Eomer Simbajon
Eomer Simbajon 9 kun oldin
hold on a fucking minute this shit is basically teen tony stark's computer from Iron Man Armoured Adventures! :0
nocs 871
nocs 871 9 kun oldin
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie 9 kun oldin
With the way that thing is wobbling, I would be terrified of reclining and possibly having my monitor fall right onto my face. That shot of Linus with the monitor over his head is too stressful to watch.
Cocoa 9 kun oldin
I think the end game would be using joycons whilst being horizontal playing pc games. Joycons separate so you can just have your arms by your side, lying down with a huge monitor playing pc games.
김영준 9 kun oldin
Thats..... a Dental chair in carbine version lol wtf :D
Gabriel Macron
Gabriel Macron 9 kun oldin
I get the chair his comfortable but 7000$ dollar comfortable 🤔
Mikkel Breiler
Mikkel Breiler 9 kun oldin
Stephen Hawkins - Wheelchair Pro 3.0
William Wallace
William Wallace 9 kun oldin
I’ve used to work as a BioMed tech and dental office designer. This is nothing more than a dental chair with over the patient mounts. This is why it’s so expensive. If it was FDA certified to be used in a medical office it would be around $19-$25,000. No joke
MrVipitis 9 kun oldin
I think like 25% of that would easily be enough. But that's pretty great.
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 9 kun oldin
Would be fun to work home, and then have this set up.
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