The 15 Terabyte SSD is TINY!!

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16 kun oldin

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15TB of raw storage on one SSD. How many games, songs, or other large files can we fit into a drive this big?
Buy Team Group QX 15.3TB SSD
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

atlys 4 soat oldin
Thank you Technology Connections for teaching me about the difference between -ga / -bi 😁
pavel bau
pavel bau 11 soat oldin
Every one of these chips is a gigabyte lol edited right there lol. Also that drive has more ram than most computers lol
Jee Eun
Jee Eun Kun oldin
lol. eww. why would anyone get this then? on a laptop maybe, but on a desktop with 2, sometimes space for 4, why wouldn't i run it in raid 1 with 1/4th the cost, and like 12x the speed?
ducc Kun oldin
Sadly, this still won't be enough storage for my p- taxes.
〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈 Kun oldin
9:07 look at all those scuff marks from the screw driver on those chips.
Hector Torres
Hector Torres Kun oldin
When an ssd has more ram than your system
David W
David W 2 kun oldin
I think the superior video editing on this one needs to be acknowledged. Bravo, sir/madame. 4:52
Ginger Rancher
Ginger Rancher 2 kun oldin
only 61 copies of warzone is kinda sad
VenomousNinetails 2 kun oldin
Big O? Linus, are you building a mech? Sorry i had to make that reference.
Nerd WithNoLife
Nerd WithNoLife 2 kun oldin
Its not windows that treats Gb sizes like that ots actually the correct science but the "industry" are ripping u off and ur blaming windows? What a dumb ass lma
Marcus Douge
Marcus Douge 2 kun oldin
I would pay about $3,199.99 for it.
A E 2 kun oldin
Alright we are finally there. I need like 10 of these then I can finally install all my Games / Steam collections.
White Noise
White Noise 2 kun oldin
Kids these days will never understand how Mind blowing that is ..
COOKIES 2 kun oldin
Click bate this us not 15 terabytes its 13.9 wtf bro
Coldkeyes The Hedgehog
Coldkeyes The Hedgehog 2 kun oldin
I can store memes on that
Blend Zeqiri
Blend Zeqiri 2 kun oldin
PS4 Owners need this for call of duty modern warfare
Krrccr 3 kun oldin
I’d be able to install almost all of my games if not all pretty close
Doom And Gloom
Doom And Gloom 3 kun oldin
Put 10 of them in a raid 5 brah
dannydaw59 3 kun oldin
The amazon link shows a $3200 price.
RandomGuy 3 kun oldin
I don’t know if the teleporting rig or the wallpaper on that monitor is funnier
Mas Antok
Mas Antok 3 kun oldin
how much jav i can store in this ssd?
O_O 3 kun oldin
Imagination of having some chunk of internet things on this.
reaperzone007 3 kun oldin
$250 take it or leave it I could fit all my steam games plus mods for Skyrim and the fallout series
Petri Jokinen
Petri Jokinen 3 kun oldin
Ass-looking SATA cable? Well, I love you too Linus. I sport those exact ones in my computer. A cable is a cable. And my gaming/music-prod/artwork computer isn't even cable managed what so ever. It's a rats nest! But it just works. Yeah, the i5 2500k is starting to show its age but if it ain't broken... (And I rarely drop it unlike *redacted* so it will probably just keep on chugging along for a couple more years) ;)
Franco Vieiro
Franco Vieiro 3 kun oldin
It has as much ram as my computer
Rannon 4 kun oldin
I'm about 1.5 TB short according to Windows (11.8 vs 13.2TB). That's about as much storage I have as M.2! :D Though, I do do have another 2TB off HDD unplugged, am I allowed to count them? ;)
Zeaiclies 4 kun oldin
Linux, enough said
Zeaiclies 4 kun oldin
Is it just me, or does the beard make him more authoritative, but lose the pink hat. lol
Kentzo Ar
Kentzo Ar 4 kun oldin
That PC wallpaper is a masterpiece
Owen Dutton
Owen Dutton 4 kun oldin
tis a bruh moment
OriginlGazza 4 kun oldin
9:01 TERA!! scared the shit outta me!
Kaslana Karice
Kaslana Karice 4 kun oldin
Fura Alak
Fura Alak 4 kun oldin
I downvoted because the crappy size discrepancy explanation. Not the OS is incorrect, but the drives. (All of them.) Binary is the base of IT, and the drive manufacturers chose to use decimal to inflate the capacity of they products.
obesesummer 4 kun oldin
Only 90%?! Hmmm cod might fit
Matthew Tidy
Matthew Tidy 5 kun oldin
Oh my god! Stop cutting the footage at random! Headache material! Other than that, cool video.
Jake1702 5 kun oldin
Game devs: Nice! Now we can make the games 5TB each so you can store an entire 3 of them!
FluX 5 kun oldin
"61 copies of warzone" Is this an American measurement of storage?
Aman Ishaq
Aman Ishaq 5 kun oldin
Would use it for my homework folder.
Jonah Yates
Jonah Yates 5 kun oldin
Hahaha. $600 and everything.
Christopher Jaworski
Christopher Jaworski 5 kun oldin
All my videos of my stepsister would fit on two of those. I would pay like 100$ for it.
Lukoshkin Sasha
Lukoshkin Sasha 5 kun oldin
10:02 killed me haha
Omar Y
Omar Y 5 kun oldin
would love to have one. Can finally move some of my 27 tb of data hoarding
Mat O
Mat O 6 kun oldin
I find it somewhat humorous that 550MB/s is now considered subpar. Takes me back to the days SSD's were just starting to enter the market and those speeds were absolutely mind blowing. You'd have to connect numerous HDD's into RAID to see those kinds of speeds and even then the SSD would absolutely dominate on seek times. Also, Why do marketing people use 1000 instead of 1024? Is it to appease the technologically illiterate? 1024 just makes sense when working with binary and Base 2.
Lautaro Quiroga
Lautaro Quiroga 6 kun oldin
Depending on the cost I would buy it as a data/games drive to replace the 2ndary drive that is an HDD. Edit: Finished the video. Fuck this SSD.
Telerian3 6 kun oldin
Sabrent 8TB is even more tiny and has to be more affordable.
Tony White
Tony White 6 kun oldin
Basic question please: my CCTV runs a magnetic hard drive 24x7. Now that SSDs are affordable, would I save much in power consumption swapping over please?
MrFinnLukas 3 kun oldin
Not so much power that you would save money buying an ssd
NORFIE123456 6 kun oldin
Your affiliate links dont work over here in the UK...
Theodore Seeber
Theodore Seeber 6 kun oldin
15 TB for $4000? Why not save money and just RAID 30 of their 1TB drives?
SapphiresHD 6 kun oldin
Глад Валакас ФЭК
Глад Валакас ФЭК 6 kun oldin
Iochi ._.
Iochi ._. 7 kun oldin
Bruh momento numero dos
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 7 kun oldin
almost $4000
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 7 kun oldin
The marketing folks who rounded things off to powers of 10 instead of 2 are wrong.
BushWookie24 7 kun oldin
i have a dollar...thats it
Q The RetroGamer
Q The RetroGamer 7 kun oldin
who needs a cloud when you have one of these??
JeskidoYT 7 kun oldin
Man i can buy a car and a computer with that ssd
Stuart Halliday
Stuart Halliday 7 kun oldin
"Out of Stock" or "not available". Not surprised.
Frozen Walrus
Frozen Walrus 7 kun oldin
This is indeed a bruh moment
James 7 kun oldin
i would use it to store 4k raw video footage
NIGHTMARE 7 kun oldin
you are the perfect man to watch during LoL matchmaking
Shot- 7 kun oldin
im a kid yes that is a bra moment
shoopnooop 7 kun oldin
4000 is a LOT for the storage compared to the usual prices of the smaller drives. You could get 42 of the sandisk ssd plus ones or 36 samsung 860 evo where both are 1tb. so you could do one set of 15 in raid and another set for backup. and still have 12 left if you did the sandisk one. Though the sandisk one does the same as this one for space but i've been using it and it's been pretty good. not like it's too hart to max out sata 3 speed with an ssd anymore.
Matthew Bourgeois
Matthew Bourgeois 7 kun oldin
"This thing probably has more storage in it than your entire household" Looks at my PC with 32TB of storage.. More huh?
Rimantas Zioba
Rimantas Zioba 7 kun oldin
Luke Takac
Luke Takac 7 kun oldin
We have 500tb in the houshold
Luke Takac
Luke Takac 7 kun oldin
We have 500tb in the houshold
BeatmasterAC 7 kun oldin
still not enough for the offline Installation of Flight Simulator ^^
Albus percival wulfric brian dumbledore
Albus percival wulfric brian dumbledore 7 kun oldin
I would skip the sponsor time for the 15 TB ssd 😈
Notorious G.I.O
Notorious G.I.O 7 kun oldin
15 TB is more than enough storage to download every hentai to ever exist and still have tons of space to spare
Atlee PC
Atlee PC 7 kun oldin
Well I wouldn't pay more than 350$ for any storage so that's my price
Daemon 7 kun oldin
"This is a certified bra moment"
whiteandnerdytuba 8 kun oldin
Bold of you to assume I don’t have a nas
Aubin Spitzer
Aubin Spitzer 8 kun oldin
100 bucks? Oh I wish... I can only dream
Marc Bensen
Marc Bensen 8 kun oldin
Could store alot of pr0n
StaySic4Ever 8 kun oldin
I'm looking forward for next gen M.2 NVMe drives with large capacities and of course, lower prices eventually.
Kid Domino
Kid Domino 8 kun oldin
Kid Domino
Kid Domino 8 kun oldin
I don't believe this.
Neil Ghaskadvi
Neil Ghaskadvi 8 kun oldin
2030 : Linus: 5 petabytes in a micro sd card? That's insultingly low
TheSpamuel123 8 kun oldin
I swear you just throw and drop shit now for the meme
DarkDiabloMash9 8 kun oldin
I'd never get it because I don't need but I'd probably spend about $499.99 for it.
Houdini 8 kun oldin
I´d store all my "Homework"
Philip Zhang
Philip Zhang 8 kun oldin
nobody noticed the drive is called "Big (O)" ? lol
rob7xiv 8 kun oldin
that problem with 1000 and 1024 is 50 years old yet and that is much in Computer Technology
Random Tube
Random Tube 8 kun oldin
Filming in 12K 30fps does fill up storage pretty quickly. However I still prefer read and write speeds over storage capacity.
Alex McD
Alex McD 8 kun oldin
More storage than my household? Actually not. But only because I've been picking up Linus-like ideas of backup capacity from watching this channel. :P
MGift Kampfert
MGift Kampfert 8 kun oldin
linus: I have some ideas for this drive Linus's mind: 15TB of Segway's to ads = goood
T3rminat0r 8 kun oldin
Linus just casually mixing up GiB and GB (the former is base10/1000, the latter base2/1024) and there isn't a comment with lots of likes about it, yet??
Alan Calderon-Aguilar
Alan Calderon-Aguilar 8 kun oldin
yes linues, this is a bra moment
Monarchus 8 kun oldin
Its exellent for my h3nta1
TheSlimPops 8 kun oldin
hahaha lost me at $3200
vigilant 8 kun oldin
Awesome! *checks price* ohh....
Albertus de Wet
Albertus de Wet 8 kun oldin
It is not just "Microsoft" that uses the REAL bytes for storage/indictors. IBM (the dinosaurs in computing and still going strong with mainframes) - still uses 1024 as 1K indicators. Years and years ago the storage were like that, but then the companies got greedy and start "taking away" from us and try to save money - and nobody can do anything about it - I guess we will just have to live with this, right?
BR quackenbush
BR quackenbush 8 kun oldin
why not take those like 10 of those 8 terabyte drives and run them in a raid 0 array
Christo John
Christo John 9 kun oldin
does QLC NAND degrade faster over time ?????? @Linus Tech Tips. Like is it worth the buy, 550MB R/W is not baddd....
Hirato Kirata
Hirato Kirata 9 kun oldin
If I would get 2 of these for about $2K total, I'll get rid of all my mechnical drives right this very moment... well... after I copied everything across.
The_Chad 9 kun oldin
Yeah, my 4TB SSD is also inordinately heavy. But didn't you showcase a 100TB SATA drive recently? I guess that thing wasn't consumer oriented though. edit* Maybe I should have waited until the end of the video before I commented.
nate williamson
nate williamson 9 kun oldin
COD Warzone is childs play Ark with all it's dlcs takes up over 600gbs of space.
Kioley 123
Kioley 123 9 kun oldin
Stefan More
Stefan More 9 kun oldin
1 bit is 8 bites. Huge prob;em\ we went fro, bites to bits. it is called marketing. when a markateer can kill my meat wake me up.
Josh Boak
Josh Boak 9 kun oldin
That’s not bad. That’ll hold 150,000 photos for me.
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