Linus was right.

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Linus Tech Tips

25 kun oldin

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It’s possible to use ECC server RAM inside of your regular desktop computer at home, but is it something you SHOULD do?
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Heinrich Kreuser
Heinrich Kreuser Soat oldin
09:00 but do they work on Linux?
Yeetor Yeetor
Yeetor Yeetor 2 soat oldin
This is why I don’t watch Linus much anymore, it feels like he just bashes on Intel in most of his videos. Now I understand AMD makes good products but, it get annoying hearing Intel succ AMD goog every vid
HEAVY UNIT NOOB 15 soat oldin
5:37 That reflection is good
Doki Bubó
Doki Bubó 17 soat oldin
nvidia fucked with everybody.hail to amd!
ronsum 20 soat oldin
1:48 "Parody data" in CC, lol
martixy Kun oldin
"Parody data", what? Who does these subtitles, and how do you fix them?
Julian Vincent
Julian Vincent Kun oldin
The furry furtive oven peroperatively number because wasp incidentally crash after a absorbing hub. old, momentous napkin
Antidote Harry
Antidote Harry Kun oldin
Beard, beenie and a hoodie, are you a drug addict, linus?
Rider0fBuffalo Kun oldin
Don't buy a car that has a drive computer without ecc.
James Wilson
James Wilson Kun oldin
If you're hosting a game like ark even in a non-dedicated session this can reduce crashes.
Arno nümuss
Arno nümuss 2 kun oldin
I'm running my R5 3600 with 64GB of micron single rank ecc ram. One more advantage to the stability is, that it runs 3200Mt/s at 1.2V and stays perfectly cool without the need for heat spreaders. The standard voltage also has the advantage, that it runs the 3200Mt/s stock without having to use D.O.C.P. . And it might be more gentle to the cpu's memory controller.
WaterSpecteclz 2 kun oldin
Wait Wait Wait hol' up. is that a crunchyroll hat?
majstealth 2 kun oldin
128gb of ram, pffff i am working on a server right now, i want to adress, quite cheap one still, that has also 128gb of ram, but still 20 slots empty, and it could also take another cpu too...
logan holmberg
logan holmberg 2 kun oldin
ECC is not worth the price. Especially in Workstations. I'm managing 20 CAD stations in my workplace I switched out from ECC to regular PC memory and none of my users notice a difference in performance or crashes. And my tracking proves this out over the past 8 years. Save the money and put it to something else (another stick of ram maybe?) or get a thumbs up from your boss for saving a few hundred bucks on the new workstations you purchased under budget.
ANIS BENZ 2 kun oldin
Linus Torvalds video in Linus Tech Tips channel lmao
Aaron SemlerPDX
Aaron SemlerPDX 2 kun oldin
8:36 "But if you want the utmost instability..." haha!
Anik Samiur Rahman
Anik Samiur Rahman 2 kun oldin
Thanks, Linus! And Linus Torvald! I didn't even know about ECC b4!
Mariusz Podlesny
Mariusz Podlesny 3 kun oldin
1:47 "parody data" ?!? Eeee... What? :) I think that might be "parity data". "Parody" is current overall supply situation...
Jani Palonen
Jani Palonen 3 kun oldin
Anyone who has edited IPB h264 4k or any other highly compressed codec in premiere knows the quality of life that ECC brings.
Mike Bruzzone
Mike Bruzzone 3 kun oldin
TheBrazilRules 3 kun oldin
I was watching this whole video thinking "Who cares?"
Lucas Cunha Rocha
Lucas Cunha Rocha 4 kun oldin
of fucking course it was pannenkoek who discovered it...
Najd Al-Oqaili
Najd Al-Oqaili 4 kun oldin
Why ECC ram have better performance and faster than the one without ECC?
Pierre C
Pierre C 4 kun oldin
The fact that there is no distinction between executable code and data means that your program could jump at the wrong address and crash the system by jumping just about anywhere.
Jeremy Pegan
Jeremy Pegan 4 kun oldin
Inverted bits are the worst. Ask Bruce Jenner.
corason live
corason live 4 kun oldin
Pyrolight 4 kun oldin
50 bucks more? nooooooooooooooooope waste of money.
Alex K.
Alex K. 4 kun oldin
Linus Torvalds is one of my tech heroes.
NewCalipso Delavara
NewCalipso Delavara 4 kun oldin
Linus is right that Linus was right.
Big Cazza
Big Cazza 5 kun oldin
me running tREFI at 65535 and tRFC at 220 ecc who?
lerlerler1 5 kun oldin
On average pc this kind of errors happen once a three years man.
A true meme master
A true meme master 5 kun oldin
Since i use Linux this ecc memory compatibility will be useful for compiling code without ending up with a failed binary executable
vinny 3 kun oldin
will it really... i mean it probably would like twice in your life but i think you've got some bigger problems if all your code is resulting in a failed executable lol
iPan Zer0
iPan Zer0 5 kun oldin
Well everyone is into building their own server now adays, its only logical to make ecc available to every device.
Joe Craft
Joe Craft 5 kun oldin
I run a minecraft server off my computer. Wishing for better single thread cpu, Or Minecraft becoming multi thread. I allocate about 10 of my 16 gb of ram(not a big server). If my ram is not working properly, I find out really quickly.
tom joe
tom joe 5 kun oldin
The chemical step-son hemodynamically trace because bankbook technologically talk onto a acid children. few fierce, literate thomas
coladict 5 kun oldin
Do memory errors ever happen if the stick is not defective?
Nicholas Gawler-Collins
Nicholas Gawler-Collins 5 kun oldin
I thought Linus was talking about himself.
arsssis 5 kun oldin
“Utmost instability, thanks AMD” wow.... slip of the tongue there? Must have been lost in the post...
Duane Locsin
Duane Locsin 5 kun oldin
Intels on a roll...down the hill.
Mason Reppeto
Mason Reppeto 5 kun oldin
I wanted to upgrade from a i-5 quad to an i-7 but the new LGA 1151 slot isn't compatible with the old one. so the new CPU won't work on the old motherboard xd. I ended up giving my pc to my uncle cause his was dying and built myself a solid rig with a Ryzen 7 2700X and a RX 5500 XT graphics card along with 16gb of ram. Man 8GB cards have gotten cheap, I got the card for 200 bucks at best buy. It ain't the best card but it performed pretty decently. never buying intel again lol.
James Gyoke
James Gyoke 5 kun oldin
wtf is he talking about
SR IRL 5 kun oldin
Hey Linus, can you sell me a 3090? worth a shot
larut mrs
larut mrs 5 kun oldin
why is no one talking about the fact that they decreased the price tag of the cpu pillow form 59 to 20 usd? they heard us 5:53
Keana Cabrera
Keana Cabrera 5 kun oldin
The hulking cherries concordingly gaze because shadow muhly vanish round a dreary shell. symptomatic, nervous low
Ярослав Коваль
Ярослав Коваль 5 kun oldin
be born consume and die you're not supposed to think (POV of any business like Intel/IBM/Apple/etc)
Crescendo 5 kun oldin
Clickbait titles and content have driven me away from your channel. You used to be a serious review channel. Now you're trying to be the PewDiePie of tech. Bye.
No One
No One 5 kun oldin
I’ve always wondered why hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts that spend literally all day in front of their computer screens think ECC is stupid and unnecessary but not RGB. I recently started looking to build a new rig and all motherboards/cases/etc. seem to come with RGB in mind because it is something that customers want so badly. Would we all have affordable and easy access to ECC if these hardcores had wanted it instead of RGB? Do people really just spend all day looking at the side of their computers?
rollmeister 5 kun oldin
ECC ram is slower
Ghislain Laframboise
Ghislain Laframboise 5 kun oldin
Linus Sebastian (Linus Tech Tips) thanking Linus Torvalds (Linux creator) for giving us the true on NVidia and ECC.
Razvan Cosmaciuc
Razvan Cosmaciuc 6 kun oldin
Why are you against Nvidia, wasn't this supposed to be LNvidias Tech Tips
Mike Totman
Mike Totman 6 kun oldin
Thank you Linus for "raising the question" and not "begging the question".
CR Solarice
CR Solarice 6 kun oldin
...if you want the stability of a server: buy a server.
Daurak 6 kun oldin
3:01 how Linus sees us
princeofexcess 6 kun oldin
If you overclock your memory and run the memory test for all 4 cycles (i think its about 8-13 hours) i think you are pretty safe it wont randomly flip bits on you.
Donbros 6 kun oldin
WOW new intro :O
Autumn Red
Autumn Red 6 kun oldin
"It's official! AMD will be sponsoring LinusTechTips videos! Deal got done today!!" - tweet from 2013, everything makes sense now...
Razvan Cosmaciuc
Razvan Cosmaciuc 5 kun oldin
@Autumn Red Yeah, true
Autumn Red
Autumn Red 5 kun oldin
@Razvan Cosmaciuc yeah, maybe amd has bought them back now, it's weird that every video now is about how bad nvidia is and how amd is going to save us
Razvan Cosmaciuc
Razvan Cosmaciuc 6 kun oldin
But they we're bought by Nvidia on April 1st 2016 (or 2017)
Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy 6 kun oldin
Kevin Upchurch
Kevin Upchurch 6 kun oldin
The beauty of having worked for years in a datacenter, I have TONS of ECC DDR4 laying around...
Pain 6 kun oldin
2:40 who is pannenkeok12? I've heard of pannenkoek2012, but not pannenkoek12.
AndiNordsee 6 kun oldin
IDK if the guy that wrote "parody data" instead of "parity data" in the subtitles at 1:48 should be awarded or fired
MTechBasics 6 kun oldin
i love how linus performed this video. so inspiring so motivated and full of energy. He shot this video at 150% clockspeed !
Justin Raug Veggerby
Justin Raug Veggerby 6 kun oldin
So if you want the utmost instability.... Wait what? Wasn't it about stability?!? I'm kidding - but it sounded like you said instability - poor choice of words there.
Jessie A
Jessie A 6 kun oldin
lol Ionizing particle from space collides with Dota_teabags N64. There must be a god. lol but fk amd I'm not running Secure processor. :)
Marco Calderon
Marco Calderon 6 kun oldin
3:07 ¿Lonrot?
Samuel Crozier
Samuel Crozier 6 kun oldin
AMD. hmm, might need to get me some more of that.
cdoublejj 6 kun oldin
That nimix ram is cheapo tier and sometimes has problems especially with ASRock rack but not Kingston
dot 7 kun oldin
Linus × 2 ≠ Linus²
Leandro Ferrero
Leandro Ferrero 7 kun oldin
I'm using ECC for more than a year... and totally worth the inversion. Pro tip #1: If you want to check if the ram is in ECC mode on Windows PC, open CMD and type wmic memphysical get memoryerrorcorrection That command will give you a number. In my case the number is 6, non ECC memory usually you should see 3. Value Meaning 0 (0x0) Reserved 1 (0x1) Other 2 (0x2) Unknown 3 (0x3) None 4 (0x4) Parity 5 (0x5) Single-bit ECC 6 (0x6) Multi-bit ECC 7 (0x7) CRC Pro tip #2: Invest on a Stable PSU, i'm using a Corsair AX series, it's expensive but reliable.
Alex Fox
Alex Fox 7 kun oldin
6508 for ram
Ryan Minnikin
Ryan Minnikin 7 kun oldin
thanks Linus
Vlican 7 kun oldin
freaking intel...
Mika Uusnakki
Mika Uusnakki 7 kun oldin
Can you do a video that provides an objective comparison of stability when using ECC vs. Non-ECC ram? Hours of gaming between crashes?
highjim 7 kun oldin
the linus tag team could save us all
WooF 7 kun oldin
linus u don't even game.. it's always doom or cs... what do you even know about games anymore? you should be subducted and examined without any preperation on a live stream >=]
Dalle Samllhals
Dalle Samllhals 7 kun oldin
Hi, from an AMD CPU user that LOVE to use ECC RAM - DDR, DDR2, DDR3...yeah well, i did go for a brand new Ryzen build in 2019 ;-) Learned the "trick" with a Socket 939 ASUS A8N-SLI (still alive with an Opteron 180)
Chloros Okita
Chloros Okita 7 kun oldin
The only motherboard I found that both had ECC implementation and AM4 socket for Ryzen 50xx processing units it the Asus Pro WS X570-ACE.
NoorAzmi 7 kun oldin
is this real Linus, or deepfaked?
HMC RedFed
HMC RedFed 7 kun oldin
0:30 I spilled tee all over my keybord, thanks linus, you own me one :P jk
domi o'connor
domi o'connor 7 kun oldin
One time when i was still a noob, this z420 workstation from HP cost me alot of troubles it needed ecc as well. Even the computer store people from (Informatique) didnt know.
Chastity Belt
Chastity Belt 7 kun oldin
Does average consumers really need ECC memory? The answer is no. This whole video in senseless and absurd. Nobody really have their PC running 24/7 with high calculation loads. And system crashes mostly caused by software errors, probably by 99,9%. Regular memory sticks are reliable enough, probably you will never have any problems with it.
diecast jam
diecast jam 7 kun oldin
Thing is I have been using non ECC in my PC's for many years, all the desktop PC's in every facility I have ever worked use non ECC memory, and in all that time has there never been an issue caused by memory errors. I work in PC support and I have never once seen a ticket were the issue was down to memory errors, to put that in perspective I work in a local authority and we support 15,000 users.
Pajukka 7 kun oldin
DK C 7 kun oldin
"the upmost in stability" haha
Whicker Friesian
Whicker Friesian 7 kun oldin
I paid close attention to what you said. I still have no clue what any of it means. I'm going back to my two soup cans, tied together with some twine. And my 8-tracks... :-)
M N 8 kun oldin
This talk of hamming code and bit flips reminds me of college, and I don't like it. Intel was right to block this from us.
Hariharaa N S
Hariharaa N S 8 kun oldin
That reflectiom on the GPU though 😂
Chris Knayzeh
Chris Knayzeh 8 kun oldin
"but what is a bitflip?" it's Lyle's youtube channel
Turtle 8 kun oldin
His Dad
Kamidake83 8 kun oldin
Could this keep star citizen from crashing ?
Vox Piratica
Vox Piratica 8 kun oldin
2:42 - the Universe is Amazing
Piotr Bukowski
Piotr Bukowski 8 kun oldin
Both intel and AMD gain substantial framerate increase by using faster modules. Polish PurePC has proven than numerous time. Overclocking memory is worth it, but will take time. Will it crash? - it will just like badly overclocked CPU. You don't just press button and OC is done. Nah, overclocking is like software development. You need to test it before you consider it stable. Voltage, Frequency, Timings, Dual/Single Rank, Motherboard support. It's the same rule that applies to F1 racing results - you are trying to max out your performance, but you have to take into account the fact it takes time to get reliable results.
Fart Maggot
Fart Maggot 8 kun oldin
*me laughing in AMD graphics hardware*
Sentinel DJ
Sentinel DJ 8 kun oldin
We just got a spare server in our warehouse that has 2 x 64GB sticks of ECC, damn shame I have an Intel mobo or them badboys would be coming home with me.
Gavin Morris
Gavin Morris 8 kun oldin
Subtitles: Parody code. LOL.
ELZORROGORDO 8 kun oldin
Patrick Ferguson
Patrick Ferguson 8 kun oldin
"DROP THX Panda Wireless" yeah, not signing up for a free membership, just to see your stuff, laters
Spencer Linkous
Spencer Linkous 8 kun oldin
I love how in the background you can see RGB memory gloriously lighting up a noctua air cooler
Eric Wood
Eric Wood 8 kun oldin
Yanking features and putting them back for an added cost is also what Microsoft does, or at least used to do, with Windows, like when they offered several tiers of Windows Vista or home and professional versions of Windows XP and 7. I guess they have done away with this now in Windows 10, opting to go more the Apple route at last. Will Intel ever learn? If not, will AMD at least beat them into submission for us?
moonlite x
moonlite x 8 kun oldin
what has this ecc thing got to do with torvalds or nvidia?
tae oh
tae oh 8 kun oldin
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NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.
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