The DEATH of Cloud Gaming - WAN Show February 5, 2021

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Linus Tech Tips

27 kun oldin

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Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222)
0:00 Intro with Google Stadia changing
1:49 Luke's take about Stadia
3:34 Linus's problem with what Google was doing
4:56 Talking about acquisition opportunities
6:38 Linus: The bigger problem with Stadia
8:24 One of the holy grail's of gaming: Fully destructible environments
9:50 Linus's prison escape simulator game idea
11:02 Game called "Teardown" discussion
11:53 The core idea of cloud gaming + Google lacking patience
13:26 Google's confusing mindset hypothetical example
14:22 Everyone knows games take a long time to develop (except Google)
16:05 GeForce Now has reached 6 Million members
16:48 Luke: Nvidia & Microsoft have good approaches
17:45 Xbox Series X example
18:40 Comparing to Nintendo Wii/Switch controller/accessory costs
19:59 Luke singing the song again + Linus trying to censor it live
20:26 Nvidia requiring companies to be transparent about RTX3000 specifications
21:57 Linus calling one of the writers about RTX3000 spec requirement
23:02 TDP not making much difference, but boost clocks are
25:01 Currently don't know much about the 80W vs. 150W (price, power usage, performance)
26:40 Luke enjoys Nvidia shooting themselves in the foot
27:44 What Linus thinks Nvidia needs (Intel like naming approach)
28:32 Is Linus still holding GME (Gamestop) stocks? (skip to 42:24)
29:05 Sponsor: Build Redux
30:28 Sponsor: Ridge Wallet
31:13 Sponsor: Honey
31:57 Luke tells us a story from his mom
34:18 Comparing old and current UZpost comments
36:23 Other people responding to comments for you
37:33 (Rumor) Apple VR Headset could cost $3,000
39:22 Linus worried about Apple's approach + How it might impact VR market
40:27 The Valve Index's VR problems comparison
42:24 Linus GME (Gamestop) stock update
44:34 (Floatplane chat) GPD video question
44:57 How Yvonne (wife) handled the GME stocks
47:28 Not LTT Store
48:14 (New scarves)
49:54 Valve fined $4,000,000 on Steam controller
52:10 Linus: Gaming patents shouldn't last as long
54:18 NZXT Apologizes for safety issue on H1 case
56:30 Superchats
59:46 Linus's lifetime investments summary
1:02:17 Conclusion
1:02:41 Outro

ben qian
ben qian 8 kun oldin
The nonchalant swan booly sin because witch reilly like upon a gorgeous refund. mysterious, sophisticated cook
Norwegian Smores
Norwegian Smores 8 kun oldin
the comments are still as hateful. the only difference is CENSORSHIP!
Neil Williams
Neil Williams 8 kun oldin
SEGA pronounced SAYGA, not SEG-A, it even says it when a game starts up SAYGAAAAAA
Ben I
Ben I 9 kun oldin
LS: that word doesn't even offend me. I can't be the only one who flashed to Eric from South Park "It doesn't hurt anyone, what's the big deal? F***, f***ity, f***, f***, f***!"
Andrew C
Andrew C 9 kun oldin
The prison thing sounds fun (for a game) make it someone.
Ice Bear
Ice Bear 10 kun oldin
'murica fuck yea bleep fail. Nice ^_^
Nunya Fockler
Nunya Fockler 10 kun oldin
Every time I see Luke I get lost in his eyes 💯😍💙
Danijel Cerin
Danijel Cerin 11 kun oldin
voxel destructable environments.... is a real option nowadays! :)
James Gillespie
James Gillespie 12 kun oldin is still great
Michael Szymanski
Michael Szymanski 12 kun oldin
Ronnie Paul
Ronnie Paul 12 kun oldin
Cloud gaming was always going to be about the benjamins and control of the store front.. Once they had the market it would have been a way to price gouge and the consumer knew it!
Munki King
Munki King 14 kun oldin
Sorry bout your crazy mom! Hahahahahha!!!!
Kellen Wallis
Kellen Wallis 15 kun oldin
Stadia should become Oasis.
James Gerber
James Gerber 16 kun oldin
Impossible things? I can play Final Fantasy VX at 1440p 90 fps on my phone over WiFi. Only Shadow PC can do that
Alexander Errpunkt
Alexander Errpunkt 16 kun oldin
why the hell the hell they are still waering that terrible hats?? i mean come on guys ...we are all looking shitty because of the situation we are in...but this is ridiculous. To wear a head set on top of this shit...ehhhm yeah comments to that
JS 2K 17 kun oldin
Oh goodness its been over 10 years.... Well, anyway, I never understood the hate even back then.
N16HTW1NG 17 kun oldin
Yes, simulating being trapped in a prison where the guards are outnumbered 30:1 sounds fun!
Lock Hodgson
Lock Hodgson 17 kun oldin
I feel like its a antitrust issue. They are already on the Gov radar if they go full force into gaming they risk more legal pressure.
Laeven D
Laeven D 17 kun oldin
Hey Linus you know when you talked about one of the holy grails of gaming being destruction. You should check out Teardown by Dennis Gustafsson. It's a fully destructable environment with voxels and physics. I honestly think that gets much closer to achieving that holy grail than Minecraft. You can find it on Steam, go have a play :)
Paul 17 kun oldin
If you want some auto tune on that sing-a-long you can cross feed garage band on a iphone/ipad.
Withnail1969 17 kun oldin
Google Stadia could be a success because nobody can buy graphics cards. I'm going to give it a try.
DS4H 18 kun oldin
Good chat. But. Why, for the love of everything that's unholy, would you wear a beanie indoors?.. Such a cringy trend.
Verlisify 18 kun oldin
Linus: Our audience is a lot nicer (Immediately insinuates the worst word ever)
B. Winky
B. Winky 18 kun oldin
Xbox work with 8bitDo is also proof they care about gamers.
Phil S
Phil S 18 kun oldin
Hello everyone, how is it possible that Donald screwed USA over so bad and is acquitted, beyond imagination. Wow
Alex Strand
Alex Strand 18 kun oldin
I can't say I have never slept on the couch but it wasn't because we were angry. My wife was very sick and she didn't want to keep me up all night because I had to drive all day the next day. I took the couch so I could sleep and she could be comfortable in bed.
Devin Lafford
Devin Lafford 18 kun oldin
You once scolded Luke for saying same bad time same bad channel by saying that it was bat and a reference to batman, and then a couple shows ago you changed it to bad and he looked so confused. I wanna go back and find the Wan show that happened in.
FatheredPuma81 18 kun oldin
Integrate Stadia with Steam and Origin and make it a $5 subscription to play any of your games in the cloud.
Ivo Nikolaev
Ivo Nikolaev 18 kun oldin
When Linus said that Minecraft I imagined pixaleted pickaxes and tourches spearing over the screen and a crowd yelling "He offended the Holy One!!!!"
Epsilonsama 18 kun oldin
It's obvious that Google Stadia was dead in the water.
Icchan 19 kun oldin
Linus and Luke need to check out Starbase from Frozenbyte. It has destructible voxels, but the voxels are 1cm cubed in size.
Icchan 19 kun oldin
Or was it 10cm... Anyway, it looks cool.
The_Chad 19 kun oldin
HOLY SH*T! I've had a Steam controller forever, and never even realized it had back paddles. Granted, I tried it like once and hated it, so it's just been sitting under my monitor forever, but I just picked it up and sure enough it does have back paddles. WOW!
EnterprisAR 19 kun oldin
39:24 discussion of Apple VR. Um...i think most of the rumors have been really freaking blunt that Apple's VR is meant for enterprise. Not gamers, Not consumers. Its not meant for linus tech tip.
Cristi Tanase
Cristi Tanase 19 kun oldin
Possibly Google is actually bleeding cash and they are going downhill fast.
DaxHamel 19 kun oldin
"Not the volumes. not the weights, but the masses..." lol
Matin 19 kun oldin
imagine not commenting lol, fortnite, prank google and crazy!!! :oooo
EMPact 19 kun oldin
fully destructible worlds, the holy grail? red faction guerilla? this was (a good) one, but never made it mainstream. people don't want this apparently, or not with the content, that comes with it. Also Valve did the same thing as Google with the canceling of games they didn't felt the "magic" feel.
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 19 kun oldin
Love your physics jokes!
FluphyBunny 19 kun oldin
You've never slept on the coach..... wtf!
labros labrou
labros labrou 20 kun oldin
why so many likes on a video with clickbait title?
Matasa 20 kun oldin
The fun thing is, Linus, you're now a decently big shareholder of Gamestop now, so you can show up to Gamestop's yearly shareholder's meeting. You get to talk to the leadership about their business development!
Yuvern Sundram
Yuvern Sundram 20 kun oldin
how did you get to input luke's video in obs?
Roll Royce
Roll Royce 20 kun oldin
in India Stadia would have been successful!
GOGOROBOv2 20 kun oldin
Llyod and Linus should just model everything
Mr. Gigor
Mr. Gigor 20 kun oldin
9:50 spaceship 13
proinseas O'Kiellig
proinseas O'Kiellig 20 kun oldin
I think most people would of understood if you had pulled out what with Robin Hood freezing people out etc.
Darkmann 20 kun oldin
Make a SODIMM shawl!
K0E 20 kun oldin
4:58 what game is he talking about?
Mark One
Mark One 20 kun oldin
google has always cancelled new things?
QUSAGE 21 kun oldin
Jesus. Both doing the hipster beard/beanie thing. 😐 🔫
John Mackay
John Mackay 21 kun oldin
Dropped my like just because the mom's battle
Mohyeet Tginc
Mohyeet Tginc 21 kun oldin
America fuck yea
sumedh gaikwad
sumedh gaikwad 21 kun oldin
are you mad mad
Justin Graham
Justin Graham 21 kun oldin
Don't get me wrong I love Linus and what he's done for tech youtubers.. but does anyone else find it just a little douchey when he says stuff like; "I don't need the money", "I make really good money", "I can afford the loss" etc? I don't want it to, but it bothers me just a bit...
Matt Dniels
Matt Dniels 21 kun oldin
why is no one talking about 31:57???
Matt Dniels
Matt Dniels 21 kun oldin
31:57 is that Yvonne?
Mohamad Aminudeen Sabri
Mohamad Aminudeen Sabri 21 kun oldin
i think linus should sponsor luke a mic for the show
Hardware 570
Hardware 570 21 kun oldin
America FUCK...beeeeep yeaaahh 😂🤣🤣
Cracking Breznuts
Cracking Breznuts 21 kun oldin
If I wanted stadia to work, I'd buy cd projekt red and work with them to develop a game that cannot even run on a PC right now because of the amount of processing that it would require. Make the minimum specs be like a 3090 for minimum settings. Or even make a partnership with them to develop one exclusive game that can't run on current or even next gen consoles.
Ussurin 21 kun oldin
45:59 - we know Linus, your got to punishment is garage floor, not comfy couch.
Ussurin 21 kun oldin
Wealth inequality is opposote of the problem. Real problem is that Wallstreet is closed ecosystem that has rules for wlite and rules for the pleb. If rules would be the same for all, fuck inequality, with equal rights only the dreg of the civilization end up poor.
José Goiris
José Goiris 21 kun oldin
WoW... Cada día mas ridículo este canal. Lejos del Linus que conocimos y que llevamos a la cima. WTF Linus??
Brian Kocherhans
Brian Kocherhans 21 kun oldin
At least from the outside it seems that Google's issue is that people are rewarded for new ideas not for keeping them alive or developing them.
MisterCynic18 21 kun oldin
"nah it's fine, I'm just driving right now" Famous last words
MisterCynic18 21 kun oldin
Please tell me someone brought up Red Faction during the destructible environments bit
derek schommer
derek schommer 21 kun oldin
Bad comment
andylister 21 kun oldin
7 days to die is fully destructible
Jev55 21 kun oldin
Stadia isn't going anywhere they just aren't going to make their own games. It makes tons of sense. Games are expensive to make and gamers are a pain in the ass. Leave the software sides of things to established developers.
Jakob 21 kun oldin
So what if Linus Tech tips used the word nlgger.. its a word calm the fuck down... and it's one of the most used words, in the states, particularly amongst Afro-Americans and its also often a word used with a lot of affection.. and all this crap, with some people, can say it and some can't.. i is all down to your skin.. is as stupid as it gets It's common sense living in a modern democracy, you need to be thickskinned enough' so single words don't rattle your cage. most groups have slur names... even people from my region, and the oldest flag on the planet Denmark and northern Europe, Scandinavia in general,.. we were called squareheads, and was a racial slur in USA about people & immigrants from my region. its words, put things into perspective.
Dante S550 10R80'S
Dante S550 10R80'S 21 kun oldin
2:54 games are not different than music. It's a copyrighted format created by artists. Right now streaming the game is a great way of free advertisement, but one day they might get that greedy and you guys are going to act the same way you did with the music and say " This was bound to happen we told you so."
Tandem Charge
Tandem Charge 21 kun oldin
All that work in Stadia yet Browser games did something like that somewhat successfully in the age of browser games
Lollige Pro
Lollige Pro 22 kun oldin
31:57 tf is that in the transition
RedRingOfDead 22 kun oldin
420k views, nicee 😂
Drexx Laggui
Drexx Laggui 22 kun oldin
Talking about Google Stadia: "Terraria co-creator cancels its Google Stadia rollout after getting locked out of his Gmail, UZpost, and Play accounts"
meeeair 22 kun oldin
glad i wasn’t the only one that heard something else when linus bleeped himself
Sabo Kun
Sabo Kun 20 kun oldin
So what did he say?
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 22 kun oldin
Google buying a video game studio seems like it would work but I don't know that they would be able to get all the necessary approvals from the Japanese government to buy a company like SEGA.
Jacob Motes
Jacob Motes 22 kun oldin
Hey Luke you smell. *You're welcome mom*
aPaladin 22 kun oldin
googles approach throw as much shit against the wall until something sticks...
АVAИТ GAЯДЕ 22 kun oldin
under socialism we're abolishing Private intellectual property rights when it comes to technology. Art can be private and owned by the individual artist. Individuals.. Not corporations. And not over technology that could potentially make everyones life easier, safer, or efficient. So much waste because some bitch ass corporation has a piece of paper with their name on it. Under socialism we're raiding those vaults, nationalizing the patents, and tearing the old contracts up. The time of owning ideas is through.
АVAИТ GAЯДЕ 22 kun oldin
ABOLISH patents and all intellectual property over socially developed technology. All ideas arise from the zeitgeist of the collective, the result of all previous achievements of society as a whole, leading up to the new idea. No one can claim to be the originators of the idea -- they just happened to patent it quicker than others. Its really toxic to the whole culture. Technology which everyone could benefit from should be immediately bought by the public, owned by the public, pay off the inventor a nice commission and get them out of the way.
WSS Roach
WSS Roach 22 kun oldin
I wish u wouldn't do videos with titles like this. Stadia IMO is the best performing game streaming service. I wouldn't discourage people about it
GeeHarveyOswald 22 kun oldin
Riley Bell
Riley Bell 22 kun oldin
The problem with stadia for me is the fact that you have to rebuy all the games you already own. Also, the 4k experience quality wise really wasnt impressive at all. That plus the added latency is what turned me away.
MtnFraggle 22 kun oldin
sonicx059 22 kun oldin
I just made bad mistakes with investments all around.
Zach R
Zach R 22 kun oldin
I laughed so hard at the spoons that the kids where I work looked disturbed.
Thomas Bähr
Thomas Bähr 22 kun oldin
7 days to die also let you destroy everything - but its also build upon a block system
FlyBaby 22 kun oldin
Except APPLE uses slave labor to build its products where in the past the slaves would be in such despair that they would throw themselves from the roof making suicide attempts. It got so bad that Apple factories put netting to catch the flying bodies and put them back to work. SORRY. I wont be buying anything from them again anytime soon. Apple could sink to the 9th level of Hell as far as I'm concerned though Virgil would not approve.
Loreaver 22 kun oldin
Ok? You think they’re the only brand that does this?
Max G
Max G 22 kun oldin
As if cloud gaming is in any way a loss lol
Ken 22 kun oldin
Linus please do not ever cite a verge article ever again especially after their pc build.
Andrew Stephens
Andrew Stephens 22 kun oldin
I feel like Google buys business for their talent - not their products. I had a friend that's company was acquired-he had to move across the country and then they pretty much shut that company down and reallocated those employees to other gigs within Google.
Shalashaska 994
Shalashaska 994 22 kun oldin
Idk if it's inherently good to root for Apple's headset. What if they normalize some sort of crazy exclusivity trend? Also, I've only had the index for about 2 months but they seem to be really exaggerating the problems with it. Like the base stations don't need to be drilled in, you can just leave them on a table that's high up. Booting up is very quick and updates are the same as updating any steam game.
PainX187 22 kun oldin
can i just stress how fun it can be to tear someone apart in a comment you dont have to do anything infact please do not the point is to make them think about it once a creator highlights it all is lost you cannot make someone think twice if everyone is dogpiling him
Nathan Bond
Nathan Bond 22 kun oldin
This the exact reason I avoided Stadia. It will end up being scrapped completely just like google glass....
mrblackrock555 22 kun oldin
I feel like with the destructable environments they missed out on red faction guerella. most of that game apart from the ground was destructable.
Lukaroast 22 kun oldin
Rian Schoeman
Rian Schoeman 22 kun oldin
Unfortunately if it's from Apple, people lose all ability to think. E.g. people think that removing stuff and forcing you to buy a ton of extra peripherals for your Apple device is cool. They don't factor that inconvenience and additional cost into owning an Apple product. If there is a cult that cannot think for themselves, it is the cult of Apple
Mageetas 22 kun oldin
google doesn't want to be in direct competition with TENCENT!!!
Shrike Chris
Shrike Chris 22 kun oldin
games with Fully destructible environments Redfaction September 18, 2001 RFG was full building's
SkinzyGaming 22 kun oldin
I am grateful Luke showed appreciation for those who tell dumb assholes to eat shit on comment sections on Twitter. I used to be a nice guy, but then the world kicked me around a fair bit and so telling people past a certain level of asinine where they can shove their idiocy has become a rewarding pass time. Call me a white knight if you will, but for the last 4 years or so certain world leaders have brought conditions in the U.S. and globally so close to the plot of the film Idiocracy that not telling people to suck one for harassing creators and other actually productive people has become impractical simply put.
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