Fixing My $10,000 Mistake - Whonnock 3 Deployment

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Back in Early 2020, we tried to deploy a new version of our all NVMe video editing server dubbed "New Whonnock". It was a complete disaster due to what appeared to be a design flaw with the storage drives we purchased for it. This time around, we've built a new PCIe Gen 4 NVMe server from the ground up with the help of Liqid, Sabrent, Micron, AMD,, and Infinite Cables - let's just hope it actually works this time.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

Phillip Carr
Phillip Carr Kun oldin
Clearly the three servers should be called Onennock, Duonnock, and Tronnock
Luca Ansems
Luca Ansems Kun oldin
Can it run crysis?
Commies get the Rope
Commies get the Rope 4 kun oldin
Linus is such a tool
Ron Cork
Ron Cork 5 kun oldin
So how can I get a recommended config/parts list for a single PC video editor (Premiere Pro CS5)? My current I7/16Gb setup takes hours to render 1 minute.
Rannon 5 kun oldin
What's the reason (except for backwards compatibility) that new server stuff still uses (only/mostly only?) VGA? Less bandwidth? More reliable? I mean, shouldn't it get harder and harder to get new screens with VGA? And if there are still new ones getting made (or older one's still getting manufactured) aren't they (the screens) soon (unless it's already been that way for a while) going to just get more expensive while being worse than anything you can get for e.g. 50 bucks (except maybe bandwidth wise)?
Qekar Hujog
Qekar Hujog 6 kun oldin
The rigid grasshopper disconcertingly claim because jacket psychophysically shave abaft a obnoxious chick. utopian, opposite aries
jandegrote1 6 kun oldin
16:23 RE: STOCK + BOOB SWEAT i guess they have a video clip for everything on storyblocks :).
The hash slinging slasher.
The hash slinging slasher. 8 kun oldin
Still waiting for TWOMAD part Two!
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 8 kun oldin
I'd actually like to see a vid on how your workflow works for editing etc... especially since there multiple people working on the same project... do you partition the work?
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 8 kun oldin
13:31 I think that's called a Server Fault, not a Latency Glitch... :-/
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 8 kun oldin
11:37 Ummm... ever heard of rsync? :-/
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 8 kun oldin
...and you wasted it all by installing Windoze on it? :-/ #Eccchh
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 8 kun oldin
$$$$??? :-/
Doggy Colors
Doggy Colors 9 kun oldin
my younger sister (who is 13) just happened to look at the screen and the top of the case says liqid , and so i get the random question "why is the liquid on fire?"
TBZN 9 kun oldin
7:45 Linus, give those editors back to china
shadofed 926
shadofed 926 10 kun oldin
Ummm is the freaking jazza graffiti new orrrr cus I wanna see more about that
Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter 10 kun oldin
Does anybody know what software he's running on it
Duke Manu
Duke Manu 10 kun oldin
Linus should have named it Whonnock 1.2 Gen 2 x 2 to make the confusion even worse.
picabolo93 10 kun oldin
I thought SSDs wear very close to one another due to wear leveling, so when the first SSD fails the others will probably start failing soon after. Backups will not help with uptime then!
Justin 11 kun oldin
I could do a lot of piracy with that.
Pavi Gulati
Pavi Gulati 12 kun oldin
Linus Gabriel Sebastian, this is your grandma,i miss u so much Please call me Love, Grandma
Jeremy Rumble
Jeremy Rumble 13 kun oldin
Even knowing it's fake fire.. that was still scary VFX hahah
Terakahn 14 kun oldin
So this is functionally, Linus' version of his jellyfish? This seems... a tad better.
Nathanael Crawford
Nathanael Crawford 14 kun oldin
You guys wanna sell old Whonnock? Lol
James Palermo
James Palermo 15 kun oldin
I love the recurring scene of Linus proudly announcing how impressive the latest server will be to a room of unimpressed editors.
Nathan Reynolds
Nathan Reynolds 15 kun oldin
I don't know why he wastes his money on overkill datacenter technology that's already a year or so old he could get this:
Charles Mouse
Charles Mouse 15 kun oldin
Once more Linus terrifies Jake and every single member of his audience.
Matt Roberson
Matt Roberson 16 kun oldin
Cho Easy Copy!!! I freakin love it!!!
Zachary Lowe
Zachary Lowe 16 kun oldin
New New Whonnock > Whonnock 3
Zachary Lowe
Zachary Lowe 16 kun oldin
It’s incredible how much better your cameras and/or camera operators have gotten over the past year. Their focus pulls are noticeably better in this video than a video from last year.
licson0729 16 kun oldin
Nightmare will come when you tried to replace one faulty SSD, then you'll realize the whole server need to shut down before you can unplug the card and actually change it. Oh, the card can't even locate the faulty SSD. Be warned.
licson0729 16 kun oldin
In one of your previous video, you were using U.2 SSDs which makes the above problem non-existent.
Robert Coffey
Robert Coffey 17 kun oldin
Then everyone who works in any kind of enterprise support is just like, "oh, those. Neat." I've been working around 25/100Gb switches for quite a while now. Usually the local side is still 25Gb, since it's been difficult to squeeze multiple 100Gb ports into PCIe 3.0, but still.
Tyler LaVite
Tyler LaVite 17 kun oldin
jesus.... don't run the fiber jumper through the open U in the rack lol wtf
Nobody_2539 17 kun oldin
Carl Holcomb
Carl Holcomb 18 kun oldin
One of these days he'll have a server building comparable to a super computer Just so his editors can edit videos of pleb level hardware reviews
Team_Hunter 19 kun oldin
I am actually so jealous u guys can afford such expensive pc's 😔 my ps4 broke down and my laptop too
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 19 kun oldin
Yes for Fiberstore!!
Gerardo Buenrostro
Gerardo Buenrostro 19 kun oldin
8:34 [With Morgan Freeman's voice over] "And in that special but brief moment, Linus understood how Apple decides to name it's products, and without remorse he embraced it and it felt good."
topsofwow 20 kun oldin
why does he have windows on the server tho lmaooooo
YouTubeZEPHER 20 kun oldin
Really Missing The Old Intro
Shloimy Silberstein
Shloimy Silberstein 20 kun oldin
I see Linus fixed himself
Nazder 20 kun oldin
I just got Linus's Honey commercial on this video
Murlock2000 20 kun oldin
so many asians work there nowdays
Haerknox 20 kun oldin
damn i need that for my zero two folder
Jason W
Jason W 20 kun oldin
These are NOT server people. As a large datacenter architect, please NEVER do what these guys are doing.
Jason W
Jason W 20 kun oldin
WHo the hell names a server whonnock er who knock er whoo knock errr nevermind. ooh add new new to the name. WTH
Eekiig Leiss
Eekiig Leiss 20 kun oldin
Me with 4 x HDD Drives in Raid 5 with one drive failure without 1 minute backup... Ouw, i've done my best... but I'm poor, sry... ...i felt good with my configuration until this video....
daniel anderson234
daniel anderson234 20 kun oldin
and heres me with a gtx1060 mobile ge72vr nearly going dead :'(
Platoface 21 kun oldin
Take the masks off. You are young. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than dying from CV. Do the math.
hereobryne Minecraft
hereobryne Minecraft 21 kun oldin
you ever realize linus played hot cross buns on 32tb of nvme ssds
Eugene K
Eugene K 21 kun oldin
i thought Linus was talking about his kids
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 22 kun oldin
Can it run Crysis?
WarpRulez 22 kun oldin
You carelessly flailing multi-thousand-dollar components around, and running at full speed with a multi-tens-of-thousands-of-dollars server is not funny, it's not entertaining, it's only cringey. Do you really love so much to break thousands of dollars worth of electronics just to have to spend that much money again to get replacements? Are you completely incapable of grasping the concept of handling expensive parts carefully and safely? Be grateful that _this_ time nothing dropped on the floor. But when you keep acting like this, something eventually will. But I suppose you have the money to waste.
WarpRulez 18 kun oldin
@Fernando Dember Laguna You find it hilarious to watch expensive hardware to be destroyed?
Fernando Dember Laguna
Fernando Dember Laguna 18 kun oldin
Who hurt you
Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith 22 kun oldin
Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith 22 kun oldin
Lloyd Loomis
Lloyd Loomis 22 kun oldin
If you are looking for a less sketchy multi threaded copy program - RichCopy. Its was developed internally by MS. Its a GUI for RoboCopy (by screenshots, it appears the app you used also is). Used to use it all the time in a professional capacity when I needed to copy large databases (multi gigabyte).
TeaMasterSen 22 kun oldin
This was awesome to watch.
TGEjoe 22 kun oldin
My Ape brain no understand tech man but I enjoy his funny pc words so I wwtch
Andrew Galati
Andrew Galati 22 kun oldin
Need links to who gives you all this free stuff lol I've got my own credentials.. just need the names ;)
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 22 kun oldin
In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:
3d_panda 22 kun oldin
Was this beanie color ever released to the store?
Andrew Jobson
Andrew Jobson 22 kun oldin
Wait.. ChoEasyCopy is just a GUI for Robocopy? What's the point of it on a server then?
dont ask inc
dont ask inc 23 kun oldin
mine was investing in gme
Leo-Angel Crespo
Leo-Angel Crespo 23 kun oldin
The lame glockenspiel uniquely polish because pastor perinatally amuse throughout a sincere dinner. satisfying, hoc confirmation
Jerry Mancini
Jerry Mancini 23 kun oldin
He can't access because your are replacing it lol
Tsunami 23 kun oldin
i got a honey ad with it when i clicked on this i guess you really did make a expensive mistake!
Creeper1000TZ 23 kun oldin
My parents are still fixing the 10000 dollar mainstay of me
The middle man
The middle man 23 kun oldin
Ok, but does it run minecraft of 60 fps?
assassin4438 23 kun oldin
if you guys shoot at 8k, how come linus's hat still makes weird patterns on video?
CR1Tr 23 kun oldin
12:14 Linus' acid test and my acid test are two completely different things.
John Doe
John Doe 23 kun oldin
LTT if possible can we cut down on the use of blasphemy
Amir Ali
Amir Ali 23 kun oldin
that's funny the workers being surprised
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 23 kun oldin
When People Think of Local Network There Thinking The Aera Around You Like The Company LMAO not just the network transfering throw ethernet speed's just saying transfering data to a usb but most masive storage you can think of with twice the better speed's IGETIT IHOPE
Richie Patil
Richie Patil 23 kun oldin
since the color correction made the white to tint red that means all of the things in the video and linus himself is bluer than i imagined
Jens Development
Jens Development 23 kun oldin
Ik heb ook een nederlandstalig kanaal "JensDevelopment"
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 23 kun oldin
OMG @ 8:15 the patch panels options are so wrong lol !! please fix it !! no need to have home run cables going straight into the switch at all !! use 6 inch long patch cables from the patch panel into the switch !! so simple and looks need, clean etc.
Ding Chavez
Ding Chavez 24 kun oldin
all this to save youtube videos...whats wrong wit this canadian? not sure why youre even shooting in 8k if no one even has 8k displays and youtube can barely even buffer 4k....
Papa Sears
Papa Sears 24 kun oldin
linus please dont filter your videos, your better than that
sid escombar
sid escombar 24 kun oldin
10:44 I dunno why I thought Linus would say "good news, we're replacing you right now"
Jessika 24 kun oldin
Are you going to get Diamonds on your bottom grill Linus ? ;D
Mitsuka Souji
Mitsuka Souji 24 kun oldin
won-nick new won-nick nunu won-nick
Corporeal Undead
Corporeal Undead 24 kun oldin
"Should be fine" Until you lose 2 drives and you have to take the entire server down to fix it. Parity is more for uptime than protecting data.
Sidney Rutledge
Sidney Rutledge 24 kun oldin
I actually laughed out loud at "they might try to sell us some warranties though..."
Daniel Dixon
Daniel Dixon 24 kun oldin
Non F1 Fans: Hears “Honey Badger” F1 Fans: Hears “Daniel Ricciardo”
Abdel Najjar
Abdel Najjar 24 kun oldin
I misunderstood the title and watched this whole video waiting for you to drop something. Emotional rollercoaster
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang 24 kun oldin
Holy shit, 32 4TB M.2 drives?
Bence Gábor Slezák
Bence Gábor Slezák 24 kun oldin
"Didn't wanna slam on these, these are very expensive." Since when do you care about that?
Super Hiro
Super Hiro 24 kun oldin
Wow and I was excited to buy 128GB of RAM and one 1TB Samsung 980 Pro.
N8 24 kun oldin
Linus:I have a 128 tb server now. The Boolean Pythagorean Triples equation: hold my bytes.
Darkmaster 24 kun oldin
Imagine watching a shill
Mr Snakes
Mr Snakes 24 kun oldin
Damn, Linus has a lot of Asians in his office lol.
Andreas Sinding
Andreas Sinding 24 kun oldin
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Linus' pink brace 10:10
Michał Starzyński
Michał Starzyński 24 kun oldin
Why new new whonnock (or whatever) runs Windows Server?
Cymatic 24 kun oldin
OMG the other guy were so afraid, that he is going to drop or break something... 7:01, 7:18, 8:08 LOL
Ammar Mariti
Ammar Mariti 24 kun oldin
"Aw gheez.. aw gheez R-Rick. Just lay it down aw gheez."
- CRYPTiCEXiLE - 24 kun oldin
linus rub it in u make more money than most Canadians out there lol piss off
Fayssal Elkeurti
Fayssal Elkeurti 24 kun oldin
wow Ltt, you are far away pleas just stay on earth
mark Johnson
mark Johnson 24 kun oldin
Dávid Róka
Dávid Róka 25 kun oldin
umm..did they paid for all theese stuff? (and also got a sponsor?)
Keonyn 25 kun oldin
And just think, in 10 or so years we'll probably have 128TB's on our phones, lol.
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