Let's SCREW the Stock Market! - WAN Show January 29, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222)
0:00 Intro
0:14 Topic preview
1:59 Intro
2:35 Short summary/preview of review bombing
3:17 Introduction to Gamestop (GME) stock current events
3:52 Shorting a stock: definition/explanation
6:27 Short Explanation ( Part 2 )
8:12 What WallStreetBets is doing + Elon Musk's opinion
9:48 Original intention behind shorting
11:12 Gamestop + Robinhood + Redistribution of wealth
12:08 Some people had success + The main "winners"
13:10 WallStreetBets' Role model
14:53 Hedgefunds also charged interest, amongst other things
15:25 Linus's stock promise introduction/announcement
17:15 Ivan's story
18:26 Linus starts to get worried (To the moon)
19:33 Other "Meme stocks" + "Short squeezing"
20:32 AMC in particular
21:30 Linus's promise: Cost update (+Luke laughing)
22:11 Linus doesn't do many investments
23:50 How does Linus acquire GME? + Luke's prediction
24:45 Estimates of 5 Billion lost from short-sellers
25:05 Robinhood restricted GME + Class Action Lawsuit + Reviewbombing
27:07 Other meme-crap (Dogecoin)
27:27 Robinhood possibly selling some peoples shares + disclaimer
28:23 Elon added Bitcoin to his Twitter bio
29:15 Twitch/Floatplane chats suggests promise cap (50k)
30:08 Google removing negative Robinhood review
31:38 Luke's computer lag issues (story)
33:05 Sponsors
33:13 Honey
34:08 (Not a sponsor) - Activism investing
35:46 Malwarebytes Premium
36:40 Privacy + Alienware giveaway
37:42 Calling Yvonne (the wife)
39:01 The cost reveal (50k)
41:01 Yvonne's counter-argument
42:25 Intel has more returning talent (Sunil Shenoy + more)
43:02 Linus's Apple Watch Heart-Rate
45:02 Sunil's previous work at Intel + Other names
46:13 Pat Gensinger's quote
46:35 Apple Q1 record revenue ($150 Billion)
48:37 Alleged NVIDIA 3080TI 20GB leak
49:51 "Please stop sending money" - Linus
50:12 i9 11900kf leaked screenshots
51:40 Linus trying to plan when to buy GME stocks
52:10 LTT Still Hiring
53:04 More stock talk + various comments on it
55:34 LMG is NOT going public
56:46 LTT Store reminder
58:04 Conclusion
58:40 Outro 1
59:04 Outro 2

LostConciousness 6 kun oldin
Let's not kid ourselves. the whole stock market is a casino. The idea that some gamblers are better than others is laughable. Lots of people lost a shit ton of money they couldn't afford "going to the moon" on their investment. Guess who scalped them? yep, people who got in early and exited stage left when the time was right, that wasn't the hedge funds.
c182SkylaneRG 6 kun oldin
It's actually a bit painful watching the GME promise, since he later says that the stock closed that day at $325/share, and hindsight shows that the stock capped at $325/share. It went down after that, and it went down HARD, bottoming out around $50/share, so he lost ALL of that if he invested right before it went down. *cringe*
c182SkylaneRG 6 kun oldin
Linus: tons of respect for the position in investing. I am 100% on board with exactly that philosophy. It pisses me off ROYALLY, to think that Wall Street and similar stock markets have so much influence to manipulate the cost of real items, and effectively drive inflation so that those of us who DO work for our money have to pay more for the things we want and need, than if those crooks just kept their mitts out of it.
Jeremy Williamson
Jeremy Williamson 10 kun oldin
Idiot lol... thank you for your money... I bought puts and got paid!!!
Randy Verschueren
Randy Verschueren 11 kun oldin
I'm probably ignorant; or going to be extremely unpopular.... but is throwing away 50K just for the memes.. not being part of the problem ?
Ben I
Ben I 11 kun oldin
I love that call! Linus: So I need you to put about 50,000USD in that account. Yvonne: WHAT? Luke: [literally 🤣] Please tell me you replayed this to her later Linus so she got to hear Luke losing it. I assume your dog house has WiFi. 😜
Ben I
Ben I 11 kun oldin
Also "I was very responsible" - Linus Sebastian 2021.
Nikolas Shull
Nikolas Shull 14 kun oldin
Daddy destroyed Capitalism 🥵🥵🥵🥵💞💞💞
Jess Baumung
Jess Baumung 14 kun oldin
Did you actually invest all that money in GME? I need to see updates!!
Darby 16 kun oldin
Linus and Luke - Short sales are only available to account holders who have ticked the Margin Account box when setting up the account with a broker. They all know, or should know, the risks of opening a margin account. Shares available for short sales can only be taken from other account holders who have also opted in as margin accounts. In a short sale the sellers "sell" stocks they don't own at today's market price. They borrow the shares from the margin account holders. They've done research that suggests the price will go down after today. Having your shares sold out from under you by short sellers is one of the risks you take when opening a margin account. They then monitor the stock and when the price drops to their target price they then "buy" the stock at that price. They then pay the original holder the buy price. Since they've already sold it they keep the difference between what they bought it for and what they sold it for. But these hedge funds ended up facing a "short squeeze". Other margin account holders started placing regular buy orders contrary to the market fundamentals for the company. The price went up. The hedge funds received margin calls which gave them 5 days to make payments to cover the price they sold the stock for and the current market price - they had to start paying back the loans. At the close of every day where the price was higher than the previous close they received another margin call. The squeezers had small investments that were driving the market for the stock. The hedge funds were holding millions of short shares. The margin calls were for millions of dollars. Another margin account risk. The hedge funds also had margin buys where they would buy stocks but were only required to put up a 20% down payment and the other 80% was borrowed. The short sales margin calls eroded their cash reserves so they no longer had sufficient cash to cover their margin buys. They received further margin calls. There was an actual "conspiracy" of sorts between many account holders to pump the price; they made it no secret by posting their intent on the internet. No one account holder had to buy a boatload of the stock involved. All it took was an agreement among them to all make relatively small buys. They just put in buy orders above the previous day's closing price and the market price would rise. As long as the price stayed above the short sale price the hedge funds originally "paid" the hedge funds would be faced with margin calls. It might look like a "get the man" prank but especially in the current economic climate with people not working, businesses shuttered because of COVID lock-outs it could have caused a worldwide market crash. Their hearts might be in the right place but based on their Tweets it didn't appear they they realized that the SEC doesn't have a sense of humor concerning market manipulation. Some people might end up in jail over it. The ultimate risk of margin accounts. And people wonder why the stock market is called gambling.
Michel Mercure
Michel Mercure 17 kun oldin
Banks lend the money in your savings account (and give you back some of the interests). Brokers may lend the positions in your stocks account. Therefore, "you can't lend something you don't own" does not apply to the finance sector.
Cybur Sam
Cybur Sam 19 kun oldin
I can't wait for Internet Historian to release a video about this topic. Please Ft. Linus and his 30k donation to the cause lol
fompet duicosta
fompet duicosta 20 kun oldin
Sunil is indian version of linus
persona2grata 20 kun oldin
I mean, is this really "activist investing"? It seems to me more like kind of a regular market thing where a group of investors spotted an opportunity to make money by profiting from a market inefficiency. The only unique thing about it is that the Wall Street investors found themselves on the losing end of the deal for a change. I tend to think of activist investors as ones who invest intentionally in a sub-optimal, equivalent, or loss leading investment for principled reasons. I'm sure there are some of those amongst the people raising the stock price of Gamestop, but it seems like the majority are participating to try and make a few bucks at the expense of the exposed big fund players.
Z_Borg C4rmen
Z_Borg C4rmen 21 kun oldin
First 10 second of the show: Linus insult 100% of listeners xD
James Ludwig
James Ludwig 21 kun oldin
"Why do you do things?" Is the best quote of this. I love how he quickly said I capped it so you know I'm actually responsible. 🤣
Red X
Red X 21 kun oldin
Linus longed 50k in stocks but shorted 50 years of his marriage
Kevin 22 kun oldin
I could not and still can't figure out why Linus kept _discouraging_ people from sending money after they hit the $10k/ $50k cap. Wouldn't the money brought in after $10k just be helping Linus to close that gap and/ or go toward his divorce fund?
Shark Star
Shark Star 23 kun oldin
Come to Australia and hide in the caravan park from your wife...promise I will keep a look-out for the wife and give her the wrong direction if she is following you sent... You in trouble...lol That's why so funny, I have laugh so hard in so long and your Mate was trying to save you said it all.... Believe in the rebel Jesus ; ) The Baker
Danny Jul
Danny Jul 23 kun oldin
Shorting is theft ! It is not the owners of the shares who lend them out, it is the investment companies that keep them for the owners who rent them out in a predefined time for a fee.
Clivey 23 kun oldin
So you lost $30k. I feel sorry for the people that you suckered into this, them believing you knew what you were talking about. You should refund them their money.
Michael Liu
Michael Liu 24 kun oldin
LOL. Live chat with Yvonne while Linus goes on about one of his schemes should be a regular feature.
Emanuel Ceccarini
Emanuel Ceccarini 24 kun oldin
Sennheiser spends millions studying acoustics, millimeters of air and sound transparent materials can completely change the sound. Linus and Luke: Put the headphones on their hats, inside a house.
K. Ali Pardhan
K. Ali Pardhan 25 kun oldin
16:30 if we knew linus would 5x match and buy GME, WBS would low key donate thousands
K. Ali Pardhan
K. Ali Pardhan 25 kun oldin
Yup. This is the way haha
molak34 25 kun oldin
50k usd worth of stress XD
Stefan Egger
Stefan Egger 25 kun oldin
he should have gave me the money I will never have so much money and I do not have lamborghini, I dont know.
John Smith
John Smith 25 kun oldin
Seth Desu
Seth Desu 25 kun oldin
The BIGGEST issue facing mankind is their lack of faith in God.
Seth Desu
Seth Desu 25 kun oldin
People unconsciously seek God in times of stress, however they should be attempting to follow him at all times. Unconsciously seeking God: 43:54 - calls upon God 48:07 - admits to being seriously stressed 50:09 - under his breath says.. Q.E.D. May the Lord be with you.
Blue investor
Blue investor 25 kun oldin
C. L.
C. L. 25 kun oldin
The media around this has been crazy. Apparently, the hedge fund that was shorting Gamestop is/was a major silver holder (or at least related in a way that they would profit hugely from people buying silver), so the media push to get people hyped on silver (saying r/wallstreetbets was going for silver when they weren't etc.) or investing in shit like Dogecoin instead is more than just suspicious.
MinPlanck 25 kun oldin
The whole Yvonne thing was hilarious! One of the funniest things I seen in ages. Thanks for that. 😂❤😂
MinPlanck 25 kun oldin
"This is a movement, Hun..." 😂😂😂
Atomicus Aquinas
Atomicus Aquinas 25 kun oldin
Best line ever, "Why do you do things?" LOOOOOOOOOOL!
Josh Boak
Josh Boak 25 kun oldin
Wow. Imagine having access to $20,000...
rockersands 26 kun oldin
LINUS I NEED YOU TO REVIEW THE CHUWI GEMIBOOK PRO 14" 2k screen, 512gb SSD, 16gb ram under 400 bucks on Amazon, i really need a full review is it a scam?!
wayupn 26 kun oldin
"why do you do things" - the most wife thing said ever. The pain!
wayupn 26 kun oldin
Wow. Based Marxist Linus!
S L 26 kun oldin
Lol what a waste of $50k
5astelija 26 kun oldin
Stock market exists to find the price for all companies. Short selling is a crucial part for price discovery.
AniMageNeBy 26 kun oldin
He didn't get the meme-number of elon Musk (for the suggestions of his cap). That said... while 50K is a lot of money for most people, it's about one-and-a-half month-income of Linus Tech, so it really ain't that a big of a deal. Probably only 1/200th of what is in his bank-account. And while I like the guy, this is also something, in general, that pisses me off: rich dudes talking about how to stick it to the big man... but what they mean is "those richer than they are". They NEVER apply it to themselves. It comes over as extremely hypocrite to hear a wealthy rich guy or gal talking about the suffering of the poor, and spouting leftish ideas and ideologies - conveniently forgetting THEY are products of the system they seemingly despise, and nothing stops them from giving away their own money. But they never do. Bathing in wealth, but talking about (and sometimes even in name of) the poor. Caviar-socialists, we call those. That said, shorters are the scourge of the earth, and they deserve to get kicked in the nuts.
Clivey 23 kun oldin
"rich dudes talking about how to stick it to the big man... but what they mean is "those richer than they are". They NEVER apply it to themselves" Couldn't agree more. The money has changed him for the worse, he wouldn't have spoken like this 7yrs ago.
Ismael Resendiz
Ismael Resendiz 26 kun oldin
did you really lose 40 thousand dollars...
CodeName Mario
CodeName Mario 27 kun oldin
Linus Financial Tips
Gaspard Thiercelin
Gaspard Thiercelin 27 kun oldin
Hey, I know you guys at LTT read comments so here I am taking a shot at it. I dont want to play downbeat, but the investement part of the WAN show had quiet a few imprecisions in it. The big winner of the GME fiasco is institutionalised finance, through HFT (high frequency trading). Robinhood, while not being a great service in my opinion, did what they are allowed to do, by closing positions etc... Sorry for the little rant but I kinda regret the wishiwashi in a usually more precise show. keep up I really like the show
Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley 27 kun oldin
Man, 50K mostly gone! Geez.
jayzo_sayers 27 kun oldin
If you word it "you can't sell things that were only loaned to you" it makes more sense. This isn't a preorder, this is selling your friend's car after after borrowing it from them.
shawon biswas
shawon biswas 27 kun oldin
If budget is not a problem then what will be your system specs??
Aaron Ogilvie
Aaron Ogilvie 27 kun oldin
Silver is a lie. Loved this other than that though.
Andrew Lim
Andrew Lim 27 kun oldin
i entertained and gain more knowledge by Linus'es phone call with Yvone. Love You.
MB 27 kun oldin
It's now all over, did he ever end up buying 50k of GME stock?
Jonatan Lambert
Jonatan Lambert 27 kun oldin
Hey Linus, what's up with the money situation , can you provide and update to your community ? :)
Руслан Мустафаев
Руслан Мустафаев 27 kun oldin
Next episode of WandaVision? Nah... Can't wait for the next Wan Show episode 😀
granitecowboy2199 27 kun oldin
On the WAN show... Linus puts boot in mouth!!! TO the tune of 10's of thousands of dollars!! LMAO
Alex Trujillo
Alex Trujillo 27 kun oldin
Don't worry linus. I'ma buy a t-shirt from LTTStore .com
Isaac Worley
Isaac Worley 27 kun oldin
He's already lost 20 grand
Håkan Olausson
Håkan Olausson 27 kun oldin
Is talking about the how many small investors can bring down giants... Then opens up for the many small potential investors in chat with a 5x plea... What could ever go wrong? XD XD XD
Faridun Asrorov
Faridun Asrorov 27 kun oldin
Ok, let's be real here: 1. Linus is a rich guy and 50k is not a big deal 2. This thing will bring him large publicity and he will earn many times more than than the 40k he spent 3. A marriage that is not under stress from money issues and that has 3 kids is not going to fall apart due to some 50k. Linus showed to us that he is not one of those UZpostrs that just throw money around and was genuinely shaken with this expense.
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly 27 kun oldin
Awful short-selling explanation Linus, it's hard though because it's bat shit crazy and as an idea counter-intuitive to logic.
DRE KNOWS MMA 27 kun oldin
Lol this explanation as a active trader would have confused the fuck out me lol. They needed just say its like betting on a company to go down with borrowed shares that's all simple. Just don't talk about selling puts lol you guys sell make ppl leave the market. I love you guys a ton and love that your with the common ppl on this but linus explanation had me dying it just was unessacary but I'm being tough on them overall glad they talked and made this their main title for show. Maybe it was to get more views would make sense but they didn't use WALLSTREETBETS in title or description like some ppl have to try piggy back off their clout which most 95% of is click bait. At least they discussed it and tried there best as neither of them that I know of are financial experts or even trade that much
Hynek Borůvka
Hynek Borůvka 27 kun oldin
This ages well :D
ZandarKoad 27 kun oldin
2008: Short selling is awesome! 2021: Short selling is evil!
dreamglimmer 27 kun oldin
Hi Linus, did you actually succeed to fail on Monday? you always were good with dropping stuff, but doing so to stocks must be a new game for you...
Paul Ward
Paul Ward 28 kun oldin
Linus: what I enjoy most about all this is the extremely wealthy that didn't earn their money making more for doing nothing getting rekt ... Just one issue ... The funds going bankrupt aren't their money, it's our pension funds they have been betting with. The only difference it's gonna make to those wealthy people is that they won't get a big bonus this year. Still ... hilarious to see the rich beaten at their own game though!
Leon Debus
Leon Debus 28 kun oldin
just upload an onlyfans of Yvonne beating Linus ass
elhugo 28 kun oldin
i not sure about laws in Canada, but here in mexico you can deduct losses in the stock market from your taxes, so not all could be lost.
Lindsay Brown
Lindsay Brown 28 kun oldin
set the playback speed to .25 it's fucking hilarious!
Akuno 28 kun oldin
9:00 "you cant sell a flat you rent but you can sell shares you rent" would be a betther analogy
actionmethod 28 kun oldin
Making money by producing absolutely nothing is 70 % of all american jobs.
mathew witty
mathew witty 28 kun oldin
to the fucking moon and back
Piers 28 kun oldin
It was all fine until his wife said they should have given the money to charity... ooh
Lester 28 kun oldin
My hat off to the dude saying "Ape, Together, Strong" to cheer Linus up in the live chat.
haskell crow
haskell crow 22 kun oldin
It is a wallstreetbets thing
Anthony A
Anthony A 28 kun oldin
Wow. What's the trend with people trying to profit from doing zero work nowadays?
Jm_ LAMP 28 kun oldin
👏”i will talk to you later”
Marc Rousseau
Marc Rousseau 28 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure what you are doing is illegal to conspire with others to buy shares. I'd be careful.
Jm_ LAMP 28 kun oldin
Can we get a poster that has linus saluting that says “to the moon”
burchds84 28 kun oldin
You should do a collab with a data scientist to test scientific computing hardware. For instance, pandemic modeling would be interesting. What hardware is best for data scientists?
guest1754 28 kun oldin
"Why do you do things?" is the funniest response I've heard in a while.
The Clips
The Clips 28 kun oldin
you paper hands on bitcoin? holy crap you fucked up. Mostly everyone who bought bitcoin and held is in profit right now its its only going to get more rare. How are you not in bitcoin you would rather be in USD that they print out of thin air?
The Clips
The Clips 28 kun oldin
The same hedge funds are long on Silver
Mdj Wp
Mdj Wp 28 kun oldin
FlankyFrankie 28 kun oldin
So what price did you buy in at?
Sang Ho Chun
Sang Ho Chun 28 kun oldin
In the spirit of making Linus some money... Malwarebytes actually really works. I've had plenty of experience just installing that thing for people "I don't want to give tech support to," and it just worked as an install and forget solution.
Karolis Polikša
Karolis Polikša 28 kun oldin
omg... this is hilarious :)
bansheerider04 28 kun oldin
It will help people in need if you *don't think about it...
Arlie 28 kun oldin
Benjamin Andrews
Benjamin Andrews 28 kun oldin
I love how luke is laughing like a madman the whole show while Linus is questioning his life choices
Lostie DeMonde
Lostie DeMonde 28 kun oldin
We need a revolution on all aspect of our society ... if PC components is your thing, **BE CRITIC** in a viseral way ! Things will change & COMPUTERS WILL BE VERY POWERFULL ... games & software will be bug free !
Bingo 28 kun oldin
oh lawd Let's Screw The Stock Market turned into Let's Strain Linus' Marriage
Andrew DeVille
Andrew DeVille 28 kun oldin
Can we get an update and see if Linus is holding out or did he already sell his stock?
Isaac Love
Isaac Love 28 kun oldin
Lttstore.com needs commemorative t-shirts for this! Shirts with "big oof", "to the moon", and "why do you do things?" for starters.
David YT Chen
David YT Chen 28 kun oldin
22:22 For all non Canadians - This tax optimization Linus talked about is called RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan). It's a government program to encourage people save for retirement. You get tax incentives for saving/investing money under this plan, for your own retirement. It's nothing shady. It can be, AND SHOULD BE done by every Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Edit to add: RRSP doesn't have to be in stock. It can be in a regular saving account or other types of investments depending on your needs.
Dave Moore
Dave Moore 28 kun oldin
You seriously don't know what you're talking about. Not only that, but Linus is an ideologue moralist, which is not surprising at all to be honest. I just can't believe someone this successful seriously said "income inequality" immediately followed by "climate change". It's like a bad parody of Marxists clowns.
Michael La Fayette
Michael La Fayette 28 kun oldin
Anytime trump publicly dissed an American company, I went and bought some stock of it.
Jeffrey W
Jeffrey W 28 kun oldin
Good show Linus!
TerribleFire 28 kun oldin
Shorting stops bubbles. its fine until greedy hedge funds do this... they got caught and they should go down for it
TerribleFire 28 kun oldin
Stick it to the man
Nick DesRosiers
Nick DesRosiers 28 kun oldin
Or you could donate that to charity instead ya know
sheraz1001 28 kun oldin
Poll: Was he worried about: (A) $50,000 (B) His wife
alex1 29 kun oldin
They will just hedge the stock all the way up and make even more money when it does eventually fall. People need to understand that their efforts are BS, because they don't know how the stock market works. THE HEDGE FUNDS' HANDS ARE NOT TIED, they don't have to wait until they go bankrupt, they can easily hedge their position at any time.
Blauwurst 29 kun oldin
F in the Chat for Linus 😂 if he still owns the stocks he already los 37k
Khorium 29 kun oldin
How much did he initially invest?
Loopback Gaming - VaderGB
Loopback Gaming - VaderGB 29 kun oldin
Luke laughing is priceless. It feeds from Linus's pain. 😂 *SPOILERS* He laughs pretty much for an hour.
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