Here's How to Save $45,000 - The Sensible Jellyfish Fryer

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Linus Tech Tips

17 kun oldin

Thanks to Pulseway for sponsoring this project! Try Pulseway for free and remotely monitor and manage your server or PC at
Back in 2019 we challenged ourselves to build an all-flash version of Lumaforge's Jellyfish hard drive-based video editing server for the SAME price. We succeed, but we've always wondered, what if we went for feature and hardware parity, how much could be saved? The answer might shock you.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

NEO geek
NEO geek 4 soat oldin
G Bass
G Bass 7 soat oldin
797 dislikes are from Lumaforge investors.
Johnny Bananas
Johnny Bananas 17 soat oldin
i didnt know linus still made videos like this I love it brings me back to the old days when it wasn't all just news and reviews and was more of "lets see what crazy shit linus puts together in his parents garage today"
kewitt Kun oldin
I can't wait to see the migration to truenas scales, if you want this server acting as more then a file server.
-- Kun oldin
The naughty font metrically rub because richard ultrascructurally admit given a lucky twine. third, cool noodle Kun oldin
It is funny how many people think SLOG is for added performance boost. In reality it is intended to provide safety. Thusly Super-cap backed SSD's are recommended. In fact, get a hold of a few RMS-200/8G PCI-e cards with 8GB of DDR3 (You reviewed a similar Gigabyte card from the 00's, and THAT is what those could be used for... Those RMS-200 beasts do 5.5GB/sec unlimited write endurance and 1.4Mil IOPS. SLOG is all about latency. Those Sabrent will not last long before they fail catastrophically with the amount of data I suspect you intend to push through them. You will probably also fry those L2ARC SSD's plenty fast.
iXsystems, Inc.
iXsystems, Inc. Kun oldin
We just love this video! Especially around 13:03! :D Go #TrueNAS!
Scrungle 2 kun oldin
9:17 oh hey that's from the xbox controller video that just came out
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen 2 kun oldin
4:45 jellyfish can sus! 😳
PAINTnPONG 3 kun oldin
Not the intention but I looked up and bought a pack of the masks Jake wore, looks nice.
AK Sells Florida Real Estate
AK Sells Florida Real Estate 4 kun oldin
Where do I find the parts list?
DaMainDude 4 kun oldin
Like any of those influencers actually paid for them...
Kazimir McFoster
Kazimir McFoster 4 kun oldin
am i doing my math wrong on those Exos drives? 2.5m hours = 285 years?
gior nikitop
gior nikitop 3 kun oldin
your math is correct but the manufacturers are a bit misleading as always. the number is about the data in the disk platters ONLY, not the disk heads, circuits etc and if the platters are not damaged. most common (spinning) disk failures are caused by r/w heads fault (stuck), heads crashing to the platters, or circuit board fail. your data in the platters can theoretically be fine for 285 years IF you have a way to replace any of the other failed components, you can read them. in reality, for continuous operation, i'd say ~5years for most consumer disks and maybe even ~10 for some good enterprise models. but after that, they are basically zombies.
ajkdhsalfgnewidpcvjcjqd8w9agvespfld]j cmkpiwsgxq
ajkdhsalfgnewidpcvjcjqd8w9agvespfld]j cmkpiwsgxq 4 kun oldin
18:00 got the same setup from the MX518 to the wipes and "hand sanitizer"
Willis Taylor
Willis Taylor 5 kun oldin
But Linus those guys are probably being sponsored by jellyfish's all capitalist malarkey!
Leo Lo
Leo Lo 6 kun oldin
Can we see you go bald?
Krzaku 6 kun oldin
You're still missing the point of the jellyfish, the youtubers in question even explained the reasons why they bought it. It's the same with Apple.
Krzaku 6 kun oldin
Sunon are industry standard and very high quality fans though... They just don't put as much money into marketing as noctua.
Dani Falk Jensen
Dani Falk Jensen 6 kun oldin
Just saw this video today, youtube f***ed up my recomented feed.
Chad West
Chad West 7 kun oldin
Magellanic Cosmos
Magellanic Cosmos 7 kun oldin
Deja Vu.
Matt McCoy
Matt McCoy 7 kun oldin
What’s next? Criticizing them for buying 45drives?
TIM idator
TIM idator 8 kun oldin
Was anyone else besides me replaying the intro over and over?
Dave Lynch
Dave Lynch 8 kun oldin
Jake's videos have been on point.
damian mackin
damian mackin 8 kun oldin
why dose linus not mention what thermal past he uses
TymexComputing 9 kun oldin
What is a jellyfish here?
digitalcocaine88 9 kun oldin
Make a video showing how badass of a server you could build for their pricing! Do like 3x the storage or similar to maximize the embarrassment lol
Dan S
Dan S 9 kun oldin
I prefer delta fans
Sjoer van der Ploeg
Sjoer van der Ploeg 9 kun oldin
Could have gone with a much smaller intent log, but hey you had money to burn :D
Hammyboi Gaming
Hammyboi Gaming 9 kun oldin
You only Liao once
Toren171 9 kun oldin
Linus looked high as giraffe balls towards the end of the video lol.
lol lol
lol lol 9 kun oldin
Is it only me who felt bad for the mousepad in the beginning?
WiseWTF 10 kun oldin
Pulseway isn't open source, people should not be using it
Bamster 10 kun oldin
Linus Flex Tips
Skthmd Rmn
Skthmd Rmn 10 kun oldin
apple ripping people off professionally
Ken Shipman
Ken Shipman 10 kun oldin
Great content...THX LTT =)
Jason Olrich
Jason Olrich 10 kun oldin
Can I just say that Linus looks great in that beanie? Beanies make everything better, and this is coming from a guy who wears a beanie all the time
Solar Work
Solar Work 10 kun oldin
I cant believe linus changed his name to luke
Ephy 10 kun oldin
I have a near identical system. I returned the noctua cpu cooler since it doesnt face the back of the case, not ideal for rackmount
yxman 10 kun oldin
sata to molex or lose all your data, consumer non plp slog, also slog/zil is NOT an write cache...
Ray Watters
Ray Watters 10 kun oldin
Can I get the spec and build list for this "Fryer"? I know someone that is interested in one, or more. He may want to cluster them.
Jon Molnar
Jon Molnar 10 kun oldin
James Dollinger
James Dollinger 10 kun oldin
At 13:13 Linus says that you guys will link Serve the Home's collab video in the description, but it isn't there at time of this writing. :(
Zerger84 10 kun oldin
I know how to save 45k - don't use them?
Qngqor 10 kun oldin
So i can build a 1000 dollar Gaming Pc for 200 Bucks ? Would love to see that.
onlyur munir
onlyur munir 10 kun oldin
Sir can you send me New complete computer I am yours biggest fannnnnnn i love this page more and more with my soul sir give me a good surprise
Selv 10 kun oldin
It's wonderful to watch Linus as he grows up. His voice is deeper than it was a few years ago.
VTOLfreak 10 kun oldin
Wow, the first insane built from LTT that actually makes sense. I would have gone for a couple of Optane SSD's for SLOG/L2ARC however. Cant beat them for random IO.
Music Easel Cat
Music Easel Cat 10 kun oldin
Did you smash iJustine yet
NeilHaskins 10 kun oldin
So when is this going to be available on
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 10 kun oldin
I definitely would go for RAIDZ3 with that many drives per zdev.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 10 kun oldin
7:00 Nope, you should be using mirrored ZIL SSD's.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 10 kun oldin
Linus joins the elite FreeBSD user cabal :-)
Xionico 10 kun oldin
It would be cool to see how much it would cost to make something with the same performance, i.e how much you would save making your own equivalent
Benjamin Watson
Benjamin Watson 10 kun oldin
I think if you have a few bucks to spare, in expectation of making more profit, you should invest with bitcoinsamurai. This is coming from someone who has invested and withdrawn a couple of times
Tome Crespo
Tome Crespo 10 kun oldin
I dont have 45k dollars, so i dont buy it and will save 45k dollars
notTerabyte 11 kun oldin
ix 11 kun oldin
While watching this, I realized that I'm using exactly same CPU, Motherboard, HDD, HBA, RAM capacity
Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus 11 kun oldin
"Hello, police? I'd like to report a gang-on-gang violence incident? Yes, I just witnessed members of the Linus Techies absolutely slaughter the LumaForgeries gang."
Nate Wynd
Nate Wynd 11 kun oldin
I appreciate that you guys always add subtitles/closed captions.
Asclepius Ahumada
Asclepius Ahumada 11 kun oldin
you just killed a whole team of investors, I absolutely love it
Tomas Gonzalez
Tomas Gonzalez 11 kun oldin
What HBA did Linus used?
Mitchell Julius
Mitchell Julius 11 kun oldin
He did the Dr. Evil thingy
KitKat31337 11 kun oldin
*cough* autoconfiguration ips anyone?
Jonny Rego
Jonny Rego 11 kun oldin
....Don't HDDs last longer than SSDs?
Jonathan 11 kun oldin
still upset that he built the UZpost friends he had tossed his old servers for the Jellyfish storage systems. Until they sponsor him then he will make up with any company.
YGDefine 11 kun oldin
I laughed a little at the end there... Comon Linus wake on LAN has been around for ages 😅
ZerefeL 11 kun oldin
People like Justine and MKBHD will rationalize their purchases till the $58k has the same buying potential as $13k due to inflation. Spoiled.
Bernhard Bernstein
Bernhard Bernstein 11 kun oldin
IP would be fancier
EvilEngineer 11 kun oldin
Hehe... Jelly fish is still cheap if you are use to enterprise storage for Netapp or EMC. Expect about $1k per TB, plus expensive support contracts.
egn83b 11 kun oldin
After years of not building computers, I am baffled at the amount of standards and interfaces that are now available. I feel lost 🤨
Edvards Krastiņš
Edvards Krastiņš 11 kun oldin
Molex to sata, lose all your data
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly 11 kun oldin
Jellyfish CEO "He is shooting his mouth again? Make the call I want him dead by sunrise"
John Todd
John Todd 11 kun oldin
Here I am watching this like I know what any of the stuff he's saying means.....thanks Linus!!
Lupipi 11 kun oldin
Denamic 11 kun oldin
I'd be super interested in knowing what kind of anti-Linus measures his coworkers have devised
BurntFaceMan 11 kun oldin
I bet Seagate who usually sponsor this kind of thing, LOVE when he says "spinning rust" drives... that's like 95% of their product line getting shit on.
Nick 11 kun oldin
Cool Video, maybe you could review Nextcloud for the small end user site of things. Maybe you could review it on a raspberry Pi for the lowest costs.
Daniel Walfield
Daniel Walfield 11 kun oldin
...but can it run Crysis?
Okroshka 11 kun oldin
15:30 …or just enable IP4ALL/zeroconf and/or DHCP (like dnsmasq which also includes DNS caching) and forget about doing anything manually.
Ajtechy369's Tech Channel
Ajtechy369's Tech Channel 11 kun oldin
New new Whonnock
SentinelBorg 12 kun oldin
Lol, I also got 4 Exos 12 TB about 2 years ago for home use, because they were cheaper than all the "NAS" drives at that time.
cdurkinz 12 kun oldin
Can we take a second to appreciate Linus's fashion sense? Pink beanie, leopard print mask, and socks with sandals. Also a lanyard. _chef kiss_ (love everything about it Linus)
Rosa Knuffel
Rosa Knuffel 10 kun oldin
i love his new look aswell^^ (havent looked into the channel for a few months)
06racecar60 12 kun oldin
New New > 3
JD Fackler
JD Fackler 12 kun oldin
Whonnock 3
g r e g
g r e g 12 kun oldin
When the jellyfish is sus!1!11!!1 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Gavin Greenwalt
Gavin Greenwalt 12 kun oldin
Speaking of stupidly over priced. LTT last I checked still used Resilio which costs like $20,000/year. LTT should do a video on an alternative to Resilio Connect that's not stupidly overpriced.
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 12 kun oldin
We have never used resilio for anything.
C Lu
C Lu 12 kun oldin
I appreciate the Dark Mode intro
Gavin Greenwalt
Gavin Greenwalt 12 kun oldin
@16:01 you should enable DHCP since presumably the user doesn't know how to setup manual IP addresses.
Alex MacLean
Alex MacLean 12 kun oldin
I'll be on the lookout for a used one of these drives when you upgrade them to 24tb drives in a couple of years lol
Phoenix Smaug
Phoenix Smaug 12 kun oldin
TrueNAS Core
Jeremy Barber
Jeremy Barber 12 kun oldin
Thank you for this and the original Jellyfish Fryer video with all SSDs. Between you and STH I have saved my work 10s of thousands of $$ and been able to reuse existing hardware. Keep up the great work.
Noah Ortiz
Noah Ortiz 12 kun oldin
is this the rise of Linus Industries?
Vincent Frederick Manzo
Vincent Frederick Manzo 12 kun oldin
I have a question why did you use a /24 and waste 252 addresses? Wouldn’t it have been more efficient to use /30s or subsets that only have 2 host addresses for point to point links? I’m a network nerd and I have some Channel To Channel networks which use SDLC and I use /30 subnets on those. Just some background on that the Channel To Channel adapter is a way to couple 2 mainframe systems together so I’m using that to couple my Guest OS to the TCPIP service machine on zVM to provide networking to the Guest OS that is non-QDIO compliant otherwise I would use a Vswitch. I really enjoy your videos and maybe you can do a collaboration and help our local college out with a problem we have? Let me know! Kind regards, Vincent
George Smart
George Smart 12 kun oldin
Instead of using 10-series IP addresses, why not use the APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) subnet? One day, people will use APIPA. 🙄
Justin Baughman
Justin Baughman 12 kun oldin
I have an Epyc 7371 in that same board. Love it in every way except for the pcie slot lock. Kind of annoying to remove a graphics card.
Carbon Plays
Carbon Plays 12 kun oldin
you stillreach for your pocket
EchoConstellation 12 kun oldin
Holy shit. Everyone needs to implement that networking confirmation delay. We’ve had it for display changes for years, and it’s amazing it hasn’t propagated to networking.
juan pablo
juan pablo 12 kun oldin
the best tutorials on freenas and truenas can be found over at @craft computing - i built all mine based on his tutorials and they have worked perfectly since...👌👍✌👌👍✌😎
Nope Noname
Nope Noname 12 kun oldin
Flawlist: - No use of Special Allocation Classes (Tiered and metadata storage SSD's) - Not using Intel Optane for SLOG/L2ARC for that budget - Too much L2ARC (although that can be debated) on a too slow SSD. Shame...
Nope Noname
Nope Noname 12 kun oldin
SLOG is NOT a write cache. Even so with 10gb*10, max you would use is about half a terrabyte (5*10*10), and thats pushing it already.
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