Old Video Cards are ALL You Can Get - WAN Show February 12, 2021

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Linus Tech Tips

20 kun oldin

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Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222)
0:22 Why the show is late (Painting)
1:42 Andy, an employee, wanted Linus to paint during Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade
3:16 Andy's setup and how Linus broke the bed
6:16 Further explanation/reactions to the bed story
7:31 Topic Previews
9:22 Roll that intro!
9:41 Linus getting Rick-rolled
10:51 Headline: NVIDIA (supposedly) Restarting production of 1050TIs
12:29 Explaining GPU 'wafers' during production
13:58 The reason they are remaking it
16:25 Digression to RTX not being popular
18:09 Valve's user hardware related data
19:17 Intel caught 'fudging' benchmarks:
21:29 The "Fun part" (Luke).
23:07 Watching the video together with Linus
24:51 Pausing and discussing Intel Evo Branding
26:32 Evo: What is it?
28:06 Jon (Rettinger) should not be the the spokesperson (Linus)
30:47 You don't market your product by crapping on the other (Linus)
33:22 Evo standard doesn't even include USB Type A ports (Luke)
35:02 Linus's AMD story about product marketing issues
37:10 LTT responsible for canning an agency
38:51 The nature of the industry with marketing agencies
41:07 Luke's favorite marketing people to work with
41:58 Asking Jon about the video
43:48 Sponsor: Backblaze
44:42 Sponsor: Private Internet Access (PIA)
45:25 Sponsor: Seasonic
46:37 Plugging Jon's channel
47:31 CD Projekt Red Source Code Leaks
49:59 Related cyber threats
51:49 Linus suspects someone actually bought it
52:50 Twitter explores payed subscriptions
53:05 Facebook's ad implementation by comparison
55:09 Twitter's homefeed (and ads)
56:58 Twitter subscription model discussion
58:19 What you get from it (Including editing tweets)
59:55 Ability to tip users
1:01:12 Art
1:02:05 Affordable Intel CPUs
1:03:37 Interesting how this + 1050TI is happening at the the same time (Luke)
1:04:50 Replying to chats
1:07:41 Linus upgrading Luke's PC + the catch
1:09:09 Conclusion + LTT Store
1:09:54 Outro

Danish Moonrock
Danish Moonrock 15 soat oldin
Dennis was the funniest on the Linus Roast. Most of the staff was surprisingly funny and who ever wrote the jokes deserves acclaim. Unexpected treat.
bernhard85 4 kun oldin
I dont add to the Facebook dumpster fire.. its a garbage platform for ppl to just air dirty laundry.. but love my UZpost red haha
bernhard85 4 kun oldin
With the way the world is today why would Intel think they could get away with any of the snake like things they keep doing. Idc which cpu company I use but wow they have tried some sneaky stuff and it blows up in their face everytime when will they just show the regular stats and continue making things better.. I mean not saying amd is better but atleast when ryzen first launched they were showing that Intel was still faster in per core performance..
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 5 kun oldin
they should have released the low end 20 series like the 2060, 2060 super and 2070 as gtx cards. like upgraded 1080s that were more energy efficient with more vida cores and faster vram. and then the 2070 super and higher with stable rtx for 1080 and maybe 1440 gaming. the 30 series really got the ray tracing down too bad there are literally none available.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 5 kun oldin
I know linus mentioned it but I'm bouncing off of that thought
brit's fabrication
brit's fabrication 5 kun oldin
God forbid CPR be edgy you should never offend the alphabet people
c182SkylaneRG 6 kun oldin
When you can't fix that CPU, be sure to bring it to NYC. I know it's not Apple, but let Louis Rossmann have a look, anyway. He might have some tools you can borrow. :)
rsgametech1 7 kun oldin
12:30 illuminati confirmed.
Dan Luckins
Dan Luckins 8 kun oldin
16:02 linus your dumb, people dont want to buy another 1050ti, they want the a new 30 series card. Nvidia should NOT make more 1050ti's they should make more 3060ti!! which cost less! and are WAY better
Dan Luckins
Dan Luckins 8 kun oldin
I just want a 3060ti is that so much to ask for? been waiting years to upgrade my 1050ti. Just take my money, give me 3060ti. Nvidia want some money? I have it right here!!!!! give me my 3060ti NOW!!!
The Groodle
The Groodle 8 kun oldin
usually when the boss breaks your bed, its called a conflict of interest
whiteandnerdytuba 9 kun oldin
Luke looks just as terrible as ever. He’s that one dude in high school who doesn’t shave and can’t grow a beard
Francisco Flores
Francisco Flores 9 kun oldin
A 1050 ti is actually not enough were just too broke to buy a 1660
eugkra33 9 kun oldin
Maybe CDPR bought their own game source code.
eugkra33 9 kun oldin
Sold my 5700xt 5 months ago in preparation for the 6700xt. I could have gotten $600 more for it today :(
Armando D'Errico
Armando D'Errico 9 kun oldin
Happy about Apple's silicon innovation, but I can't stand their anti-right to repair mentality with mobiles. No charger with a 1200$ phone? Gtfo.
krylonfanboy ,
krylonfanboy , 9 kun oldin
used 980 Ti or even 980 > new 1050 Ti
Tillmann 10 kun oldin
Wh, are the Facecams not the same size lmao
Edward Lamont
Edward Lamont 10 kun oldin
Bought a 2070 super and Inwin 905 for 600 a couple months ago. Began to regret it until I started looking at prices for both... jesus man don't buy a gpu right now
False Name
False Name 10 kun oldin
So, as I've said before: as soon as quantum computing creates a crypto, current cryptos will be made obsolete because their algorithms will be far more advanced..
Thanny 10 kun oldin
Twitter isn't going to be able to ban paying customers on a whim. That's the big part of them offering paid access that you should be talking about.
ClyFi 11 kun oldin
Its because of the new iPhone 13 not allowing any adds or tracking on their OS.
Chaos Ordeal
Chaos Ordeal 11 kun oldin
Nvidia = idiots!! People aren't upgrading because there's nothing to upgrade to. Everyone who wants a 1050 already has one. MAKE MORE 30X0'S!! I literally have cash for a new video card camping out in my bank account waiting to find a gaddam card to purchase, and I will not pay a scalper a nickel.
Kai 12 kun oldin
Really..1050ti or the 1060 is giving a good gaming experience in 2021? On what games? 1080p/1440p? What kind of fps? I am guessing Old esports on 1080p...ridiculous. And guess the price of the 1050Ti...its really a f** u gamers from nvidia. If Linus would have to use a 1050ti daily, this would not be the conclusion.
Samuel Lourenço
Samuel Lourenço 12 kun oldin
NVidia could restart the production of Fermi GPUs, while they are at it. They were nice heaters. Even the GT610 was a nice heater. Now seriously, the GTX 1050Ti suffices for me, and I've bought it new more than an year ago, so, quite late. Even the GTX 750Ti is a good card for entry level gaming, for what I saw.
First Last
First Last 12 kun oldin
I don't know why people are complaining, the 1050ti is one of the best budget cards there is and the increased supply will lower prices even more in the future. Pascal as a whole was a great architecture.
Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot 12 kun oldin
Current price of the 1660 Super on Newegg.ca is almost 900$ CDN. So i would say old video cards are out of the picture too. Unless it's very old like dunno an ATI 9800 Pro maybe???
asuchemist 12 kun oldin
Sold: 5700xt $600 3060ti $850 Kept: 3070 Not sure why people dog on the 3070.
LiK 12 kun oldin
I wish I got my bosses to paint my house lmao
Brendon Edgar
Brendon Edgar 12 kun oldin
Just bough all new parts for my PC....except a graphics card... going to be rocking a R9 280 for awhile............... but hey, maybe I can get a 3060.....
Samson Li
Samson Li 12 kun oldin
That is a sex bed
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR 12 kun oldin
Old video cards is all I have...
ElfinHilon10 12 kun oldin
Two guys, One pin.
mirasga 12 kun oldin
I use 2070s for 144hz 1080p gaming.
John lerbi
John lerbi 12 kun oldin
starti talking of gtx 1050 at 10:50 ? Hmm
Antonio Magdić
Antonio Magdić 12 kun oldin
Of course you get crazy ad revenue on facebook when view is counted for 2-3 seconds, you scroll slower and you get counted as a viewer.
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 13 kun oldin
As a German, that sounded to me like "The WAN and only WÄÄÄN show" in the beginning. Nice pun :) Can't wait to see you frag that bed... XD 8:14 They seriously start producing 10 series again? Holy Plot of Princess Luna! Still running one BTW :D 9:38 So friggen epic! That never gets old :) 11:00 WAT? GP107? That's the friggen 1050, literally the best card that actually _IS_ available still :D - no thanks, I'll pass on that one, but maybe some of those will eventually surface on wish as 30 series, who knows XD 11:39 Still better than Intel's 14nm[insertinfiniteamountofplusseshere] 29:12 Well, it does suck if you need native x86 support as it's still Ay Ar Em. And to be fair, you probably won't usually see other than MacOS running on those. If that's not your flavour of beer, you will most likely not end up having an M1. 30:47 Exactly. And don't try to copy the others (Samsung getting rid of the removable battery, removing the headphone jack and SD slots and even the charger just as one example), make yourself something special with features others don't deliver (Again Samsung: Having an S-Pen included and DeX for example, or back in the day when their devices had a barometer, a hygrometer and thermometer in them) 31:08 Couldn't have nailed it better there XD 49:39 I had this happen upon me at amazon when buying a /me plush from a 3rd party for around $70 (well, MSRP of that thing was like 30ish, but well, collector's stuff you know and those were out of production for years already). The order got cancelled _AFTER_ I paid (got my money back though) and the exact same seller placed the exact same plush again for around $100 just a day after. What a prick! I hope he never managed to sell it... I mean, he had a price that was high already and I did already pay that. Imagine ordering a 3080 somewhere for 1.5k and then the reseller cancelling the order and replacing the card for 2k - just mental! :D 50:21 LMAO! :D 1:05:14 Exactly _NOT_ what you should do. Do you think a cloud gaming machine just runs on hot water? If everyone now suddenly is like "can't buy a graphics card, so I'll subscribe to some cloud gaming service", that literally will tighten the shortage even more as the big companies providing those services do need the graphics cards for it we all literally can't buy at the moment. 1:06:56 Just cute
RestoMog 13 kun oldin
Maybe Nvidia and AMD should work on multi-gpu support at this point since we cant get a single new graphics card, maybe we are back to doubling up gpu's for performance.
mikrokosmos 13 kun oldin
gosh i really am disappointed that i couldnt apply for that paint job bc i live in the uk * le sigh *
Brent Hoekstra
Brent Hoekstra 13 kun oldin
3060ti and a AMD FX 8320 reporting in lmao
Vicente Shailer
Vicente Shailer 13 kun oldin
So Dennis is Taiwanese, good I had no idea
mrkhouryflash 13 kun oldin
What if bots never stop and scalper just keep reselling to a point where we will never leave the endless hardware crisis.
D L 13 kun oldin
The minimum I want is a RX 560 4GB since I want to run Linux. I already run Linux on most of my devices, and yeah I need a upgrade but they work well so they'll be my backups
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 13 kun oldin
i mean currently pbtech in nz has a lot of 3090s in stock and a few 6800xts
David Davies
David Davies 13 kun oldin
Still rocking a 3-year-old RX570. I kept my previous GTX750 for about 4 or 5 years. So, all this is good news for those of us who haven't got bottomless pockets. No new graphics cards = developers not rushing to push the boundaries and, by extension, the minimum spec for their games ever higher.
SavnetSinn 13 kun oldin
When did Linus start looking like Asmongold?
Ben Korpella
Ben Korpella 13 kun oldin
The name "HelloKitty" reminds me of "LOVEMUFFIN"
quhan9 13 kun oldin
I will just say, 1070 FOR LIFE.... cries that i can't get a 3080.
AT0MAC 13 kun oldin
Not watched the video yet, but that intro LOL
GamerWorks 13 kun oldin
intel lost me to amd bye bye nvidia
Farhan 13 kun oldin
Clients usually will brief agencies on what they want in their marketing/ads, if the idea was bad it usually came from the client, agencies only work with what they get, agencies may come up with great ideas, but clients will always want their way and agencies cave in and give in to the clients, and when the ad goes out and the response is bad, or the ceo hates it, guess who gets the blame
hanunija 13 kun oldin
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!
batsonelec C
batsonelec C 14 kun oldin
why did MS kill off the WEI rating in Win 10 ? That was how you compared actual performance between models. Also, even if every claim from Intel was correct in the M1 vs i7 comparo, Intel had to use a higher end i7 against a higher mhz i3 price point cpu in the M1. The M1 is a entry level CPU for the most part and Intel needed to bring out a i7 to beat it. I work on computers, I rarely see i7's and when I do, they are mostly 1st and 2nd gen chips in Laptops. I see mostly sub 2 ghz i3s and i5s. The M1 smokes those chips. I still use an Intel iMac and Macbook Pro due to older software that won't run on the OS higher than 10.14, but when I can't use them for Internet stuff in the future, I will get a M chip and use my 27" as the display for it. ( using the TB port as an input. )
Alan Shine
Alan Shine 14 kun oldin
Graphic Cards in the UK have become virtually extinct it's brutal.
jarad Smethers
jarad Smethers 14 kun oldin
intel still advertising it's competition I see
Bowee 14 kun oldin
1:12 like steal from you
Kim Sund
Kim Sund 14 kun oldin
Linus. i can make some nut-busting good teriaki. Come paint my house man...
Ola Hammarström
Ola Hammarström 14 kun oldin
I tried to spec out a build with something like 3600X and something at least 1650 Super for school work (audio technician) and some video editing but failed because of lack of even that gpu at a reasonable price and ran into a Lenovo G5 prebuilt 3600 with 1650 Super at a good discount.. phew.. ($780 over the counter at a local store in Sweden)
Ola Hammarström
Ola Hammarström 14 kun oldin
It even had an m.2 ssd installed and space for 3 spare sata ssd I had in a spare computer stuff-crate. ;)
Michael Gmirkin
Michael Gmirkin 14 kun oldin
Like, why can't they pump out like 1660 Ti's or 1650's? 1660 Ti's were good stuff, price-to-performance. Bought mine for like $250 on sale a couple years back. Now they're selling for like $500, which is ridiculous. Why can't they just like pump out more of those, en masse?
John Forbes
John Forbes 14 kun oldin
you stole our graphics cards linus so thats a good thing we need our children to get a life have a job get an education so keep it up we dont need more brainwashing to destroy our nation our western society and our work ethic oh wait to late
evan griffith
evan griffith 14 kun oldin
The deeply comma cytologically damage because viscose pivotally attack vice a cuddly hand. courageous, juicy castanet
ChrisAce117 14 kun oldin
Can we have a linus rants segment of the podcast
skmetal7 14 kun oldin
Effing crypto and these stupid mining rigs with 500 3080s. They can go to hell.
Alex Sarafian
Alex Sarafian 14 kun oldin
When I was listening to the part with how clueless and irrelevant the middleman agencies are, I was laughing my ass thinking about the Software Engineering and in general IT landscape. Maybe you should do a special for recruiters, project managers, developments managers, release managers and more.
Grr Kaa
Grr Kaa 14 kun oldin
2060 Super can do RTX damn well in 1080p and some titles in 1440p thanks to DLSS 2.0
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 14 kun oldin
Linus starting to look like a Breaking Bad character.
Abel Russell
Abel Russell 14 kun oldin
Yeah, and iBuyPower is selling PCs with GT 1030s for over $1k
Charles Bolin
Charles Bolin 14 kun oldin
You should dedicate a show to call out all the assholes, on NewEgg and other places, doing shit like tacking on an extra $250 to the price of a NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI.
Art E
Art E 14 kun oldin
we need a scrapyard wars soon
Manjyot S
Manjyot S 14 kun oldin
linus stop ignoring ur child
criz nittle
criz nittle 14 kun oldin
When did Luke lose the Slick handle? Linus used to refer to him as Slick, not that long ago. uzpost.info/vision/video/Zsp53aSKoZdqm2g.html
Timestatic 14 kun oldin
Only having Usb C ports and complaining about not having any usb a ports must be one of the most rich people problem ever
heri Helke
heri Helke 14 kun oldin
My time has come to flex with my 280x.
АVAИТ GAЯДЕ 15 kun oldin
sounds like you're a little nervous that your scrub wasnt so thorough lolol
Trinitron 15 kun oldin
just sold my rx 580 for 450€ (543$) and bought an RTX 3070 for 905€ (1092,91$) prices are insane right now
Joey Goll
Joey Goll 15 kun oldin
The shit talk never ends Linus
Dillon Youngquist
Dillon Youngquist 15 kun oldin
"You can't get these products" Me sitting here with my 5800x(best buy)and 6800xt(amd direct) got for msrp without bots. Its genuinely not hard. You just need to stay on top of it. Just because you can't get one at 5pm on Saturday doesn't mean they don't exist.
US 15 kun oldin
I always wondered if Linus thought of himself as marrying early. For his cohort he certainly did, he also lucked out to find someone so compatible. It always feels like Linus is rushing though life trying to do as much as he can. No wonder he’s thinking of retiring, to slow down a bit.
Joseph Ketter II
Joseph Ketter II 15 kun oldin
Local microcenter got a shipment of 1050tis a week ago. thought it was strange, but true.
Swirrll the Doggo
Swirrll the Doggo 15 kun oldin
Linus Tech Rants always means a good video. Got my like.
Runes 15 kun oldin
In Denmark there is like Nothing to buy. well, if you are looking for a 710 or 1030 you are in luck, the market is flooded with em. And ofc. my 1060 3gb died on me a few days ago. I got lucky and found a prebuilt with a 6gb version in it, and got it for cheap. So now I am ready for another year without any stock. Damn you, both Nvidia And AMD.
SAI PRANIT 15 kun oldin
There was a whole LMG Clips clip even before the intro of this WAN Show... 😂😂 This is Awesome
Bingo 15 kun oldin
"don't want it to become like American politics" That's fair (sad face)
Hello, Adora
Hello, Adora 15 kun oldin
Geforce now would be great if they had more than a fifth of the games in my steam library
Bogeyatyour6 15 kun oldin
gtx 1050ti, 1650 and 780s are all you can get and the shops try to sell them as top of the line hardware. Pathetic landscape xD
Erin 15 kun oldin
I actually bought a seasonic psu a few days ago before watching this video :D
Kienan Vella
Kienan Vella 15 kun oldin
I was really looking forward to finally upgrading my Radeon HD 7870 this year to an RX580. perhaps next year.
Dr. ArkhamPlays
Dr. ArkhamPlays 15 kun oldin
I have a GTX 1050 ti and I am not planning on upgrading any time soon anyway. I still have a LOT of games to catch up on steam and a big free game backlog on epic. Most people in my region still consider PS2 as a premium console (technically it is since mobile gaming is the majority here and anything from 90s on pc and console is better than the cancerous mobile gaming trend).
Jake 15 kun oldin
I don't understand the hate for Jon's video and I don't think Linus does either. This is the usual Intel bad, AMD good crew sheeping around as usual.
geht nix
geht nix 15 kun oldin
Linus Paint Tips Linus Pain Tips Linus Share Tips Linus Rare Tips Linus Drop Tips Linus Sex Tips Linus Weird Tips Linus ... i got more but, plz complete me :P
Henry Holman
Henry Holman 15 kun oldin
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
Helge Moulding
Helge Moulding 15 kun oldin
"Primo content" - when you wish your show had more "Jackass" content, but you don't actually want to die.
MarkFromSales 15 kun oldin
My guess is that 96% of RTX cards are not in the hands of gamers....
Jamie Ficken
Jamie Ficken 15 kun oldin
I have an Inno3D single slot 1050Ti in a machine and just checked out it's performance on Doom 2016. It runs 45-50fps with the Ultra preset (Motion Blur disabled) on a 3440x1440 Acer X34P. It runs well.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 15 kun oldin
1050Ti is garbage, just admit it.
Drexx Laggui
Drexx Laggui 15 kun oldin
just wondering out loud, since the Cyberpunk 2077 source-code has been involuntarily open-sourced... would anyone port it to Linux?
AbleAnderson 15 kun oldin
I used to love this channel but honestly, when Linus made the video basically saying he wanted out, I lost interest a little. If the channel runners don’t wanna be there, that rubs off on me as a viewer. Am I crazy?
Tsz Fung Li
Tsz Fung Li 15 kun oldin
1:07:00 Work from home is not easy I don't have kids but I know that too. Everyone just think I'm not working
Thran Maru
Thran Maru 15 kun oldin
WAN show 5th feb: "The DEATH of Cloud Gamind" WAN show 13th feb: "GeForce Now Premium is the way to go right now"
Tsz Fung Li
Tsz Fung Li 16 kun oldin
Rick roll? The drum sound fits well in the intro LOL
DuckofFail 16 kun oldin
"you'll notice.." that Luke is randomly holding a key cap puller.
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