Rebuilding Our DIRTIEST Server

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Linus Tech Tips

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For the last two or so years, our main editing server Whonnock has had no remote backup, meaning in the event of a natural disaster, it's very possible we could lose all of our data. Today, we fix that problem, rebuilding the most disgusting server we've ever owned into a remote backup solution.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

The Aussie Repair Guy
The Aussie Repair Guy 52 daqiqa oldin
0:46 - I've seen far, far worse lol
Knaeckebrotsaege Soat oldin
Not even a minute in and I already can't stand how they both act like complete wusses... as if this system was the worst they've ever seen. You guys haven't seen real world scenarios in a LOOONG time apparently. This is still pretty damn clean compared to what's out there chugging along every day, sadly enough
Garvit Vyas
Garvit Vyas 4 soat oldin
Ha it looks like my home computer after one week, 😂
Edgard Alexander Uribe
Edgard Alexander Uribe 13 soat oldin
pink hat,, with leopard mask??? really ??? jajajjajAJJAJA
Rockstar Raheem
Rockstar Raheem 15 soat oldin
So I went on the list of all uploads and saw that Linus starting to grow a beard 10 months ago.So I went on the list of all uploads and saw that Linus starting to grow a beard 10 months ago.
Ettore 21 soat oldin
I use 10bar air to clean my pc...
Alex San
Alex San Kun oldin
Did anyone knows the brand name of the machine Linus used to blow the dust?
Cat Teenager
Cat Teenager Kun oldin
i just got given a core 2 duo pc. my dust is way worse. its literally fluffy dirt multiple mm's thick and is everywhere.
-- Kun oldin
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Ferna_Postales Kun oldin
6:26 A "live strong bracelet" LOL that video just keeps on giving
homeofmew Kun oldin
how many ltt hoodies does linus owns because he always wears it?
Edgar Rojas
Edgar Rojas Kun oldin
I can't with the other boy, literally is annoying, I don't know how linux can handle it 🤯
Elias Epic Win
Elias Epic Win Kun oldin
The real timebomb in that server is the OCZ ssd 👀
Jesse Kun oldin
this video makes me want to sneeze
Will Wu
Will Wu Kun oldin
"only" 1 gig connection ...
Vansh Khanna
Vansh Khanna Kun oldin
“We can’t suck, We have to blow” -Linus Sebastian,2021
Headset Heaven
Headset Heaven Kun oldin
Linus "Its A Sixty Gigger." Me Not Paying Attention "Huh? wanna rephrase"
Stan Pikaliri
Stan Pikaliri 2 kun oldin
1GB is slow, 30kb modem am I joke to you
GGaemer SF Shock / NRG
GGaemer SF Shock / NRG 2 kun oldin
i think we should vacuum it xD
HachiKitsune Ch. はちきつね
HachiKitsune Ch. はちきつね 2 kun oldin
alternate title: annoying the SHIT out of Linus
Agent Shreff
Agent Shreff 2 kun oldin
da fuk
WhyteLis21 2 kun oldin
5:32 "We can't suck, we have to blow." - Linus Sebastian 2021. Is Linus secretly gay now? 😄
EmeraldSlingShot 2 kun oldin
Wait Madison big oof female twomad is back
Kelly Masuda
Kelly Masuda 2 kun oldin
i hope i can shake your hand some day. your videos get me through my shitty days.
ClyFi 2 kun oldin
I thought you were totally drunk. Then I noticed the speed was set to .75
That Dreadhead
That Dreadhead 2 kun oldin
5:32 we can’t suck we have to blow what ?????
Carsten Langbo
Carsten Langbo 2 kun oldin
Being salty on construction workers because they tried and failed when it could have been avoided if somebody had used their brain ... That is just to cheap..
R R 3 kun oldin
with so much groaning going on, i was forced to lower down the volume..
Mani Deep
Mani Deep 3 kun oldin
DannoHung 3 kun oldin
Those corded dusters are amazing. I’ve had one for a while. But Linus should’ve actually been wearing a n95 with that kinda dust. Don’t breathe that shit.
Caden 3 kun oldin
"we cant suck we have to blow"
ItsUnpug 3 kun oldin
Yuckiness 100
Soulsupernova98 3 kun oldin
“Pretty slow because Gigabit” well damn that’s not even an option in my area the fastest is 100 megabit
Moreen Packard
Moreen Packard 3 kun oldin
QUESTIONS: What is the small dust blower (Brand, Availability ) ??
Groove Gamer
Groove Gamer 3 kun oldin
10:05 oh... hi
Northern Leigonare
Northern Leigonare 3 kun oldin
So that rotting structure is Linus's remote backup site? I can see why he didnt tell us until now. It would probably fall down in the same hypothetical earthquake that LTT HQ would fall from.
FoamyButter 3 kun oldin
Linus sister : mummy Linus is playing with trash again
no1bandfan 3 kun oldin
"You at least have your LiveStrong bracelet on?" HAHA, suck it Verge!!!
Lego Mini Movie Productions
Lego Mini Movie Productions 3 kun oldin
Linus: We have used all of our favors from server manufacturers Also Linus: Hmm, dont we have like 100 16TB drives left and enough server parts to built like an entire 42U rack full of servers?
Death Master
Death Master 3 kun oldin
Guys, did you ever see some servers running up for 5+ years(24/7/365) without regular cleaning in a dusty room?
XiLeNcE 3 kun oldin
I got an Asthma attack just by watching this video
Robin Binder
Robin Binder 3 kun oldin
* makes offsite backup * * puts said offsite backup next to river * ~insert darth vader NOOOOOOOOOOUUU scream~
Steve HECON 3 kun oldin
MrXperx 3 kun oldin
Why not use AWS Glacier or AWS Glacier Deep Archive. Cloud services are way more reliable than personal hardware.
A bunny that will chew on your cables
A bunny that will chew on your cables 3 kun oldin
When you open up your ps4:
Kryptic 3 kun oldin
That the same girl from that pc build giveaway, sounds like her smartassyness haha
Harry 3 kun oldin
'I'm wearing a mask and still cough.' Show just how effective those things are
Mourya 3 kun oldin
The live strong bracelet never dies
ImNothing!! //use cheats everyday
ImNothing!! //use cheats everyday 4 kun oldin
Bet the mask hes wearing was a bra that was cut and turned into a mask.
Justin Kirschenman
Justin Kirschenman 4 kun oldin
@0:40 And people still think they will protect against viruses. Dust is much larger than the aerosolized participates the virus rides on.
ajdrig 4 kun oldin
5:50 what tool is this they're using? EDIT: I found it, It's the DataVac model ED500P.
Seth 4 kun oldin
The way the mask moves when Jake talks makes him look like Leelas father from futurama with the sideways mouth.
Chase Gurganious
Chase Gurganious 4 kun oldin
If Linus was as funny as he thought it was, and goddddd that fat kids laugh is unbearable.
JrP 4 kun oldin
can someone explain to me what is "server" for?
Benjamin Aviation
Benjamin Aviation 4 kun oldin
10:06 someone is looking at you
SubZuda GR
SubZuda GR 4 kun oldin
8:28 When i ask any girl to out with me
John Ashley
John Ashley 4 kun oldin
Some where Bryan is saying "now that's some Tech Yes Lovin"
TechWiki 4 kun oldin
We love this, please check our channel for more tech updates!
Garrett K
Garrett K 4 kun oldin
Dirty. Filthy. Nasty. Linus, your server is nasty.
PhazonXL Productions
PhazonXL Productions 4 kun oldin
Wtf? Those masks won't do anything for dust. What were they thinking?
peter blazej
peter blazej 4 kun oldin
It is painful
Andrew Kondrashov
Andrew Kondrashov 4 kun oldin
Разбираешь, пылесосишь, протираешь спиртом и собираешь обратно.
Ducky Do
Ducky Do 5 kun oldin
"gigabit is slow" we barely have gigabit in australia ;-;
fpsfreak79 5 kun oldin
more madison
Taras Zakharchenko
Taras Zakharchenko 5 kun oldin
That "disgusting" server, is not nearly as disgusting as it can be.
Kitchen Appliance
Kitchen Appliance 5 kun oldin
did they start applying some sharpness filter or change cameras? looks different
Dan McGuire
Dan McGuire 5 kun oldin
That Vertex 2 tho. You know something's old when you see OCZ.
WOBBMIKE 5 kun oldin
Noah Ferny
Noah Ferny 5 kun oldin
I like this guy thats with linus, very good push and pull.
camo branch
camo branch 5 kun oldin
day 27 of asking you to make a back yard PC
DUDE AMAZE 5 kun oldin
Someone Please Help Me!! 😭😭😭😭 I was playing Valorant on my Asus ROG Zephyrs GA502 , suddenly it started BIOS update , then I left the room(cause the update was taking time) , then I came back after 15 minutes , but the screen was black (the screen was not black while the update) , then I left my laptop as it is for another 15-20 minutes , but still the screen was black , then I 'Force Power Off' the laptop (by holding Power Button) and then tried to turn it on again , I pressed the power button , the keyboard backlight turned on , fans turned on , but nothing on screen , not even the Asus logo that appears whenever I start the laptop, the screen was totally black , I waited for another 10min. , Still black screen , from then , whenever I start the laptop, the screen is still black. (I forgot to mention that Charging Cable was connected while the BIOS update) (Means laptop was charging while this whole thing happened) So someone please help me with this issue. I AM having a heart attack since the day it happened ( its been over a week now 😭)
Dc 5 kun oldin
Aizoku 5 kun oldin
I just don’t understand why anyone needs this much storage tho? I get having multiple projects and saves but why keep stuff for years tho?
You should've used Anhydrous Isopropyl alcohol.
Black Reaper
Black Reaper 5 kun oldin
"I am God" lol
Tallerlight99 5 kun oldin
8:20 Mdog?
Lincoln Meyer
Lincoln Meyer 5 kun oldin
I wonder how long in advance they record these videos?
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho 5 kun oldin
I've seen worse. I saw one where the entire free space was filed up with dust. ZERO air movement. LOL
k1ll3runa 5 kun oldin
Men from the Dark ages: I will bathe in the blood of my enemies. Men in 2021 :*touched dust* ewwwwww aaahhhh
Matthew Tireman
Matthew Tireman 5 kun oldin
We have a server, it only has 6TB of storage
Matthew Tireman
Matthew Tireman 5 kun oldin
Linus: 1 Gigabit internet is slow Me, with only 80Mgb connection
Jacob varley
Jacob varley 5 kun oldin
Go buy a sonic washer and entertain us.
Nialite 5 kun oldin
5:32 Linus out of context
synxansti 5 kun oldin
11:49 is that linus's ip?
stolen RiotPC
stolen RiotPC 5 kun oldin
Nice hat fake linus
Stephen Coakley
Stephen Coakley 5 kun oldin
Hey, I run rsnapshot too!
Mewin 5 kun oldin
how is she working at ltt lol
TheMightyWolfie 5 kun oldin
"We can't suck, we have to blow" - Linus Sebastian
John Thimakis
John Thimakis 5 kun oldin
"OMG DUST EWWWWW"! Sometimes you act so gay Linus.
SleepDeprived 5 kun oldin
The more chaos the better the video
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 5 kun oldin
The salty wing ontogenically describe because appeal ordinarily crash down a unarmed jasmine. salty, wacky engineering
self_checkout 5 kun oldin
this is literally my pc 2 days after cleaning it
awesomedudeme. 5 kun oldin
I could taste the dust from here...
pedro andrade
pedro andrade 5 kun oldin
Should've watched TechYES videos to elevate your cleaning game ^^
Roy Boersema
Roy Boersema 5 kun oldin
Oversharpened a bit much?
Dylan Bob
Dylan Bob 5 kun oldin
3.9GB/s internally... NICE
Wojciech Mikula
Wojciech Mikula 5 kun oldin
You haven't seen dirty computer.
Seamus Hennessy
Seamus Hennessy 5 kun oldin
Jake & Linus make a slick combo.
Chrizziking1 5 kun oldin
Jake and Linus are an Amazing combo.
Geoff Seeley
Geoff Seeley 5 kun oldin
Should have set up ZFS and used zfs snapshot, send and receive.
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