luthfi darisalhazmi
luthfi darisalhazmi 19 soat oldin
Lolololololol toemadlad
Samuel Charpentier
Samuel Charpentier 19 soat oldin
seems a'right
Preston Fernandes
Preston Fernandes 19 soat oldin
I don't usually do this but I'm liking this video because this is probably the best LTT video ever made just because it's the funniest video I have watched in a long time. Also, why is no one talking about the mask. The mask was the highlight of the video, i couldn't stop laughing after he put on the mask
Barton Lynch
Barton Lynch 19 soat oldin
The burn-in issue is enough to avoid OLED for gaming and PC use, you'll be sorry even on the short run. None of the "tricks" employed to "avoid it" will help on the long run, they only delay the inevitable. Also OLED decays and degrades overtime with uneven wear of the blue sub-pixel, suffering from drastic color shifts. OTOH, for TV/Movie use it's ideal.
KoenvdW88 19 soat oldin
Honestly, I'm still using HDDs because there's no TBW limit to them. Sure, they're bound to mechanically fail at some point, but I'm really put off by the hard limit of about 5 to 10 years on these SSDs. I'm still using quality HDDs that are now nearing 25 years of age (they were second hand when I put them in my OG Xbox consoles). I'd rather they decided the speed is good enough for now and focus on durability; who really needs to be able to transfer 3GB of data in a second anyway? Like, honestly. That's a Bluray film in 10 seconds, what's the use for a consumer?
prdprdprdprdprdel 19 soat oldin
Imagine if this was sponsored by NZXT...
Brent Amo
Brent Amo 20 soat oldin
I like how he says steps like we are gonna make it
kenneth sørensen
kenneth sørensen 20 soat oldin
To make this work in windows then you need to do a ' little trick ' It show up as a vega 12 but the vega 16 driver did work so all you have to do is rewrite the ini files for the vega 16 driver to show up as vega 12 with the correct hex values for the vega 12 . Then in the ini files make an entry for the vega 12 driver and you can install it as if the driver was a part of the bundle . ( after all its a development card and a card that lead to the vega 16 later ) Little like the trick used if you want a GTX 980 to work under windows XP . Last oficially card supported was GTX 960 but the drivers for the GTX 980 wasnt unless you rewrite the driver ini files and write the information for the GTX 980 ( it also work with the GTX 1080 ) and voila you can now install the drivers and it work as a normal GTX 980 . The problem is here that the vega 12 is NOT ' oficcial ' in the driver bundle but the card can use the vega 16 with no problems , so all thats needed is to make the driver install package understand what card is in the computer by enable the details for vega 12 ( litterly just name and hex numbers ) and tell it to just install the vega 16 . With the GTX 980 it was as simple as just make an entry for the card so the installer could ' see ' it and then point to the drivers ... voila .... working ..
AJ 20 soat oldin
Bruh that thumbnail reminds me of mess da fook
backseatgaming 20 soat oldin
God bless Capitalism!
tiadaid 20 soat oldin
Why does he sound more Canadian back then?
chloe devereaux
chloe devereaux 20 soat oldin
its actually got 6 heatpipes linus....... 4 left 2 right
CraizyRox 20 soat oldin
Come on why another Intel laptop.
DxCBuG 20 soat oldin
Lol - Twitch peeps tend to hate on yt peeps, floatplane ist the elite i guess. They even dislike the twitchers ? :D
Gabriel Lindström
Gabriel Lindström 20 soat oldin
Linus, did you finally hit puberty?!!!
Sigfried 20 soat oldin
I never tought i'd say this about a kitsch, overdetailed decorated laptop but.... i kinda like it.
Riou LL
Riou LL 20 soat oldin
Fk MSI lol
Horatio yen
Horatio yen 20 soat oldin
36:00 this guy is the dream
Nay 20 soat oldin
It's free real estate.
LXR 20 soat oldin
Omg when the water came shooting out of the pipe I nearly had a heart attack
A L E X 20 soat oldin
0:17 that laptop looks like its straight out from tomb raider or something
KeonXD 20 soat oldin
The RTX 3060 costs more than the RTX 3060ti like wtf?
Faz Ahmed
Faz Ahmed 20 soat oldin
This made laugh, a lot today. Dennis is a legend. Wish I worked for you guys
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal 20 soat oldin
fake ltt merch *exists* Real Linus : it's free real state.
D3IVE gaming
D3IVE gaming 20 soat oldin
Me in 2021 with the same screen😎
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 20 soat oldin
I always love seeing Taran, I just wish he would iron his shirts every once and a while.
andy Hey andy
andy Hey andy 20 soat oldin
Oh, hey babe 1:22 😉
monotudo 20 soat oldin
i mean, how many of u guys recognized her, cause only men of culture did 1:22
Simon Parish
Simon Parish 20 soat oldin
"Actual Reference Monitor" $37,500 V Pro Display at $5000. Makes it actually look like a deal.
alistair Stark
alistair Stark 20 soat oldin
First time to hear the "ive never played skyrim"
0lfan 20 soat oldin
Putting the key caps in a mesh bag is a great idea. But don't put that bag in the dishwasher. Put in in the washing machine the next time you wash towels or jeans. The textiles won't mind and the caps come out clean as new. Also: do use detergent. The dishwasher tries very hard to rinse it all away at the end of the program. If you don't trust it, you can just rinse it again in the shower afterwards. The detergent actively takes the food and skin particles apart in a way water alone can't possibly hope to.
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 20 soat oldin
How does the top gpu not overheat with it being so close to the bottom gpu with the fans having no space to to bring in air?
Benson 20 soat oldin
Huh. So the Thermosiphon is literally a siphon. I like the way they used the mechanic of water heating up and cooling down to circulate the water around the cooler without moving parts. That’s clever engineering.
Nicholai Nissen
Nicholai Nissen 20 soat oldin
But... the counter-feit video came out a week ago O_O
g00pey 20 soat oldin
i’m just commting for the algorithm cuz that’s a lot to put into a vid
ondank 20 soat oldin
"not everyone is tech savvy enough to deal with your snowflake file format" ... Dude I once sent someone a proposal in PDF and they complained that they couldn't open it, that it's annoying that our company always sends in this weird format and that we should send it in word. So many face palms
Vlad Österreicher
Vlad Österreicher 20 soat oldin
Stop wearing hats.
youwuyou 20 soat oldin
I got the tuf 3060, still hates it. Newegg scalped me for 100 dollar on this junk, and I may ship back this combo to have my money back. Salty review btw.
Raphael 20 soat oldin
In other words: Microsoft works identically to GTA’s police when the character goes to a Pay N Spray garage.
drsrikanth r
drsrikanth r 20 soat oldin
Max p represents how much wattage to 3080 exactly ???? 150 ? 180 ??
hengineer 20 soat oldin
Just another million or two more views and this will become the most watched video on the channel.
-SpecVi- 20 soat oldin
Me: who buys a Windows 10 pro license for 2MYR = 0.49 USD
Art Less
Art Less 20 soat oldin
The continued dishonesty of LTT gets called out again. And LTT (as always) doesn't even have the honesty to admit that he's just a shill.
André Cunha
André Cunha 20 soat oldin
So 15 seconds in and you cracked me already with the zoom on the 8tb ahahahah
Dyingwallpaper 1
Dyingwallpaper 1 20 soat oldin
that pc looks like hell
Ettore 20 soat oldin
I use 10bar air to clean my pc...
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 20 soat oldin
no rog strix? Thats TUF!!!
axe693axe 20 soat oldin
Floatplane time!
MONKE 20 soat oldin
His face in the thumbnail itself could be a meme ⚡
Charis Paparounis
Charis Paparounis 20 soat oldin
th2 fps go brrr
Astra 060
Astra 060 20 soat oldin
Actually Windows XP (and 7 to some degree) had this kill switch. But now the try to collect data when something crashes and that data collecting can get stuck in to a crash loop. so Fuck Privacy I guess. Plus if the crash doesn't happen the game or program closes normally.