Let's Build a Bang-for-the-Buck AMD Gaming PC!!

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Get a Free 32GB Flash Drive and 32GB Micro SD Card at Micro Center: rebrand.ly/v54ch
Get the best prices and best selection on PC hardware at Micro Center: rebrand.ly/4jjez
Check out the Micro Center Custom PC Builder (This PC): rebrand.ly/kk65g
Micro Center Custom Builds Service: micro.center/706bb
Build Parts:
AMD Ryzen 3 3100: rebrand.ly/bjmg8
Gigabyte A520M DS3H AMD AM4 mATX Motherboard: rebrand.ly/m4tjh
MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming X: rebrand.ly/5dzrm
Alternative GPU Options: rebrand.ly/ev7l5
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200: rebrand.ly/u0erd
Inland Platinum 1TB SSD: rebrand.ly/b3pmf
NZXT C750 80 Plus Gold ATX Fully Modular Power Supply: rebrand.ly/ywyfz
NZXT H510 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Computer Case: rebrand.ly/16djs

Marien Gaboru
Marien Gaboru 2 soat oldin
From my experience,intel core procesor + amd video card = best gaming rig
DigitalShooter 2 soat oldin
Linus: WOW Microcenters shipping is so fast Everyone: You mean Microcenter ships?
WillCal27 5 soat oldin
isnt the 5700xt better than the proposed 1650 though?
MARzero1 5 soat oldin
Has there been a review of their PowerSpec pre built gaming PCs
UncleGrandpa_1O1 Kun oldin
Quit the pink beanie. Makes u look hella pale :)
Brent Bell
Brent Bell Kun oldin
I have had Logitech 5.1 speakers on my pc for 10yrs now
MrFeyerwire Kun oldin
I had almost forgot Linus was Canadian, until he referred to NZXT as N "Zed" XT LOL :D
MrFeyerwire Kun oldin
I have been running the same 12gb of Gskill rip jaw for a decade.
Matt Cummins
Matt Cummins Kun oldin
sticker squirrel lol
Lawrence Beitel
Lawrence Beitel 2 kun oldin
The question to ask regarding your underwear is, how many people have your tips over their junk!
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 2 kun oldin
Wait... was that a microcenter with GPUs in stock? Must've been a alternate universe
Sasuke Uchiha2009
Sasuke Uchiha2009 2 kun oldin
You already know 8 year olds are gonna think that he meant a$$ when he said “we aren’t going to say the A word” 35:28
Fruit Gums
Fruit Gums 2 kun oldin
Always bugged me why Ram sticks go into slots two and four and not one and three, which would mathematically make sense
Lucas Lapierre
Lucas Lapierre 2 kun oldin
When you talk about ASUS and thunderbolt are you talking about certain ASUS motherboards? What about TUF Gaming series?
b dd
b dd 2 kun oldin
Take the stickers off! Electronics depreciate faster than a sinking boat anyway. What are you protecting???
itchytastyurr 3 kun oldin
i briefly hooked up a sound system with subwuffer for movies. but using a good quality headphones seemed more considerate. i like the idea of the option so i'm juggling between audio features, size as i like my itx case and may want to put my build into it despite having a decent though thin as tin foil game case that would allow for additional slots. the deciding factor is usb count- i have a fare few e-drives i like to keep hooked up!
Jnut 4 kun oldin
That cpu looks like someone dropped it.
Ron Cork
Ron Cork 4 kun oldin
I use my PC for video editing and AV creation and use all 5.1 outs for sound. I create 5.1 soundtracks so these outs are essential. I used to use a Soundblaster card with daughterboard and front panel I/O. Brilliant.
Wrath Aloss
Wrath Aloss 5 kun oldin
somehow i'm still able to build a gaming pc for 600$. Guess people are just too lazy or too busy. Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands. If you're trying to get into PC gaming, and you want to upgrade then ur probably fck'd. But first PC builds? yeah EZ 600-800$ for a decent machine better then xbox one x at least maybe not series s/x but 100% better than then one X
tomas gemes
tomas gemes 5 kun oldin
how the f you managed to so consistently lower volume along the whole video length
Alin Faur
Alin Faur 6 kun oldin
And the price of RTX 3060 is almost 4x of MSRP in Romania, and not from scalpers but from the biggest E-stores in our country, that were recommended by Nvidia in their newsletter :))
The Agamer
The Agamer 6 kun oldin
Bang for the buck" North North American edition"
Robert Iadanza
Robert Iadanza 7 kun oldin
Graphic cards, may we have one please?
rtyler1869 7 kun oldin
And I remember when PCI was the bees knees for computers
rtyler1869 7 kun oldin
Like the comment I have dropped that particular CPU. I can honestly say that when I have built Computers ( many years ago and for over a year) I never dropped any CPU. Did at least 2 a day
BetterNerfJeff 7 kun oldin
Also can i be a Winnter and get a extreme build sent to me?
BetterNerfJeff 7 kun oldin
literally cant build a bang for your buck build anymore.... everything is getting jacked on prices... i want to upgrade from my 1080 to something newer and i cant
Katharina Kunze
Katharina Kunze 7 kun oldin
When I first visited my Boyfriends famiies home They still had the film on their microwave. It had literal holes worn in it, were the buttons are. It took me over a year until I could finally remove it! And since then the first thing I did to every thing is peeling before someone can stop me
Andrew Blonski
Andrew Blonski 7 kun oldin
I just read the title as “let’s bang for a buck” I was like wait that’s illegal
EthanPerez33 8 kun oldin
Are we gonna ignore how good that throw was at the beginning
Sasuke Uchiha2009
Sasuke Uchiha2009 2 kun oldin
No we aren’t
Always Bolt the Bird
Always Bolt the Bird 3 kun oldin
And it was straight on not arched. So they must’ve thrown it like a baseball pitch not lobbed it
Sychronix 7 kun oldin
dh3790 8 kun oldin
2003 called and told me how much I loved my Klipsch Promedia 5.1 speakers that were packaged with my first gen HP Media Center, yes, that version of Windows XP. Truely the most inmersive gaming experience I have ever had. Had because the BASH amp in the sub failed, but not after working for about 9 VERY HARD years.
Christo Vas
Christo Vas 8 kun oldin
I legitimately need to see a video about that ethernet to aux adapter. Pleaseeeee
Dan 8 kun oldin
LINUS NOOOOOO. why would you use the dongle of the gpu cable to power the second gpu port. :(( it my work for a budget card, but wouldn't it be best practice to just use two cables to ensure power delivery? hooking the second port up off the dongle flappy bit encourages power throttling of the card due to the amount of power each cable set can take off the power supply?
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers 8 kun oldin
Bang for your parents buck
LOWKEY 2020 9 kun oldin
600 for the card alone. fuck.
ShneekeyTheLost 9 kun oldin
At least it is an H510 case, not an H1 case. Otherwise it'd definitely be more bang for your buck, if by bang you mean 'on fire'.
LelandHasGames 9 kun oldin
Huh... A CPU that isn't available at my microcenter and doesn't really pair well with a 5700XT...
Adam McLain
Adam McLain 9 kun oldin
microcenter is no longer the best place to get parts. they gained too much notoriety, now their prices rival newegg. i live near one and its basically a brick and motor newegg now. over priced, amazon beats their prices now
LelandHasGames 9 kun oldin
Music producers use 5.1 surround sound. Just saying.
deana dixon
deana dixon 10 kun oldin
Logitech z-5500. Plugged into an Asus Rampage II Extreme. Still have the Logitech Z-5500. I dislike motherboards with only 3 jacks.
Ken North
Ken North 10 kun oldin
It triggers me that you keep using a single cable with the pigtail :(
Obtuse Acute
Obtuse Acute 10 kun oldin
Im feeling old school vibes in this video
Dan MacDonald
Dan MacDonald 10 kun oldin
Just price everything out in CAD and comes too 3421+ tax. Doesn't include a mouse, keyboard or operating system. I don't see how this is a budget pc!
Herobrine LP MC
Herobrine LP MC 10 kun oldin
I have hooked up a 5.1 analog to my PC, but because the cable was to short for my new setup changes I switched to optical.
Herobrine LP MC
Herobrine LP MC 10 kun oldin
Sound is great, but the downside is, the RGB Audio synchronisation does not work with optical Audio...
Louis C.
Louis C. 10 kun oldin
I'm looking to upgrade my trading pc I've had for 3 years now. I have a Zeon e-5 1620, 24 ram, m2000 vc, 500 ssd and a smaller back up. I use 4 to 6 screens most of the time. It seems everything is for gaming or mining now. I do none of that at all. I usually have up an Etrade account, TOS and 2 live streams. Since I do no mining,gaming or editing. Any suggestions for processors and etc parts based on what I only use this pc for. Thank u and great channel.
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien 10 kun oldin
Bang for the buck !! When has a 750 rated ( fully modular) PSU been needed for a bang for buck build ? Linus knows his stuff but I can’t help but think a ‘ probationer ‘ complied this shopping list 🤪 Can your sponsor pls open a store in the uk, buying any PC components over here sucks when it comes to in store shopping.
Jas Bataille
Jas Bataille 11 kun oldin
Someone at Microcenter must have added a random zero in the 32gb cards order last monght LMAO
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme 11 kun oldin
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme 11 kun oldin
Title should have a price for this build UNDER $1200 or whatever Linus may be cheap but does not live in his viewers world anymore. He owns a friggin om office warehouse of everything to pick from/// Linus work with us. Money and cost is EVERYthing.
Asanda 11 kun oldin
Linus's hands when something approaches at fast velocity: GRABBB. Linus's hands when holding something that's not moving: DROPPP.
Muhammad Toriko
Muhammad Toriko 12 kun oldin
BossEzra 12 kun oldin
Linus walks into your house, peels off all the wallpaper.
Navier Gnat
Navier Gnat 12 kun oldin
The pathetic cultivator primarily terrify because arch jekely wail toward a long-term destruction. alive, enthusiastic soldier
Mohammad Amin
Mohammad Amin 13 kun oldin
Watched this video in 2x speed.
Pokester69 14 kun oldin
Yes my speaker system by cambridge sound works and still fantastic. 5.1 solution.
Logan Fong
Logan Fong 14 kun oldin
I built my computer last July with cheap 5.1 speakers (under US$70) and now I can't go back. Pretty much essential when I play FPS games or watch war movies. Definitely try it if war games or movies are your thing.
Todd Norris
Todd Norris 14 kun oldin
axGear PCIe to USB 3.1 Type-E Front Panel Socket Adapter Card for $23 www.newegg.com/p/2RC-037W-00003 I know this was a Microcenter sponsored build, but I found the USB Type-C header to PCIe (pictures says 3.0 2x) Model: PCE1U1E-A31 Named: axGear PCIe to USB 3.1 Type-E Front Panel Socket Adapter Card Express for Motherboard. Also provides a single Orange or Red, seems to state it is a 2.0, USB Type-A internal port TIL: The USB Type-C cable has an industry name and is called the obvious: "USB 3.1 Type-E"
Ben Filley
Ben Filley 14 kun oldin
i fekkin love microcenter
William Freeman
William Freeman 15 kun oldin
I don’t know if they already make one but a build mat with a magnetic catch that you can set screws in would be amazing. I have always had trouble with keeping all my screws separated and also keeping them all on the table to where I can tell which one is which just by reaching over and touching it without them rolling away
William Freeman
William Freeman 15 kun oldin
I have a 5.1 systome that I used when i had an intel board but i no longer have a board that suports it since i upgraded to an x570 for my 5600x
Flaming Shrub
Flaming Shrub 15 kun oldin
Please let Anthony do the builds!!!! Miss him!!! Linus u do go on!!!! Stick to the short skits!!!
Doug 15 kun oldin
So what was the total cost?
KingCobra707 15 kun oldin
Lol the footage looks like the person wiped there greasy ass chicken fingers all over the lense. Amazes me how many people don't religiously wipe there camera before every use lol
Kamren Lyon-Toles
Kamren Lyon-Toles 15 kun oldin
Steve Lanier
Steve Lanier 15 kun oldin
btw i also put together a parts list for a 600$ system the specs are ryzen 3 3100 evga gtx 1650 super sc ultra gigabyte b550m ds3h 16gb g skill ripjaws v 3200mhz cx550 psu q300l case 3 pack of epevia twighlight rgb fans and a 500gb crucial p2 nvme ssd +msi mag 272crx 240hz monitor 1022$ in total
MD Dragon
MD Dragon 15 kun oldin
Yea Graphik cart xD
joseph duenas
joseph duenas 15 kun oldin
linus: "why is this chipped" also linus: *tosses gear every video*
brandog 570
brandog 570 15 kun oldin
Linus.... Your hat is lame
Jan Kooijman
Jan Kooijman 15 kun oldin
I'm still using the creative surround set for my pc, love 'em
Jeffrey Van Den Abeel
Jeffrey Van Den Abeel 15 kun oldin
Dude 😂 use a goddamn metal screw driver An make the tip magnetic, you'll never use tweezers again 🤣🤣🤣it hurt my soul watching you fuck arount with that power supply like oooh ffs 😂😂😂
Devon Slater
Devon Slater 16 kun oldin
Should’ve named the video “how to install a power supply.”
philip J Dry
philip J Dry 16 kun oldin
A great advertisement for one of those real dolls, in sure Andy will appreciate that
bryan diel
bryan diel 16 kun oldin
I dont care what you say, AMD recommended Corsair Vengeance over G Skill, or Hyper X!!!
bobsort 16 kun oldin
23:59, He is gonna have stroke! That seems to be Asian culture to keep stickers on everything. my Colleague's car life was ended with burned engine (23 years old) and it still had its protective film on its radio!
Kevin Rasmussen
Kevin Rasmussen 17 kun oldin
scrapwars... LIVESTREAMED.. imagen
Mug 17 kun oldin
DirkDeadeye 17 kun oldin
I’m one of those weirdos who use all of their 5.1 ports.
Collin T
Collin T 17 kun oldin
LOL! I still have the clear peel on my tv I bought around the first part of 2014
Collin T
Collin T 17 kun oldin
Well you can tell GSkill that they got three sets of ram sold to people I know and me
Zane Miller
Zane Miller 17 kun oldin
linus ex tips, lol but he read it as linus sex tips
Justin Spangler
Justin Spangler 17 kun oldin
Im lucky to live within 1 hour of two microcenters. Fucking absolutely love microcenter.
Francisco Tuga
Francisco Tuga 18 kun oldin
I know it doesn't matter to anything, but is the video kind of weird for anyone else, looks like they put the brightness up a lot on that camera, is everything so white...
TheRandyWanker 18 kun oldin
I used a pencil to push down on that thing.
Flamester7 Tv
Flamester7 Tv 18 kun oldin
28:00 i think you mean zip ties.
Eversor86 18 kun oldin
Nearly every cheap computer speakers setup that was surround (so 5.1 or different) was analogue. I actually use my 7.1 output on my mobo. Have an old 5.1 Genius speakers and an stereo mini Hi-Fi system connected to it (basically using 5.1 as all surround/centre/sub and mini Hi-Fi as front left and right). Don't really have space/cash/need for anything fancier for now ;)
N B 19 kun oldin
What was the total cost?
Clark Zlindra-Short
Clark Zlindra-Short 19 kun oldin
I have that exact sticker still on my case. Muahahaha
Saturn Five
Saturn Five 19 kun oldin
I'm also getting high....
Objectified Cross
Objectified Cross 20 kun oldin
That GPU sag is horrific.
Spartanchart 262
Spartanchart 262 20 kun oldin
When will Andy video go up??
Joe Salgado
Joe Salgado 20 kun oldin
Hey Linus can you please tell Micro Center to open a store here in the California Bay Area as Fry’s are either closed down or open with empty shelfs.
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan 20 kun oldin
Soooo... What Micro Center did _you_ shop at? I checked every Micro Center within the state I am in, plus the neighboring 3 states and *_NONE_* of them have any graphics cards that would be even remotely considered reasonable for modern gaming. And it has been that way for more than 6 months. So I call bullshit on this video. Because there is no way in Hell you went to an actual store to buy those parts. At least the graphics card was sent to you. They had footage of them "finding" a planted graphics card to make it look like they have some in stock, when they don't. No joke, the best graphics card my local Micro Center has is a piece of shit 1050 Ti. Heh, and it is so precious to them that it is only available in-store(LOL!!!!)
Maddy Muhat
Maddy Muhat 20 kun oldin
You said bang for buck but you chose nzxt for chassis and psu which is expensive compare to others. I would choose seasonic psu since it has better peformance and more cheaper.
Maddy Muhat
Maddy Muhat 20 kun oldin
How about kingston hyper x fury? Is it a good brand?
Maddy Muhat
Maddy Muhat 20 kun oldin
Why you didnt go with the ryzen 5 3600? Its still better
Chris 20 kun oldin
My grandma bought a brand new car 9 years ago and it still has all the caution tags and plastic 🤢
Jeffrey Berry
Jeffrey Berry 21 kun oldin
I'm building my first ever gaming desktop pc I got an msi board that supports AMD Ryzen AM4 chip I want to play my old games in VMware is it better to get Ryzen 3 3200 or the Ryzen 5 3600 the pc is my budget gaming rig
Millionaire Baby
Millionaire Baby 21 kun oldin
Hey can I buy a pc from you for $200 please I really need it
DarthlittleB 21 kun oldin
when he threw the psu i jumped soo bad lol
Bruce Miles Baker
Bruce Miles Baker 21 kun oldin
too much babbling between expertise
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