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21 kun oldin

Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring today's video! Check out the 32M70A at
Samsung monitors and Samsung TVs are about to get a whole lot more similar! The “Smart Monitor” UHD 32M70A is a 4K monitor with smartTV apps built-in, plus screen sharing, mirroring, and remote desktop functionality. Pretty neat!
If you're looking for a more affordable version of with most the features, check out the M5 series at
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

Maphew404 2 soat oldin
I think I am in love with that monitor. So many uses! I wish a lot of tech were as versatile and seemless as that monitor
Alex Evans
Alex Evans 4 soat oldin
Can't wait to hit my monitor get a crit marker and crit sound as it crashed into the fucking floor
Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum 2 kun oldin
The uppity spark eventually tour because stove alternatively clap over a bite-sized backbone. ill, annoying cement
Franco Vieiro
Franco Vieiro 2 kun oldin
It's called a smart tv
Shreyash Chakraborty 8c 12
Shreyash Chakraborty 8c 12 3 kun oldin
"What are you ?????? Let's find out" Best expression ever
LT_Orange 3 kun oldin
Linus: What are you Meme: A idiot sandwich
adam paul
adam paul 3 kun oldin
"let's find out" from Linus was so funny 😂😂😂
Ergün Güz
Ergün Güz 4 kun oldin
This is perfect
Kerry Bunnell
Kerry Bunnell 4 kun oldin
Haha I remember my first “ Monitor” was a 24 inch smart tv
SpeedDemonFPS 4 kun oldin
when your whole vid is a sponser ad
Radar 4 kun oldin
0:59 linus says this sentence in every video
Brew 5 kun oldin
I dont know about yall but... Keep your smart TV features out of my monitors plz
Mr. B Rusher
Mr. B Rusher 5 kun oldin
But can it run DOOM?
nick Deathpool
nick Deathpool 5 kun oldin
"So what. you just like, it?" hahahaha lmao
Rt 1754321
Rt 1754321 6 kun oldin
I just bought one and it was working fine yesterday and today it doesn’t even power on. It just flickers and shuts off. Where’s the quality control Samsung
Idiomatick 6 kun oldin
Smart TVs are the devil. Please don't poison monitors with this garbage!
darkSorceror 7 kun oldin
It's missing DisplayPort and wired LAN. But working as a USB-C display is almost as good as having a native DisplayPort, if you wanted it for desktop use. Also: "you wouldn't game over this connection" Tell that to the Steam Link app.
Kushal Shah
Kushal Shah 7 kun oldin
is 250 nits enough tho?
Bigslam1993 7 kun oldin
Nice advertisement
Finn Goodyear
Finn Goodyear 7 kun oldin
These have been out from Samsung for about 9 years, I have one my self 🤦🏻
UmerGamez 123
UmerGamez 123 7 kun oldin
When I Clicked on this video the advert of the monitor. Came up
amin 8 kun oldin
I watch this video bc i have a samsung laptop
Bokang Sepinare
Bokang Sepinare 8 kun oldin
Miracast is the one connecting you to the Mac
The Dhruvinator
The Dhruvinator 8 kun oldin
how tf did u get samsung to sponsor you
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 8 kun oldin
Now we need a smart monitor, seriously
Isaac Chung
Isaac Chung 8 kun oldin
It’s amazing when monitor got arc support
Jim Williams
Jim Williams 8 kun oldin
the Tod Howard TV/Monitor. It just works.
m7md Arwani
m7md Arwani 8 kun oldin
lol 3:23
Sawta 9 kun oldin
I've been pleasantly surprised with the job Samsung has been doing in the past few years. They aren't exactly the most flashy company, and I generally don't like the tech that they come up with, but I admire their willingness to actually try out some risky ideas that may, or may not add extra value to their lineups. Very few companies are willing to even try, and I'm glad Samsung has the spine for it. Samsung offers neat things at reasonable prices. They push bigger companies like Sony and Apple to stay ahead, but in the process also manage to fill in a nice middle area that most tech companies can't compete in.
Jamal Clarke
Jamal Clarke 9 kun oldin
Bought this monitor at Best Buy here in Toronto, Canada area. Worked great for three days and then went to use it and the screen did not turn on. In a dark room you could see that screen was trying to turn on but was unsuccessful. My region was currently under lockdown so I couldn't return/exchange it, so I called Samsung to do a warranty repair. Shipped out the unit and waited about 9 days for it to return. Got it back, set it up and within 5 minutes the screen issue happened again. Once again, packed up the monitor and sent it back to Samsung warranty repair centre. It's been about 11 days and I'm still waiting for the monitor to come back. Really wanted to like this monitor as it has features I haven't seen before but this is really unacceptable. My best bet is when I get this monitor back and if it still doesn't work, taking it back to Best Buy and seeing if I can get a unit that was manufactured at later date to see if they fixed the issue on the assembly line. At this point I would say buyer's beware.
Thalia.ViralDreams 9 kun oldin
take my money Samsung
Khoa Sugoi
Khoa Sugoi 9 kun oldin
nhà quê
Ian Kunert
Ian Kunert 9 kun oldin
Have I gone insane Linus?? People DO know you can watch Netflix and shit from your computer, right?? Why in the world would I quit using my computer to switch to a shitty smart TV and use Netflix, when I could have just used, ya know, my computer, to go to
Danny D
Danny D 9 kun oldin
You are literally and openly bending the truth to suit your agenda. God you're disgusting.
Tesseract95 9 kun oldin
Just put a cast on the hdmi lol
Allen #7
Allen #7 9 kun oldin
what i wanna know is how good picture quality is? i need it for 4k video editing and watching videos in 4k and i really wanna have some good monitor...
Mario W.
Mario W. 9 kun oldin
This is exactky what I've been looking for for years
Anurag Soni
Anurag Soni 9 kun oldin
4:52 Double sponsored a sponsored video playing in a sponsored video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
G-M 10 kun oldin
The tapping the wide 8f the monitor is really not ideal
Drayx 11
Drayx 11 10 kun oldin
this is one of the things you knew you needed but not really wanted yet glad to know it finally starts to be availible
Itsneight 10 kun oldin
this monitor is $349 on sale $50 off on Samsungs website if anyone is considered getting it. Seems like a no brainer to me if you can use its application.
༺Eddie༻ 10 kun oldin
This is the future. And ofc you can game on it, just use GeForce Now
James Palermo
James Palermo 11 kun oldin
Legit super cool.
Quinton B
Quinton B 11 kun oldin
Buying your groceries with cash during the pandemic like 3:02
Tyrion 11 kun oldin
7:25 it looks better than airplay because Chromecast-ing a YT video doesn't stream from the phone but makes it a remote^^
Bill Whitfield
Bill Whitfield 12 kun oldin
Completely pointless unless they add touchscreen to it ! After all, why mirror a phone with a touchscreen onto a device with no touchscreen? Get a flip phone if you wanna go backwards
Maxi 12 kun oldin
Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities. What do they know ? Do they know Stuff ? 0:44
Ace 32
Ace 32 12 kun oldin
Bro we all know it’s an invisible hdmi cable
grapesofwrath1984 12 kun oldin
Good thing your unit turned on. All the reviews say otherwise.
Chip Vos
Chip Vos 12 kun oldin
i don't want the "smart tv" crap
Dave McIntyre
Dave McIntyre 12 kun oldin
"You whack it to get it working" will be my new go to line in the bedroom :)
Diego Huijbregts Garcia
Diego Huijbregts Garcia 13 kun oldin
I was so happy with my MX Master 2S, then you went and called it regular old.
Friend Ly
Friend Ly 13 kun oldin
we're getting there folks, soon tv and monitor will merge into one
Nam Le
Nam Le 13 kun oldin
Anyone else notice the 2 star review rating at 7:27 ?
m q
m q 13 kun oldin
İ still hate Samsung !
DogCatCow Chicken
DogCatCow Chicken 13 kun oldin
You would think by now with smartphones technology that it would kind of be smarter especially Samsung Galaxy so it's basically a Chromecast but it looks neat I got an Android TV that almost does the same thing
Legend_Fabix 13 kun oldin
0:54 Plz don't drop it...
Amzi 13 kun oldin
wouldve bought this as my gaming monitor if it had 144 hrz damn
HeladeraDragon 13 kun oldin
i would just get a small smart tv
RTINGS com 13 kun oldin
Pretty cool!
Rosshan Mulla
Rosshan Mulla 13 kun oldin
Linus: what are u....? Samsung: a useful monitor idiot!
Boden Ständig
Boden Ständig 13 kun oldin
Just a wild guess... but that TV-hitting is probably a security measure where you have to prove your physical existence in that room, right next to that TV, holding exactly this phone with which you're hitting the TV. The gyro and acceleration sensors in both devices would recognize not just some data streams (which could be faked easily) but actual physical measurement data. Pretty smart, if that's what Samsung intended. I don't even own a Samsung TV or smartphone, but that's what comes to my mind when I see this kinda stuff.
Robert Bratu
Robert Bratu 14 kun oldin
You are crossing the line with click-baits. i might just unsubscribe.
killershark90 14 kun oldin
If only netflix had a website..... guess I'll have to get a smart TV and hdmi lol
Korede Aboaba
Korede Aboaba 14 kun oldin
I liked the video before the intro music
FE59FE59 14 kun oldin
What a dream monitor! I absolutely want it but I'm not sure if I need it ...
MrXLat 14 kun oldin
Last monitor/TV combo i had was samsung T27A750 back in 2010 and it was from the 'EPIC 3D' age it had this EPIC MODE!!!! Ive watched like 2 or 3 '3D' movies in 6 years, didnt like it.... like 99% person on planet.... So the function and the 3D glasses sat there, accumulating dust. I bought it with my saved up money and after the initial hype wave after few months i started to hate it, yea sure.. it was 2in1 and had digitalTV tuner built in so i could just press TV source on the remote and watch TV.. BUT 27'' was too small to enjoy as a TV from a bed in 2.5m distance and AS A MONITOR.... It booted like for 10 seconds... 10 FREAKING SECONDS!!!! (windows on my ssd loaded faster than it started to show anything) so if i wanted to see anything in 'post' bios message... haah gl..... i had to especially halt it to see because when monitor finally showed a picture it already was in windows with every program loaded. And it had so little pixel density that while using as a monitor(1m or less distance) i had to watch pixels... So it was NOT great as a TV and NOT great as a monitor.... It was something between that does both jobs, but it dosent do those jobs well... Never less i used it for 6 years as a daily driver for my pc and finally got rid of it for a nice and smooth 1440p monitor! ;) So yeah....monitor/tv combo? NO THANKS & NEVER EVER! Been there done that!
TheEpicTree 14 kun oldin
I am casually watching linus almost break a screen
SHQKIN 14 kun oldin
I love the way linus introduces the item showcased at the start of every video 😂
Jean-Yves Perrault
Jean-Yves Perrault 14 kun oldin
PewDiePie is a Beast Partner
Jared Evans
Jared Evans 14 kun oldin
Linus is on the meth again...
Shane 14 kun oldin
It's just a smart TV... I've been doing this for years now. Why not just buy a 120hz 4K 55" for $550 (black Friday) and be done with it? (That's what I did). That way, when you're at your desk, you treat it like a dual monitor, and when you're further away, it's a TV (for streaming\gaming). A TV IS a monitor... Just missing the DP input. But a 2.1 HDMI has the same specs anyway. So if you get a TV with a 2.1 HDMI, your not missing on anything. I never understood why shitty 60hz monitors cost twice as much as the same sized TV.
Lamberto II Valino
Lamberto II Valino 15 kun oldin
I like one of those!! Lol nevermind, I will just purchase the new Google chromecast
Off-Grid Optimist
Off-Grid Optimist 15 kun oldin
Make it 24 in and I'll put them in all my RVs
max idk
max idk 15 kun oldin
what's with the pink hat lately?
MetalHev 15 kun oldin
So it's a smart tv
bobingabout 15 kun oldin
My brother's new TV is Samsung, and has that same remote.
Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill 15 kun oldin
Hey @Linus Tech Tips, did the monitor continue to work after a few days? Those interested, beware. I bought this monitor and had to return it after 4 days of use. It refused to power on. Numerous others have experienced the same issue. For whatever reason, I can't post the link to my review but if search Samsung Community for "Smart Monitor M7 issues", you should be able to find it.
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian 13 kun oldin
Mine is working fine for 2 weeks
chattphotos 15 kun oldin
Cast your display over wifi? Death by lag be your gamertag!
GhostFish50 15 kun oldin
And for my next trick i will remote into a remote
Merlin 15 kun oldin
Great, so now there will be embedded ads directly on the monitor like they do for their TVs, and Chromecasting apps will launch the embedded apps instead bloated with ads too.
Raphael Sales
Raphael Sales 15 kun oldin
4:55 Linus seeing Linus using exactly the same clothes as Linus
Nityanand Saswade
Nityanand Saswade 15 kun oldin
1.5 Star Rating on Samsung's own product website. LUL
mhrll 15 kun oldin
250 nits max. DISGUSTING!
Xi ng
Xi ng 15 kun oldin
PLEASE dont make 'smart'screens a thing... :-(
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 15 kun oldin
In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:
JohnnyVVlog 15 kun oldin
The only question is why?
Zim Zimmerman
Zim Zimmerman 15 kun oldin
gtakis7 16 kun oldin
Sorry LTT, but sometimes, some videos from you guys, are like Home shopping channel...
Eric A Carter
Eric A Carter 16 kun oldin
Samsung: We turned a 32" 8ms monitor into a smart TV. Me: This is 2021, TV is redundant; I'm quite happy with the 46" 4ms dumb TV I use as a monitor, thanks.
Schtendo 16 kun oldin
there's no reason for it to be 4K lol. Samsung shouldve balanced out the refresh rate or response time and made it 1440p
Joss Donlee
Joss Donlee 16 kun oldin
Oh thats a cool all-in-one Edited: I guess its just a small smart tv
Andrew Berndt
Andrew Berndt 16 kun oldin
Reading these comments I have found out that the people in the UK have to have a tv license, that's very strange and messed up
Mark Courtney
Mark Courtney 16 kun oldin
Can't believe he didn't even try gaming on it.
Andrew Berndt
Andrew Berndt 16 kun oldin
It showed a 2.3 star rating when they showed the price 😬
Enea Tashi
Enea Tashi 16 kun oldin
Glad to see something that came out recently its so useful aaand doesn't cost like 4 billion or some shit
Rexeit 16 kun oldin
I mean, they're geniuses ! You know the thing, if it doesn't work, smack it... Here, you don't know if it would have worked or not, since you smack it anyways So it will always work THAT'S what I call *BIG BRAIN* !
Matt Rubin
Matt Rubin 16 kun oldin
Linus, why does casting on my 4k tv give you black bars?
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor 16 kun oldin
2:08 "Bt what happens f you try typing at ull pee?"
Lagman 81
Lagman 81 16 kun oldin
But can it run Crysis?
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