NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

12 kun oldin

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Nvidia thinks they can pull a fast one on gamers looking to grab an RTX 3060, but we know you're smarter than that - Let's dig deeper and see if we can figure out why they're launching cryptocurrency mining cards...
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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 11 kun oldin
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @manscaped with code TECH at manscaped.com/TECH
y. y. y
y. y. y 12 soat oldin
@lol p0
LunarVVolf Kun oldin
You should say Nvidia and Miners do not care about gamers nor the environment. These crypto goons proclaim their beloved currency as the path forward when all its achieved so far is a disruption of an entire industry that was never built by them. These lazy do nothing miners continue racking up the demand on electrical grids which are still mostly powered through fossil fuels they don't make new jobs on any meaningful scale so its not feeding families more than it is filling a greedy miners e-wallet. Scalpers are a problem for sure but if the demand wasn't already taxed enough as is Miners sure as fuck play a big role in perpetuating the problem which only works to serve scalpers. Nvidia, AMD, Miners, & Scalpers are the winners here, while the consumer and environment is fucked. Linus stop simping for crypto miner bullshit while placing ALL the burden on gamers to act in environmentally friendly.
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 3 kun oldin
To Nvidia you are just money on legs, soo heres my sponsor so I can earn money off my viewers... yeahhh I care about you.. BOO Nvidia is just using you for moneyy
cryp to kruz . com
cryp to kruz . com 3 kun oldin
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TheLightSilent 4 kun oldin
@Nunya Bidness We live in a time where currencies like the Euro are failing and countries are suffering because of it such as Greece Italy and Spain ... a safe crypto currency like bitcoin is all but useful. Elon invested in bitcoin cause theres clearly going to be a market crash and cryptos aint affected by a crash so its safe to store your money there over some crashing shares in random stocks. I am truly sorry for any European but EU states are suffering and need to leave the EU before it crushes their economies into an ice age.
Rory M
Rory M Soat oldin
John Rainbo
John Rainbo Soat oldin
"Stock Prices! but wait!... Check my Sponsor first". Linus is already rich so shut up.
Jordan Workman
Jordan Workman 2 soat oldin
so glad i bought a card from AMD when i did
bogodo Yandex
bogodo Yandex 2 soat oldin
so how about amd? fanboy? never stop blaming nvidia and intel so why don't blame amd? see the fuck rdna2 card? expensive espensive espensive out of stock out of stock out of stock
Chris Grui
Chris Grui 2 soat oldin
Thats Nice, but how can I help to fix this?
zerox187 3 soat oldin
I wonder how much energy is being used to mine fake money? Think of it on a global level, we're expending our limited resources on this planet to obtain something that doesn't even exist in reality.
horhay gonzalas
horhay gonzalas 3 soat oldin
In reality no one in business cares about you, they just want your money. do not be nieve.
BSG NETWORK 4 soat oldin
I thought it was a bad omen to speak bad on the giants in the gaming world. But much respect for speaking out on Nvidia, been saying this for years about them, and people gave me grief.
Glenn Caldwell
Glenn Caldwell 5 soat oldin
Oh no... A major tech firm is there for profit? Why isn't this common knowledge, No wait, it IS
basspig 5 soat oldin
I need a RTX3090 for Blender animation work, but have been unable to find any units for sale at sensible prices.
rpc 6 soat oldin
Corporations are the modern day oppressors of the free society. Most of them are predatory in their practices just like Nvidia.
C Poteet
C Poteet 7 soat oldin
someone had to do it... might as well be them.
Christopher Stahl
Christopher Stahl 8 soat oldin
Linus doesn’t care about you. He is a company, if you feel any other way....
Open ID
Open ID 8 soat oldin
Respect.. For courage to speak up like that.. Price also really a nonsense for past 2 months at my country, even the mainstream one like 1650 super is affected, wth..
Chisom 8 soat oldin
Me vibing with my rx 570
Elhanan Hardaway
Elhanan Hardaway 9 soat oldin
Linus: NVIDIA is greedy Linus: This video brought to you by (insert commercial here), please go buy their products so that I get paid.
Jake M
Jake M 9 soat oldin
I'll quit playing PC games before I buy cards off cryptominers. I'm not supporting what they do. It's a waste of GPUs and a waste of electricity. Supporting it will only make it worse. You don't give a shit about the environment if you buy their used GPUs.
Trieye 9 soat oldin
It's WAR!!! Linus and Manscaped versus NVIDIA and the evil corporations!!! Together, with our impeccably shaved balls, we will return POWER to the PLAYERS!!!!
Knockda 8
Knockda 8 10 soat oldin
Thanks Linus
Semih Aki
Semih Aki 10 soat oldin
Great Video, i have to admit even as someone who cares a lot about the environment. I didn't even consider how much impact the Hardware market has considering all the waste.
Oh no
Oh no 11 soat oldin
so what card should I buy or more like can get
Z Ξ L Z 11 soat oldin
2020 and this year its from AMD 📈📈📈📈📈
Luciel Choi
Luciel Choi 11 soat oldin
Legit can't build a pc cause miners still bought up everything on the market. Like wtf the 3060 ti still has insane hashspeed
Luciel Choi
Luciel Choi 12 soat oldin
They don't
Xavier 12 soat oldin
Thank you for exposing these hypocrites for what they are. Illuminati die!
lucas piragine
lucas piragine 12 soat oldin
Guess a win for amd then?
RoboNator 13 soat oldin
hold on, so is it that they are releasing a driver update to limit all geforce gpus to only 50%, or is it just that all future cards will only have 50%?
f g
f g 13 soat oldin
''Linus just posted another video boss'' Nvidia CEO ''FOR FUCK SAKE!''
Renëe Farber
Renëe Farber 14 soat oldin
one of Linuses best big big :)) >>> isn't it time for REPUBLIC of ECO-GAMERS??
Jeanpierre Fernandez
Jeanpierre Fernandez 14 soat oldin
i changed my oil in my van today and couldnt find anywhere to stick it so i flushed it all down the toilet was that bad ?
Alwaysloaded45 14 soat oldin
Alex zax
Alex zax 14 soat oldin
smart enough to avoid nvidia since 3000 series. fu
Conservative View
Conservative View 14 soat oldin
Neither does Linus care about you...
Barack Clinton
Barack Clinton 14 soat oldin
Hell you don;t care about customers either. You kn ow people get sick of ads constantly, watch an ad viddeo before your video starts, have ads on the screen while it's playing and them just rapid fire more ads into people's faces. Believe it or not beardboy, but people get sick of ads, and every day there are more of them. Sure no big biz cares about customers, stop acting like you're and different. You may have been a person once, now you're just an ad delivery system.
dusti 15 soat oldin
minetards on suicide watch
AAkCN1 15 soat oldin
Thanks Linus. I love you integrity!
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Stevens 16 soat oldin
Silicon is only limited because California doesn't want to open up Silicon Valley up for Mining..... so if you are in California and you complain about Silicon Shortages its your fault... so shut up or get that mining.... there is no shortage... just a failure to gather resources
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Stevens 16 soat oldin
the funny thing is games do not push these new cards yet.... i still game on my old 1080 ti which games the exactly the same as the 2080ti... let the miners have the new cards for the first year... because Nvidia has had those 3000 sitting on a shelf for a while waiting for AMD and games to catch up.... and i really don't care about people who want to make rants with videos... what a waste of my time... at least say something important...
AlexMLB35 16 soat oldin
That solution at the end sounds like a classic 'short term pain for long term gain' kinda thing
Sin OfUsAll
Sin OfUsAll 17 soat oldin
this is all tied to the release of COVID
———————————— 16 soat oldin
Release of COVID?
Willem Bielefeld
Willem Bielefeld 17 soat oldin
You could say the same for any other company. Not sure if AMD/ATI is different. If you research a littl bit to find arguments to say the same for AMD/ATI i bet you will find some. In my opinion it is a good choice not to lock it. It is not their fault, that crypto miners use their cards. The cards are also required in research and engineering aswell. They could sell a different card aswell, like the quadro cards, but they decided to go a different way. Well i think this is quite okay. If Bitcoins would be banned as illegal, like it should be, nobody would have these issues. Crypto curreny is one of the biggest crimes of this centuary. If you unlock the gef3060 i guess the big minors will just add them to their stock.
Doki Bubó
Doki Bubó 17 soat oldin
oh poor crying nvidia fans.mining nivdia and amd too all china maffia business.
Gon Golok
Gon Golok 18 soat oldin
shit... how long will we have to carry NVIDIA?
Bill Gaynis
Bill Gaynis 18 soat oldin
Preach brother preach
NoMoreNoob1 19 soat oldin
well yeah, isn't this what companies do?
Francis Connellan
Francis Connellan 19 soat oldin
Chip shortage and intel ireland Farmer's objection to Intel expansion back before High Court February 11 2021 09:55 AM The High Court has been asked to amend the grounds of a legal challenge brought against An Bord Pleanala's decision to allow Intel Ireland proceed with a €3.76billion expansion of its Co Kildare plant. The action has been brought against the board by Thomas Reid who lives a short distance from the Intel Campus at Collinstown, outside Leixlip which employs 4,500 people. The proposed expansion, if given the go ahead, would be one of the largest construction projects in the History of the state. www.independent.ie/business/farming/news/courts/farmers-objection-to-intel-expansion-back-before-high-court-40078906.html
HITARIX 19 soat oldin
Wow, companies care most about money? Surprise.
backseatgaming 21 soat oldin
God bless Capitalism!
J D 22 soat oldin
Next up: the Nvidia Digital Drawing Tablet ®©™! Take control of your gaming experience and draw your own graphics!
iMadeIt 22 soat oldin
Another Peter Schiff and for someone who has being talking about different products for years now an environment spokesperson please.
King Midas
King Midas Kun oldin
Man i tried to understand, what is a crypto card , sweet beard man.
King Midas
King Midas Kun oldin
This video is making me feel dumb Sadge
Dylan Richard
Dylan Richard Kun oldin
Maybe, just maybe, if you have a problem with it - you should start mining. Shit's becoming profitable. Put your gaming rigs to work while you're sleeping and it will pay itself off.
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly Kun oldin
The bigger picture is patience and your wallet is what you vote with.
Luthfi Ridho
Luthfi Ridho Kun oldin
Onex Chang
Onex Chang Kun oldin
I've been patiently waiting for over 3 months for a RTX 3070 or 3080 in EVGA's purchasing queue. My wife scored a PS5 for me just before Christmas so I was fortunate and has helped me remain patient. I hope everyone else gets what they are trying for.
Twisty Kun oldin
what is crypto mining?
Steven H.
Steven H. Kun oldin
This is what happens with monopolies and our so called "Free market".
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President Kun oldin
But i care about my fentanyls
Onur Karakaya
Onur Karakaya Kun oldin
Gamers have to wait until crypto market crash,after that they cant choose gpus beacuse of the plenty of second hand gpu market,and true miners will revealed.
desuslut Kun oldin
I get the feeling linus is a socialist or is somewhere on the left, if so major respect my man 👍
Ice Meows
Ice Meows Kun oldin
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez Kun oldin
They’re despicable...
Dominate Your Mind
Dominate Your Mind Kun oldin
How can you say "Diamond Hands" so casually dude? Most people are a bunch of paper handed bitches.
vTrash Kun oldin
comment for algo
Tony Slaughter
Tony Slaughter Kun oldin
Estelle Wilson
Estelle Wilson Kun oldin
The fixed canada evocatively repair because voyage apparently cough midst a pretty reminder. jealous, foolish squirrel
Adrian Conete
Adrian Conete Kun oldin
Maaan, you look really pissed off in this video, lmao. :))))
Azi ra
Azi ra Kun oldin
konosuke Saikee
konosuke Saikee Kun oldin
Time to go to the Red team.
Jordan Kun oldin
theyre a private company they can do what they want
Thomas_KT Kun oldin
Saminim Kun oldin
im a gamer
genericgorilla Kun oldin
"to basically every company that is beholden to its stakeholders, you're nothing more than a living wallet on legs" comrade linus
manictiger 2 soat oldin
[Soviet anthem intensifies]
WetToesAndSandscrapedKnees Kun oldin
I don't care lol
runningpancakes Kun oldin
Why all that hate towards nvidia, is nvidia the new apple? o_OX
ExiaElite Kun oldin
God damn. Linus woke up and chose to drop FAX
gamingbtc Kun oldin
Get rekt Nvidia. Crypto mining will be gone in a year or two with Proof of Stake, and gamers won't forget. Let's all join the AMD club.
MrFeyerwire Kun oldin
This is keeping it hundred !!! I just built my new rig and my nephews first gaming rig, 4000 in hardware alone.
Kazukiyo Meyer
Kazukiyo Meyer Kun oldin
I just buy a PS4 and play on it and dont really care......
AvP Kun oldin
hey that 1060 looks just like my card! wow
gertjan van der meij
gertjan van der meij Kun oldin
*Mining is just awesome, I just love it* I'm so glad, I could get my hands on 16 RTX 3060ti's from INNO3D, and for a really decent price also ! ( just € 435,- / $ 525,- each ) It's better use then playing dumb games on them ! Gamers need to stop crying, grow up and realize the world isn't just a nice place ! Gaming is an waste of time !
None Ofya
None Ofya Kun oldin
I hope my 1080TI never breaks. Anything new performance is negligible.
MikeG4936 Kun oldin
Dumb take regarding the energy usage of Bitcoin, otherwise good argument.
Mike Erickson
Mike Erickson Kun oldin
Linus.... The irony in this video is hilarious. You never cease to disappoint. But I am glad to see you seem to have a slight understanding of basic economics and the basic needs of a company.
Sebastian Rotar
Sebastian Rotar Kun oldin
maybe they want to push the nvidia now and google stadia trend on us by force....
xThree65x Kun oldin
The simple fact is crypto is here to stay and is a growing market, for any company to ignore it would be like ignoring the automobile when you had a horse. Also if you think any company isn't worried about making profits you have fooled yourself into believing in something that doesn't exist!
Eda Kimling
Eda Kimling Kun oldin
Very impressed that you have addressed this issue holistically. NVidia has become over the decades quite greedy indeed; there is no reason for them not to make money and be a good 'citizen' also. Nvidia is rightly hated in our linux community and now it will be hated by gamers. They deserve slumping stocks till they correct their asinine attitude. Also very impressed how you understood that the 3 R's come in a sequence and recycling is mostly a pipe dream... Cheers
Ethnic Sovereignty
Ethnic Sovereignty Kun oldin
Why wouldn't I, as a gamer, not want to buy a used CMP card?
Lenin Sambhudat
Lenin Sambhudat Kun oldin
Your channel's been shit lately. Nvidia should stop giving you hardware.
rickster4k Kun oldin
So buy AMD then?
rickster4k Kun oldin
This is what makes me watch your videos Linus
ur mom
ur mom Kun oldin
nividia is noob
Joshua Young
Joshua Young Kun oldin
Didn't realise you guys were so environmentally consciouse. Mad respect from me and Mother earth
Drewniak Paweł
Drewniak Paweł Kun oldin
Linus need's to get some heater in the studio, make some money donation for him :P
Salwaa Julieta Ribi
Salwaa Julieta Ribi Kun oldin
this all cryptomining thing it come from their own ass
Your Mom's Tits
Your Mom's Tits Kun oldin
Nvidia is in the AI space now guys. The Tech isnt about gaming. It's AI, and other tech to bring in the cashflow. Military, AI, Currency etc. Gaming is just a by product of tech. And stfu about companies and share holders. They are LEGALLY forced to care more about stock prices. If a company did something to benefit the customers over the shareholders, That would open them up to lawsuits. LEGALLY. Blame your government for passing these types of laws.
elmagnifico Kun oldin
No, NVIDIA sell you products because they like you.
A. Adam
A. Adam Kun oldin
Guys linus made it clear, what abt switching to amd
Andrew Nebiolo
Andrew Nebiolo Kun oldin
no shit they're a company, they make money not friends
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